Video: Cut Putin Scene on 'South Park'

July 11, 2009 06:39:06 GMT

Although cutting a scene will create more curiosity on the particular segment, 2x2 network will not air the part where Vladimir V. Putin is mocked.

Video: Cut Putin Scene on 'South Park'
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In an effort to spare their leader a shame, a Russian TV channel cuts a segment of "South Park" that mocks Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin. The channel, which is called "2x2", said through a spokesman on Friday, July 10 that "the given scene in this version was absent."

Originally airing in U.S. back in 2005, the episode called "Free Willzyx" portrays Putin as a leader who is desperate for money. When Kyle calls him about sending a killer whale to space, he demands 12 million dollars. But realizing that it is just a non-serious call from America, Putin curses on the phone and says "Kiss my a** George Bush, this isn't funny".

It is still unclear yet, whether the censorship comes from the network or the regulator but a spokesman from Russia's broadcast regulator admitted to knowing nothing. "We have never interfered with editorial decisions," Yevgeny Strelchik stated as quoted by The AP. Nevertheless, the decision prompted criticism and discussion on Russian blogs.


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posted by Fred on Dec 05, 2010
It was actually 20 million
posted by Andrey on Aug 17, 2010
It's quite stupid.
posted by RT on Jul 30, 2009
deleating that part of the vidio was smart choice, they be dead if not.
posted by pahan on Jul 13, 2009
Hail Putin!
posted by bob on Jul 11, 2009
Russia, has to become more inline with the other parts of our world.

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