Gerard Butler Charged With Criminal Battery, Facing 6 Months in Jail

Gerard Butler

Actor Gerard Butler is facing six months in jail if he is convicted on misdemeanor criminal battery charge addressed to him for punching a photographer last year.

Movie hunk Gerard Butler has been charged with misdemeanor criminal battery for punching a photographer last year. The Los Angeles City Attorney already filed legal charge against him on Wednesday, May 13.

As reported by TMZ, which was the first to run story of that matter, Gerard had an "altercation with a photographer" at 2 A.M. back on October 7, the night his movie "RocknRolla" was premiered in Hollywood. He was getting into a limo outside the Crown Bar in Los Angeles after leaving a premiere party for the film, when he allegedly punched the paparazzo in the lips for three or four times.

Speaking of the incident, Gerard's manager Alan Siegel said the actor was forced to have his driver stop the car he was riding in after the particular photographer repeatedly sped through red lights and almost struck two pedestrians. His attorney, Blair Berk, stated that his celebrity client is not required to - and won't - appear in court on the related charge.

Gerard himself makes no comment at all on the issue. Due in court for an arraignment on June 10, he is facing up to six months in jail if convicted on the charge, TMZ reports.



    May 16, 2009

    Gerry should sue the pop. for stalking/harrasment and then both sides will drop and be forgotten.

    May 16, 2009

    I guess everyone has an opinion, however, to call Gerard Butler a role model/HERO and wanting to follow in his foot prints. Duh! America has real HEROES - they are over in the foreign countries away from their loved ones, fighting and dying for their country. And, the only foot prints that any of us should be fortunate to follow is our Lord's foot prints. Maybe if people did not think of these celebrities in such lofty ways, there would be no need for the paparazzi to follow them and constantly impose on their privacy.

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