Balthazar Getty Goes to 'Medium' With Rumer Willis

Balthazar Getty Goes to 'Medium' With Rumer Willis

Patricia Arquette will direct a Spring episode of 'Medium' which will have Balthazar Getty and Rumer Willis as guest stars.

"Medium" has prolonged Balthazar Getty's career on TV. The actor who will be leaving "Brothers & Sisters" before the season ends, is tapped as a guest star on the NBC series in an episode which will be directed by the star herself, Patricia Arquette.

According to People, Getty will step in the role of a wealthy real estate magnate whose wife is missing. Beside Getty, Arquette who is having her second directing shot, has also included Rumer Willis and Anjelica Huston. While the former will play the missing woman, the latter reprises her Emmy-nominated role as Cynthia Keener.

The episode will be called "The First Bite is the Deepest" and revolves around the past demons and future consequences. Keener, who used to be a private investigator is serving a prison time for the murder of her daughter's killer. She reaches out to Allison for help when her friend (Willis) is missing.

The episode will be in productive motion this week for a telecast in Spring.



    Mar 18, 2009

    I think It is great Anjelica Huston is at least coming back...I mean i never thought they would bring her back after Wicked Game PartII aired they never spoke of her ever again...I am thinking Cynthia is going to do a little something to spice things up.Considering they said "Past demons and Future consequences". But I don't get why said Allison is f-o-r-c-e-d to deal with the past. I mean if anything Cynthia is the one who only did the thing that the law failed to do. And besides I was a little confused If she is still in jail because she did confess as soon as she did it,and she used to be a cop so I think they could of let her out n a technicalty or whatever.

    Mar 12, 2009

    Getty no doubt has bills that need paying. His mistress can't foot the bills for everything can she? Especially when Miller herself can't find an employer willing to hire her sorry butt!

    Mar 12, 2009

    arquette is his wife's best friend, now needs to rely on his wife;s friend for acting roles.

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