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Universal May Make Fifth 'Terminator' Film

2011-02-16 12:02:12

Rumor has it, the studio is looking to develop another 'Terminator' movie with Justin Lin possibly directing it.

James Cameron Thinks 'Terminator' Has Run Its Course

2010-02-19 10:02:42

The helmer who worked on the the first and second 'Terminator' films says he has no desire to return to the franchise anymore since it is 'kind of been pissed in a little bit by other filmmakers.'

'Terminator 2' Co-Scribe Offers Idea for 'Terminator 5'

2010-02-12 02:02:37

William Wisher, who once worked with James Cameron for the first two 'Terminator' movies, has penned 24-page film treatment for the fifth film, and a 4-page concept outline for 'Terminator 6'.

Linda Hamilton Dissatisfied With Terminator Salvation

2010-02-05 10:02:48

'The film was not nearly as exciting as I thought it should be,' says Linda Hamilton when sharing her disappointment with 'Terminator Salvation'.

Kaleidoscope 2009: Important Movie Events (Part 4/4)

2009-12-31 05:12:04

The year of 2009 comes to a close as 'Paranormal Activity' became a phenomenon, rights to 'Terminator' franchise was put up for auction, and 'Up in the Air' won critics' hearts.

McG Plans Two Terminator Salvation Sequels

2009-12-07 03:12:22

The helmer reveals he wants to make not just one, but two more 'Terminator' films, which will feature Sarah Connor.

Joss Whedon Explains Open Letter to 'Terminator' Owners

2009-11-03 01:11:10

'It's not a slam on The Terminator. I love The Terminator. That part's totally true,' the creator of 'Dollhouse' responds when asked about his 10,000 dollars bid for the rights of the franchise.

Rights to 'Terminator' Franchise to Be Auctioned Off

2009-11-02 03:11:26

Halcyon, the production company behind 'Terminator Salvation', puts the rights on the block in November, with Sony Pictures rumored as the leading contender.

'The Proposal' Gets Lots of Love at North American Box Office

2009-06-22 09:06:56

The Sandra Bullock-starring comedy shoves aside North American box office's champion 'The Hangover' and marks Bullock's best opening ever.

2009 Teen Choice Awards Nominees List in Movie

2009-06-16 09:06:51

'Twilight' leads the nominations of this year's Teen Choice Awards with 12 nods on its grab, followed closely by 'High School Musical 3: Senior Year' which receives 10 gongs.

Extended Preview of The CW's 'The Beautiful Life'

2009-06-15 10:06:38

What lies beneath the beautiful faces is a mixture of fear, problems, dilemma, competition, jealousy and drama.

'The Hangover' Rocks the Box Office for the Second Time

2009-06-15 09:06:19

Though having yet another tight run for the top of North American box office against 'Up', the Todd Phillips' comedy manages to secure the #1 slot for its second consecutive weekend.

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