'America's Got Talent' Lines Up Mariah Carey as Musical Guest

Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon-hosted TV show, 'America's Got Talent', will have Mariah Carey performing her new single 'Obsessed' on August 5.

"America's Got Talent" viewers will be treated with a live performance from Mariah Carey, it has been confirmed. During August 5 result show of the NBC's reality TV series, Mariah will deliver her new single "Obsessed" which is taken from her August 25 release, "Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel".

Beside having a live appearance from Mariah Carey, "America's Got Talent" has also hosted a world premiere for her "Obsessed" music video on July 15 episode. The first episode of the competition show's season four was broadcast on June 23, giving a look at its auditions in Chicago, New York City and Seattle.

Most recently during an audition aired on July 14, judges from the Nick Cannon-hosted TV show picked up at least eight people, one of whom is Kelli Glover who previously auditioned for "American Idol" season one, to the next round. "America's Got Talent" will continue its search for talented people on July 21 episode airing at 9/8c.

Kelli Glover auditioning for "America's Got Talent":

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    Jul 17, 2009

    I auditioned for America Got Talent in NYC and was really disappointed. The producers and directors of the show broke many AFTRA & SAG union rules by using the so called audition as a free ride to shoot extra and scenery shots. For two and 1/2 hrs prior to the audtions beginning the quote audition was filler spots and broke many union rules by makig people scream America's got talent and watch this barely known MC flub the script and retake after retake. It should be made clear that like a soap opera they are trying to create the heartfelt sob story Cinderella story talent makes good. Star Search was a booking in 1980 and this show also is produce for drama and teary moment.

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