Kevin Jonas Warns Joe and Nick Jonas to Avoid Sex Before Marriage

May 18, 2009 06:34:27 GMT

Acting as a good brother for Nick and Joe Jonas, Kevin Jonas has warned both of them to avoid having sex with any girls before they get married.

Kevin Jonas, Jonas Brothers
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Taking the responsibility of an oldest brother, Kevin Jonas has warned his younger siblings, Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas, to avoid having sex before marriage. "He said what he said as a warning to Joe and Nick, using Mick (Jagger) as an example of what they shouldn't be doing," a source close to Jonas Brothers tells Daily Star.

The source continues, Kevin is "worried they'll want to bed sexy British babes. He's already seen their eyes wandering" while they were attending the premiere of their movie "Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience" at London's Leicester Square last week. "Kevin doesn't really believe Joe is like Mick Jagger. So don't go expecting him to marry and divorce twice, father kids out of wedlock and get busted for drugs," adds the source.

In another Jonas Brothers news, the threesome will have their new album "Lines, Vines and Trying Times" being released worldwide on June 16 later this year. "Lines are the 'proverbial' lines people will feed you, and vines are obstacles that get in your way," Joe previously explained about the meaning behind the set's title. Kevin then chimed in, "Trying Times can be relationships, or anything personal to you. No one is alone in that; we all go through it."


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posted by Dawso on Dec 03, 2012
hay nick and joe your brother is right try not to have sex intell you are ready for it i like you nick and joe
posted by Hannaneace on Dec 20, 2010
The jonas brothers rock,i love them....
posted by Nickjonaslover on Nov 02, 2010
Nick,please f**k me!i want to feel your dick cum in my tight p***y! And im prettier than miley cyrus
posted by Nickjonaslover on Nov 02, 2010
Nick,please f**k me!i want to feel your dick cum in my tight p***y
posted by karla on Jul 18, 2010
well i back up kevin's advise, sex out of marrige brings curse into our lives and i know nick is going to wait for God to bless him with a wife that will honor him and love him as a person not bcuz he is a star. keep rocking ur ring nick.. ill rock mine too
posted by nick jonas on Jun 05, 2010
ok i read all the comments and if you realy want to have sex with me call me my # is 2314378 i love sex and i dont ware the ring
posted by jesse on Jun 04, 2010
Ok so nick do u like Miley or u just like Selena Gomez i have a sister named Selena but i have never sen jesse
posted by jesse on Jun 04, 2010
i love nick and Kevin Joe but i wood not go oh god it's the Jonas Brother's i wood be like hi hey
posted by elk on Mar 17, 2010
jonases i love you so much & ihope you would not be like other boys & girls you should be amazingly different (not nasty)
posted by minyare on Feb 08, 2010
i love you nike. I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH YOU AND FEEL YOUR FACE. i love you
posted by catgirl on Jan 17, 2010
posted by heart on Jan 14, 2010
i lovenickjonas soso so much
posted by wow on Jan 06, 2010
dont worry about having sex because its natural for anyone when they get married
posted by wow on Jan 06, 2010
kevin i hope that you had a great time at your wedding and nick and joe are so cute
posted by Wow on Dec 24, 2009
posted by Wow on Dec 24, 2009
You are all dumb as hell...just sayin'. Purity rings are meant for one to stay pure til marriage. They don't get married and not have sex...get off of this site, you're all 12.
posted by caitlyn on Dec 13, 2009
im going to have sex with nick!
posted by caitlyn on Dec 13, 2009
im going to have sex with nick!
posted by i love joe on Nov 26, 2009
i would love to have sex with them
posted by pe on Nov 12, 2009
me and nick will get married and have sex naked togather.
posted by candace on Sep 30, 2009
well guys stop putting bad comments on here. and to kevin do you really sware?!
posted by KEVIN J. on Sep 29, 2009
posted by kevinj. on Sep 29, 2009
posted by candace on Aug 27, 2009
sorry i meant text the comments to me. god bless.
posted by candace on Aug 27, 2009
guys please all 3 of them are virgins. well kevin about to get married. so he dosen't need the puirty ring. but anyway i love them so much. and i am so proud of them. but god is real im a strong christain. women ive'been saved a long time. my parents a preacher and im over the youth minstry. and im only 26 i'll be 27 janurary 1st new year. kevin jonas about 2 get married and all that........ they made they promise to god and they parents you cannot break that promise so if you want 2 talk about them that's fine but to the christian ones good job im about 2 go on a fast and the lord gonna bless me with some stuff i movin on from that big old mess iM A VIRGIN TOO so anything you want to say about it tet the comments to me peace!!!
posted by shante hart on Aug 25, 2009
yay 2 miley cyrus demi lovato selena gomez. boo too the jonas brothers!
posted by salvador makkons on Aug 25, 2009
wow i like that.
posted by njkop-[= on Aug 11, 2009
ill suck his dick
posted by kiai on Aug 09, 2009
u just mad miley look cute
posted by the 1 fan of nick jo on Jul 26, 2009
thaxx kevin for warning ur bro about sx ......cause if they start doing this they may lose fans and for future its not a good thing !!! but still i love nick he is so cute !!!!!!!
posted by samantha on Jul 06, 2009
lt's better to listen to your brother kevin coz life is what you make.if you want to have sex before marriage go ahead but in future you will have problems.pliz guys listen to your brother kevin coz l love you.l wish l can meet you guys.l love you joe
posted by kevin would do on Jul 04, 2009
i hate sx
posted by TASHAUN on Jul 02, 2009
posted by selena gomez on Jun 26, 2009
i love kevin
posted by jonasbrothers on Jun 25, 2009
i love you guys
posted by i hate miley cyrus on Jun 25, 2009
hi and i hate miley cyrus i think miley is so gross and bad and miley so cruwel and shes jelous. and i like kevin your cool kev
posted by i dont like sex on Jun 25, 2009
even if i dont like sex i love the jonas brothers i thik they rule and so what if they like sex guys realy like sex i mean its true this is unbelivevable that they want to have sex thanks kevin for warnig them
posted by outch on Jun 25, 2009
ew yuki
posted by i love nick jonas on Jun 17, 2009
i love nick jonas i want to marry him
posted by sofia on Jun 15, 2009
i think kevin jonas is right.and i love joe jonas.
posted by sarah on Jun 06, 2009
r they crazy theyre christiians right i mean theyre betrading god just for pleasure. every man i the world is the same
posted by demi on May 29, 2009
hey guys, ahm i think this article is not true. they're keeping their promises, thats why they take the rings to remind them. If they are not planning to do their vows, well i think they shouldn't take the rings. These guys are so amazing and i trust them. They will be a good example, i'm a christian too.
posted by stupiddumbasses on May 29, 2009
if they wanna have sex then they will. why the hell does it matter so much?! oh the little fans you say, well you know what, the little fans will grow up someday and their friends will start having sex! so does that give them the right to blame it on their friends if they chose to do it too? hate to break this to ya, but sex in a very natural thing and which got you here. if they wanna get it on, then damn it, go get freaky. ohhhh, sorry if I hurt your little sensitive eyes. *come say it cause I'm never gonna come back on this website! suckers. go kiss your jonas brother poster and pretend that they love you*
posted by Katy< on May 21, 2009
I think that their choises are good, but not for us... haha joke! If they want to be virgins untill they marrige they can be and no one should make fun of it! P.S. I'm gonna take Nick's virgin<3<3<3
posted by alex on May 21, 2009
Sting your stupid because you took time to come to the site and read this story so really your retarted then any teenager 1
posted by Sting(Idiot) on May 21, 2009
Sting,your an real idiot. Jealousy is an harsh thing. Let me guess, no one likes you and your all alone!Boo HOO! They have millions of fans and you have?......let me answer that for you...NONE! So if they really sucked that bad,people wouldn't be camping in front of stores to by there album first. How many people camp out in front of your house.....NONE!So if you really look at things you'll see that they are not the sucky are!
posted by Dj Plasmic Nebula on May 21, 2009
Um nick isn't the one in charge. i should know, i'm a Christian too. as Christians, the oldest is in charge. Jonas brothers should know that. Apparently if this news is true, then they know the oldest one is in charge cause of what kevin did!!!! The oldest one is the one taking care of the younger siblings. Kevin did a great job at that. And call me crazy but Since we get tempted, this may be true. I said it may be. If they call themselves Christians they may know the how the ten commandments work. I believe they'll be better role models soon. Us Guys need the jonas brothers. As a Christtian i believe God is using the Jonas Brothers to show us Guys that Guys can be virgins untill married. You know how the media portays guys as Sexual Gender!! that we only want sex. Well that's not true, by looking at the jonas brothers their still virgins!!!! and their famous. I havn't seen any sexual poses of them even with their cloths on. Thank God that their doing something right!!!!!
posted by Sting on May 21, 2009
It amazes me the level of retarded teens that flick around this site. These three fake attempts to marketing moguls are the scum of music, really (not that they are entitled to consider themselves "musicians", but you get the point). In some years all their fakeness of being "clean and cute" will be shown and proven just like a publicity stunt. Britney Spears, anyone? Just that they are even worse, with even less talent. They really suck, but it's funny to read all the comments of ordals of idiot girls worshipping them. New generation is seriously f***d up.
posted by boo on May 20, 2009
i want their hot bums
posted by muscles on May 20, 2009
im a jonas brothers fan too :)
posted by muscles on May 20, 2009
the jonas brothers are hot, they are the best young boyband ever! you go boys yous rock! :)
posted by Pat on May 20, 2009
I'm sure they all from time to time have to remind each other of their vow. Without a doubt they probably all get tempted on a daily basis. With girls screaming for them and running after them, resisting temptation can't be easy!!
posted by Melissa on May 20, 2009
clearly this article isn't true. if the source was truly close to the boys, they would know that even though kevin is the oldest by age, nick is the one that has the more serious personality and is more of the authority type. i could never see either one of them breaking their vow.
posted by Linda on May 20, 2009
this article most likely isn't true. nick is more of the serious, fatherly type to kevin and joe. nick would be the one warning kevin and joe. and if you've seen kevin he is definitely the most horny out of the three. but regardless they are all good guys and if they could go this long without breaking their vow, i doubt they ever will.
posted by MP on May 20, 2009
This article doesn't seem true. The writer got their information from a supposed source close to the family and not directly from Kevin himself. In plus, the article really doesn't make much sense. It seems to me like the author is making a crazy inference based on half-baked information.
posted by lovely on May 20, 2009
i believe that too
posted by Allison on May 20, 2009
i want to marry nick jonas
posted by lauren on May 19, 2009
i think their choices are great. its ABOUT time we have some smart Disney stars! majority of them r screw ups like miley and lindsey! i love JB!
posted by Rhianna on May 19, 2009
Aww i believe they will be sensible and stay true to who they are and wont go off the rails but you know us British girls do love you boys :) come back to london soon (june 15th / november20 th :D cant wait) x
posted by hahaha on May 19, 2009
their promise ring are a waste of money...they are such pervs and they was wana dog on any chick they can find (ahem ...mileyz*)
posted by Mandi_J16 on May 19, 2009
Ok Jonas haters why read an artical about someone you dont like this is for jonas fans to tell how they feel about it but i hope you have your fun getting all of us girls hyped up abput how mean you are. Its fine i understand that your mad they arent out like everyone else having sex. Anyway i can trust the boys but of course the were eyeing girls they are still boys with raging harmones but dont worry girls the boys will be truthful to god and their fans and if they make a mistake well they are only human! :^) I love you JB!
posted by dang on May 19, 2009
that's why I want to marry kevin.
posted by joejonasismine on May 19, 2009
Awww please dont go breaking your virginity guys! It made you even more likeable than you already are! Joe is my favorite, but to be honest, I'm most worried about him not being able to keep this promise. :( I hope they can!
posted by karen on May 19, 2009
They are great boys. I love them, especially Kevin
posted by Lore on May 19, 2009
i trust them. and i hope no one of them will break their virginity vows.
posted by LBJ on May 19, 2009
I don't really believe this article. Nick and Joe are both very decent young men with excellent morals and values. There is no need to worry.
posted by Tifflen on May 19, 2009
I think it rocks that they are waiting to have sex till after they're married. God intended sex for marriage.
posted by daniela#1jonasfan on May 19, 2009
posted by daniela#1jonasfan on May 19, 2009
all you stupid girls who are talking crap get the hell out of this wedsite this is only for jonas brothers fan . i belive that they are making a good choose and i am proud of them, they are my rolemodals i love them with all my hreat and that is why i made the same promise to myself like nick kevin and joe i WON'T have sex intell i am married thank you guys for showing a good example for us your fans i love you nicholas jerry jonas, paul kevin jonas jr. and joseph adam jonas i love you guys I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS
posted by dezi911 on May 18, 2009
yea i truly respect their choice to not to have sex till marriage!!!
posted by Joes Gay on May 18, 2009
They wont have sex because they dont like girls, the jonas bro's are in a trysexual incest relationship with themselves
posted by jb_fan on May 18, 2009
i just hope they listen and wont do it!!
posted by EmArGee on May 18, 2009
This article seems a little... phoney, to me. But perhaps that's just me
posted by FeliciaBT on May 18, 2009
Don't worry everybody, the JoBros will NOT have sex before marriage. I totally trust them!!!
posted by Hey on May 18, 2009
Why do you pathetic people only care about the lives of celebrities? You should be worrying about how stupid it is to care about if someone has sex or not.
posted by Jokeas Brothers on May 18, 2009
The Jonas Brothers are no-talent idiots.
posted by ccluvsjb on May 18, 2009
i believe their new album doesn't come out till JUNE 16, and i don't think they are breaking their virginity vows anytime soon

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