Johnny Depp Open to 'Batman 3', Christian Bale Unsure

June 23, 2009 02:33:51 GMT

Johnny Depp addresses possibility of him taking on the Riddler role in 'The Dark Knight' follow-up, while Christian Bale shares his doubt on the next Batman movie ever being materialized.

Johnny Depp Open to 'Batman 3', Christian Bale Unsure
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The future of "Batman 3" is still up in the air, but Johnny Depp has opened door to possibility of him joining the cast as the Riddler. During an interview with MTV in promoting his forthcoming "Public Enemies", the Captain Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of Caribbean" trilogy states that he is willing to take the role of the puzzle-hurling villain.

When asked about the likelihood of him portraying the baddie, the 46-year-old simply says, "If the opportunity came, I'd definitely juggle it." He adds by confessing his admiration to both the character and Frank Gorshin, the actor playing the baddie in the '60s-era TV show. "I always liked the Riddler," he explains. "I always liked Frank Gorshin. Frank Gorshin was brilliant. I always thought he was a great actor."

Whereas Depp gives a thumb up for the Riddler, his co-star in "Public Enemies" and the two-time Batman depicter, Christian Bale, isn't sure about the future of "The Dark Knight" follow-up. In the interview, 35-year-old Bale even tosses out a suggestion that the third movie might never materialize. "I truly don't know that we're ever going to see another 'Batman' movie," he shares.

As for the recent reports pointing out that it will be hard to get director Christopher Nolan back to do another Batman movie, the star of "Terminator Salvation" refuses to talk about it. Still, he discusses a bit of what may cause the director from returning. "It would be purely that he would need to find a story that was good enough - and if he can't find that, then it wouldn't happen," so he claims.


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posted by rebecca lee on Mar 03, 2010
Well, I agree with Bale that The Dark Knight would be great to leave it with. But, If a new Batman IS made...I REALLY hope Christian continues to play "The Batman!" He is such a great actor and I'm not even sure I could sit through a Batman movie without him playing the role! I would also love to see Depp play the Riddler. He's yet another one of those actors that can portray anyone and get away with it. In my opinion, Bale & Depp are a great acting pair-up! Come on guys! Do it for the fans:)
posted by shusi on Nov 05, 2009
i love jhonny deep with every his caracter john move on
posted by shusi on Nov 05, 2009
that good idea i hope so
posted by fan on Oct 20, 2009
i think that johnny depp should play the riddler he's great in any role and they should bring the joker back who is better to play the joker than daniel day lewis who admired heath ledger performance in broke mountain and dedicated his BAFTA Screen Actors Guild for his performance in there will be blood to heath ledger daniel day lewis would be perfect for the role because he is a method actor he would get in to the role so deep that it would probably be the closes performance to heath ledger IT WOULD BE AWESOME TO SEE THE JOKER BACK ON SCREEN!! or johnny depp could play the joker because he has a dark side in him like in sweeney todd one of the best performance i ever seen! and philip seymour hoffman would be awesome as the penguin he like daniel day lewis or johnny depp can get in to the role he is one of the best actors out there! i also read that seymour hoffman doesnt want to play the penguin but he should reconsider! they should make him a good deal so he would take that role if he still doesnt take the role than i think ray winstone should be the penguin because he his the tough guy look and his performance in king arthur, proposition and departed is some of his best actoring he would be a perfect penguin if the next batman cast has these actors in it who wouldnt want to see it! and with those actors including of couse christian bale still as batman also the directed chris nolan this movie would have ocars written all over it!!!!
posted by oye on Sep 04, 2009
y not jim carry??? i think he was better then joker being riddler....
posted by darkknightfan on Aug 25, 2009
Whatever you do Warner Bros., DO NOT call Joel Schumacher.
posted by darkknightfan on Aug 25, 2009
I would agree with Christian Bale. The story has to be solid and if Christopher Nolan doesn't have a worthy script, then I'm fine with "The Dark Knight" as the last of this incarnation of the Batman franchise. Although, I would like to add that a Dark Knight sequel doesn't have to be better, per se, as long as it stays true to the characters and story arc of the series.
posted by shaggy binx on Jul 11, 2009
i think if depp is going to be in batman he would be better as joker and get christina ricci as harley quinn and im not racist or discrimative but ive never seen a black villian in any batman comic book so why would you cast eddie murphy he is a good actor but that doesnt mean you should turn a white villan black they made harvey dent black in batman and had a white guy as twoface in batman forever now how much sense does that make
posted by unknown on Jul 11, 2009
Hey guys unknown here. I'm going to spoil somethin' for ya! Yes Real Characters for batman! and Guess what my guess is...? Dr. Hugo Strange! Who out there has read prey? Think about it... In this book, Commish gordon has to take batman down as ordered by the mayor cause Strange made people believe that batman did it so every body hates him in the book(and now you see that at the end of DARK KNIGHT.) Batman lost his car in dark knight and will need a new one(most likely sleeker faster) in the book he was making a new "batcar". strange even gets someone who would be able to fight batman toe to toe Night Scourge. jonny depp as riddler? no! He should play Dr. Strange. Riddler should be in the begining and easly beaten in the first ten min just as a little somethin somethin for the batfans. I could go on and on but I predicted dark knight to the tee. and I'll predict this one.
posted by on Jul 05, 2009
Have johnny Depp to be the Riddler because after the death of Heath Ledger Chridtopher Nolan should have Depp because after Bale and Depp as Enemies in Public Enemies they should be in Batman 3.

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