FOX's Promo to Plus-Size Dating Show, 'More to Love'

June 20, 2009 07:10:11 GMT

Meet the four potential overweight women who will get a shot at love, and find out their motivation to join the show.

FOX's Promo to Plus-Size Dating Show, 'More to Love'
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Going out of the lane, FOX presents a spin to dating reality shows with "More to Love". While others typically bring in camera-faced individuals for such national broadcast, the new show is featuring plus-size women looking for some real love without extra weight issue.

A promo for the show premiering July 28 has been released, showing heavy women auditioning for the show. Four of them are introduced and questioned about motivations as well as other things. Grace from New Orleans, L.A. said that she is sick of men telling her to lose weight and yelled jokingly, "I want cheesecake!"

Coming from the producer of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette", the unscripted series follows a single average guy with a big waist and an even bigger heart as he romances several confident and secure plus-size women.

Each week, the husky hunk will wine and dine a group of curvy women to determine if they have more love to give or if they are truly more than he can handle. When the size of competition narrows, he will have to decide if one full-figured lady will become his true love.


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posted by Rosie on Aug 19, 2009
You know what life isn't about who is fat who is average or who is skinny. It's beauty that we are all different in shape size and color.. It's kind of like racism.. different colors.. different sizes... It's not diguesting... I bet you guys that are talking crap about FAT people.. have friends, family, co-workers that are heavy... look yourself in the mirror first and then talk all the crap you guys want.. I really feel sorry for those people that look @ heavy people in a digusting way... We are all humans.. I'm just saying it like it is... If your not OBESE congrats.. but if you are Congrats too... ...
posted by dan on Aug 12, 2009
really tanner?! WOW
posted by dan on Aug 12, 2009
This show isn't meant to be a pity party, or to show that being overweight is a good thing, it's to show that even if your overweight you still deserve love and will find it! So to Emilie and the others who have a problem with overweight people, don't watch the show, and maybe you should look over yourself and lifestyle because it's not health to be that judgemental and to put down everyone who doesn't live up to your's and society's opion of "healthy"!! So if I were you, I would keep those type comments to yourself for not only everyone else's good but for your own because they just make you look like a hateful snot that thinks she's all that WHEN SHE'S REALLY NOT!!!!!!!
posted by Tanner on Aug 05, 2009
This is disgusting, this is promoting the idea that it is "average" or "okay" to be obease. This is not the reality and it is not okay or normal, have fun having a heart attack and high blood sugar!
posted by sasha28 on Jul 26, 2009
Many of these women were not that big at all, I saw them as average, some were bigger than Av, but really when then camera adds 10 lbs if you saw these gals in your home town mall, you wouldn't see them as obese. Well, unless you live in LA . I don't think they needed to make a show about this subject, it would be better to put some women who were a size, 10, 12, 14 on the real bachelor, they could very well out shine some skinny, minnies.
posted by Butterfly831915 on Jul 14, 2009
I don't understand why people automatically are so defensive that there is a show going to be on where the females are not picture perfect or what ever they think we should be. We are all different and all beautiful in our own way, weather we are big or skinny we all decide how we want to be preceived. I hope these woman are real and represent for who they really are.
posted by sp2chick on Jul 01, 2009
The women look okay but why does the man have to look like that? He looks like all he's looking for is sex...and why is it all their dresses are like these empire waist dresses? ANyone notice that? Being plus size, I know there are other dresses out there.
posted by fitandplussize on Jun 29, 2009
i'm an athlete who is a plus size. for all those people who said plus size men or women are LAZY...newsflash: you can be healthy and big.
posted by healthyGuuurl on Jun 27, 2009
I hope the show will inspire viewers to see beauty in all shapes and sizes and help anyone out there who dates or doesn't date people simply because of outward appearance. It's all about committing yourself to health and fitness as best as you can, but then accepting your body as it is--not trying to force your figure to be smaller than it's meant to be. And, of course, it's important to not just give over to eating whatever whenever you want and carrying too much weight. We all need to strive for health, but no matter where we're at find the strength to love ourselves every day. I love myself at a size 10 and I love myself at a size 14. Life can bring seasons when it's harder to say no to junk food and harder to find motivation to work out. We all need to be forgiving of ourselves wherever we're at.
posted by immafooker on Jun 25, 2009
Oh and reality check, I'm a little skeptical of your own exercise regimen when you fail to even spell the phrase correctly.
posted by immafooker on Jun 25, 2009
Oh yes, obese women are lazy, good for nothing leeches on society who set a terrible example to our young people today. Course if I was an anorexic, meth addict, alcoholic, pedophile with a horrific, abusive childhood; I would receive nothing but sympathy and a guest appearance on Oprah or Dr. Phil to plug my new book.
posted by Gandalfblue on Jun 25, 2009
Real-sized women? Let's jusat be honest and say they are fat. And we should feel sorry for them because they are fat? No way? This another example of gender hpypocrisy. Men are always being pressured to date fat women, but women have no problem saying not to a guy about a date because he's "too fat."
posted by reality check on Jun 24, 2009
This show advertises american women at the avg size of 14. WHAT? How can that be? That size is big, unless you are above 5'7" maybe. No, i'm not a physician, but lets be realistic. The women in the adverts look overweight, not healthy. You can eat cheesecake and not be overweight. I'm going to watch the show to see if they show these women's excercise regime. I will be interested in whether or not they are overweight due to being big-boned or if they are just lazy. I hope that the network chose women that have a balanced lifestyle and choose to be a good example to America by exercising and having a healthy overall attitude. Although I doubt that will get get them the ratings that they want. I hope it's not a pity party.
posted by Brooklyn bbw on Jun 24, 2009
ok... well as a big girl, i think its cool that these women get the recognition they want. i feel we shouldnt glorify the the fact that our fat is beautiful. thats like saying im sexy because im fat, it dont work like that. i feel im sexy because of my personality, confidence and shape. fat can be beautiful depending on how you carry it. and Emilie, simmer down. no one is gonna FORCE you to watch it. and i am interested to see who built like that and whose lazy...
posted by None of ya business on Jun 22, 2009
Emile, what gives you the right to determine who is healthy, and who is not. Are you a physician? Kiss our FAT Asses!
posted by None of ya business on Jun 22, 2009
They are beautiful! If they can demean our intelligence with shows like Flavor of Love then why not show the world true beauty through the eyes of men that admire and appreciate plus size women.
posted by Emilie on Jun 20, 2009
I hate the term 'real-sized women' - those women are OBESE! Well, a couple of them are, the rest are just fat. Calling them real-sized vindicates their and other people's unhealthy complacency.

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