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Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger


Famous as :

Rock musician, actor

Birth Name :

Michael Phillip Jagger

Birth Date :

July 26, 1943

Birth Place :

Dartford, Kent, England, UK

Spouse :

Bianca Perez Moreno de Macias (political activist, 12-May-71 - 1980), Jerry Hall (21-Nov-90 - 13-Aug-99, annulled)

Claim to fame :

Lead vocalist of band The Rolling Stones

Latest News

Mick Jagger Posts Tribute Photo of His Late Girlfriend in Honor of Her Birthday

April 29, 2015 07:42:13 GMT

is remembering his beloved late girlfriend L'Wren Scott on what would have been her 51st birthday. The lead singer of took to Twitter on Tuesday, April 28 to pay tribute to the late designer, sharing a throwback photo of his girlfriend of 13 years.

Martin Scorsese's Rock 'n' Roll Drama Picked Up to Series by HBO

December 02, 2014 22:40:37 GMT

HBO has officially picked up the rock 'n' roll drama from Martin Scorsese to series. The yet titled one-hour long series is also executive produced by Terence Winter, and George Mastras.

Insurance Company to Seek Info on L'Wren Scott's Mental Health

November 10, 2014 07:40:26 GMT

Insurers are going to seek information in regards to L'Wren Scott's mental health in connection to a legal battle against . According to The Salt Lake Tribune, the federal court in Salt Lake City has given permission to insurance underwriters to seek information from Scott's brother Randall Bambrough as they attempt to avoid paying $12.7 million in insurance to the band.

The Rolling Stones Cancels Show due to Mick Jagger's Illness

November 07, 2014 06:33:34 GMT

has been forced to cancel an Australian concert after frontman fell ill. According to a statement posted on the website of tour promoter Frontier, the rocker was diagnosed with a throat infection and is now under "strict doctor's orders to rest his vocal cords in order to recuperate for the remainder of the tour."

HBO to Air James Brown Documentary Produced by Mick Jagger

September 05, 2014 04:03:03 GMT

HBO has nabbed the rights to a documentary produced by . The network plans to air "" on Monday, October 27 at 9 P.M. ET/PT.

James Brown Biopic 'Get on Up' to Open Zurich Film Festival

September 01, 2014 14:14:45 GMT

biopic "" is set as the opening film of 2014 Zurich Film Festival. Director Tate Taylor, stars and , as well as producer are all scheduled to attend the premiere which is held on September 25.

Mick Jagger, Sting Among 200 Stars Who Urge Scotland to Stay in the U.K.

August 08, 2014 02:15:06 GMT

and are among 200 public figures who call for Scotland to stay in the U.K. The British celebrities have signed a letter which was organized by a group called "Let's Stay Together", a group of people outside Scotland who don't have the rights to vote, urging Scottish voters to vote no in a historic referendum on September 18. Scotland has been in the union for 307 years.

Mick Jagger on L'Wren Scott's Death: 'It Was Difficult'

July 19, 2014 06:29:39 GMT

opened up about his late girlfriend, L'Wren Scott, in an pre-taped interview with "" show on July 18. Mick spoke out about his life since L'Wren's death for the first time and also talked about upcoming movie "", a biopic of which was co-produced by him.

David Beckham, Rihanna, Mick Jagger Attend World Cup 2014 Closing Ceremony

July 14, 2014 07:35:03 GMT

Famous faces from the showbiz world attended the World Cup final match between the Germany and Argentina national team at the world-famous Maracana Stadium in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil on July 13. As took the stage as the headline act of the closing ceremony, the camera spotted the celebrities in the VIP rows. Among them were soccer legend/model , R&B superstar and rock star .

Mick Jagger Mocks Monty Python, Calls Them 'Wrinkly Old Men' in Video to Promote Reunion Shows

July 01, 2014 08:51:15 GMT

makes fun of in a video to help promote the group's upcoming reunion shows. In the clip, shown during a press conference on Monday, June 30 before being made available on YouTube, the rocker is featured sitting on a couch with ' drummer Charlie Watts when his assistant asks him if he wants tickets to the comedians' shows.

Mick Jagger Met Young New Girlfriend Two Weeks Before L'Wren Scott's Death

June 16, 2014 09:04:47 GMT

was spotted with a young woman on a hotel balcony in Zurich earlier this month. New reports say the woman is a New York ballerina named Melanie Hamrick who is 43 years younger than him. He allegedly met Melanie for the first time at the backstage of Rolling Stones' concert in Tokyo on March 6, around two weeks before L'Wren Scott committed suicide.

Mick Jagger Slammed by L'Wren Scott's Sister After Spotted Cozying Up to Brunette

June 08, 2014 15:02:31 GMT

Is dating again? Less than three months after his girlfriend of 17 years L'Wren Scott committed suicide, rocker was pictured cozying up to a mystery brunette while he was in Zurich with his bandmates to resume their world tour.

The Rolling Stones Rocks Norway in First Concer Since L'Wren Scott's Death

May 27, 2014 05:11:01 GMT

is back on the road after taking a break for more than two months. The British band resumed their world tour in Oslo, Norway on Monday, May 26, marking their first performance since the death of 's girlfriend L'Wren Scott.

Mick Jagger Is a Great-Grandfather

May 19, 2014 08:57:13 GMT

is now a great-grandfather. According to Daily Mail, he becomes a great-grandfather after his 21-year-old granddaughter Assisi recently gave birth to a baby girl with her 25-year-old boyfriend Alex Key. More info about the baby is not immediately available.

Video: Coldplay Dedicates 'Fix You' to Mick Jagger Following L'Wren Scott's Death

May 07, 2014 08:18:13 GMT

recently took the stage at the Beacon Theater in New York to promote their new album "". During the performance on Monday, May 5, the band dedicated one of their songs to fellow British rocker .

Mick Jagger Sings Bob Dylan's 'Just Like a Woman' for L'Wren Scott at New York Memorial

May 03, 2014 05:58:31 GMT

paid tribute to his late girlfriend, L'Wren Scott, by performing a heartfelt song at a memorial service on Friday, May 2 in New York. He sang 's "Just Like a Woman" at the celebrity-filled service which was held at Manhattan's St. Bartholomew's Church.

L'Wren Scott's Brother: Some of Her Ashes Will Be Buried in Utah

March 28, 2014 02:41:59 GMT

Designer L'Wren Scott, who passed away earlier this month, was cremated in accordance to her wishes. Now, her ashes are split between her family and longtime boyfriend . Scott's brother Randall Bambrough told New York Daily News on Wednesday, March 26 that he had some of her ashes and revealed what he would do with them.

L'Wren Scott Left Her Estate to Mick Jagger

March 27, 2014 02:35:21 GMT

L'Wren Scott reportedly left all of her estate to longtime boyfriend . As reported by New York Daily News, documents filed in Manhattan Surrogate's Court on Wednesday, March 26, show that the late fashion designer's estate is valued at $9 million.

L'Wren Scott Laid to Rest in Private Funeral

March 26, 2014 02:41:43 GMT

A private funeral for L'Wren Scott has been held in Los Angeles. A spokesperson for Scott's longtime boyfriend said in a statement that the member of as well as Scott's close friends and family members attended the funeral which took place at the Hollywood Forever Funeral Home on Tuesday, March 25.

L'Wren Scott's Coffin Is Moved to a Funeral Home in Los Angeles

March 24, 2014 03:35:09 GMT

Designer L'Wren Scott, who passed away last week, reportedly will be laid to rest "in the next couple of days." According to New York Daily News, her boyfriend is planning a small, private event. On Sunday, March 23, her coffin was seen being moved from the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home on Madison Ave. to the Hollywood Forever Funeral Home and Cemetery in Los Angeles.

L'Wren Scott's Representative Calls Reports of Financial Problems 'Extremely Hurtful'

March 22, 2014 01:43:46 GMT

Designer L'Wren Scott, who was found dead in her Manhattan apartment earlier this week, reportedly was in deep financial problem. A representative for PR Consulting which handles Scott and her fashion company, however, said that the claim was "inaccurate."

L'Wren Scott's Death Ruled as Suicide

March 20, 2014 02:04:09 GMT

The death of designer L'Wren Scott was ruled as suicide by hanging, a spokesperson for New York City's medical examiner's office confirmed on Wednesday, March 19. "The manner of death was determined to be suicide," said the spokesperson, Julie Bolcer, as quoted by CNN. The officials also said that Scott's remains had been claimed.

Mick Jagger Pays Tribute to L'Wren Scott: 'I Will Never Forget Her'

March 19, 2014 01:42:20 GMT

has released a heartfelt tribute following the death of his designer girlfriend L'Wren Scott. The designer was found dead by her assistant on Monday, March 17 of apparent suicide. Jagger, who was in Australia when she died, released a statement on Facebook on Tuesday.

Mick Jagger Calls Off Aussie Concert After Girlfriend's Death

March 18, 2014 02:55:34 GMT

has canceled a scheduled gig with The Rolling Stone in Perth, according to Perth radio station 96FM. The cancelation came following the shocking news that his girlfriend, fashion designer L'Wren Scott, was found dead in her apartment.

Designer L'Wren Scott, Mick Jagger's Girlfriend, Dies of Apparent Suicide

March 18, 2014 02:00:29 GMT

Famed designer L'Wren Scott was found dead of apparent suicide on Monday, March 18. As reported by CNN, an official at the law enforcement office said that Scott was found by her assistant hanging from a door knob with a scarf around her neck in her New York apartment.

Mick Jagger to Turn '20 Feet From Stardom' Into TV Series and Broadway Musical

January 23, 2014 03:22:05 GMT

is going to give the spotlight to his juniors in his upcoming project. The rocker is in talks to turn documentary "", in which he stars, into a scripted TV series and a Broadway musical.

Mick Jagger's Daughter Confirms Rocker Will Be a Great-Grandfather

November 25, 2013 08:31:37 GMT

is going to become a great grandfather next year. Mick's daughter Jade told U.K.'s The Sunday Times that her 21-year-old daughter Assisi would give birth in a few months. The jewelry designer, however, added that the idea of having a great-grandchild apparently was "no longer particularly fascinating" for the member of as he had some grandchildren.

Mick Jagger Denies Hitting On 18-Year-Old Katy Perry

November 01, 2013 01:11:13 GMT

set the record straight on the report that he hit on a young years ago. The "Roar" hitmaker, now 29, claimed ' member flirted with her when she was 18, but he insisted the incident never happened.

Mick Jagger Reportedly to Become Great-Grandfather

September 21, 2013 04:36:24 GMT

apparently is going to become a great-grandfather. His daughter Jade's girl Assisi is said expecting her first child. The baby will arrive in 2014.

Kevin MacDonald Set to Direct Elvis Presley Biopic for Mick Jagger

September 04, 2013 03:47:00 GMT

has found the best man to serve behind the lens for a new project he works on with 20th Century Fox. Variety learns that Kevin MacDonald, who directed "", has been tapped to helm an biopic entitled "".

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