Trailer of Steven Spielberg's HBO Miniseries 'The Pacific'

March 10, 2009 09:22:08 GMT

Based on a true story, 'The Pacific' will chronicle the journey of three U.S. Marines who battle the Japanese during World War II.

Trailer of Steven Spielberg's HBO Miniseries 'The Pacific'
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Basically another take similar to "Band of Brothers", "The Pacific" is a miniseries coming from Steven Spielberg that will air on HBO in 10 parts. Involving also Tom Hanks in the production team, it will tell intertwined stories of three Marines, Robert Leckie, Eugene Sledge and John Basilone during their defense against Japanese attack in the Pacific during World War II.

"The Pacific" is adapted from the memoir book of Eugene Sledge, "With the Old Breed" which was first published in 1981. The memoir is based on notes Sledge kept tucked away in a pocket-sized Bible he carried with him during battle.

As described on the press release, "The extraordinary experiences of these men and their fellow Marines take them from the first clash with the Japanese in the haunted jungles of Guadalcanal, through the impenetrable rain forests of Cape Gloucester, across the blasted coral strongholds of Peleliu, up the black sand terraces of Iwo Jima, through the killing fields of Okinawa, to the triumphant, yet uneasy, return home after V-J Day."

The series which was shot in Australia, is expected to be released either in late 2009 or early 2010. James Badge Dale, Joe Mazzello and John Basilone star as Robert, Eugene and John respectively.


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posted by nanyjules on May 10, 2010
I watched the Pacific and I could never amanage what the Marines went through. They are a great breed of men. This is very well made.
posted by tiger tim on Apr 16, 2010
Fascinating. While America is guilt-tripping on the latest PC WWII set-up ---er' we mean 'tribute' --a South Korean navy ship was blown up in the China Sea in international waters killing 45. The story was deceptively and very marginally reported in US media --and completely dropped within a day --even as the South Korean government is reporting it was likely a torpedo--- ---Keep fightin' WWII boys! ---Everything's just dandy! ---right.
posted by pg 2010 on Mar 27, 2010
---Someone PLEASE call the moral bluff of Hollywood's ad nauseum, anachronistic, seen-to-death PC treatments of WWII ---while they themselves have made billions these past decades catering to the dumb down, franchise-slum needs of the most awesomely genocidal regime in ALLLL human history ---ACROSS the Pacific!
posted by Biminibill on Mar 21, 2010
BoBo on Mar 12, 2010 The yanks did not single-handedly win WWII or WW1,it was a collaboration of all the other allies,when will they stop trying to make out,that if it was not for them we (the Brits) would of lost both wars.HOKUM. Bobo, I never lose sight of the fact that it was ALL of the Allies who, only with a combined effort, defeated the Axis. Few who care to remember the war would feel differently. In the case of WWII there is no question that Hitler would have been victorious without American involvement but this does not reflect negatively on Britain. It was imply a matter of geography, natural resources and military industrial output capability. Germany held too many strategic cards and this was no one's fault. Britain, with little else but the will of her people defeated Goering's Luftwaffe in the Battle of Britain. They were victorious at El Alamein. In fact, man for man, they were incredible, but they needed more supplies, more food and more people to fight an enemy that had spent years preparing for war. There is no shame in this. I've spent a lot of time in Europe and know that England and the Continent is where the vast majority of the immigrating Americans came from and as such it was and always will be our moral duty to assist Europe whenever it's very existence may be threatened, regardless of whether we constantly bicker over lesser things. As for "who won the war", we all did. Be proud, Yank, Brit, Canadian, Aussie, New Zealander, etc....
posted by Biminibill on Mar 21, 2010
OWW SON on Mar 02, 2010 ere ryttt, you yanks are just pathetic, if it wasnt for us british you'd all be sucking japense farts through straws :) x OWW SON, I beg to differ. Was it the loss of Singapore or perhaps Hong Kong that prevented Americans from "sucking Japanese farts"? I often see posts from some disgruntled Brits who make such hateful and outlandish statements. Why do you do this? There is plenty of valor from the Americans AND the Commonwealth to go around. Few Americans would begrudge films and accountings of British successes in the war (Battle of Britain, El Alamein, Burma). You should be proud of them as I am, an American who feels his English roots and takes for himself pride in "The Few" who won the Battle of Britain. Likewise, I can take pride and give thanks to the Americans who fought their battles, too. Germany and Japan spent years gearing for war. It took all of those opposing them to be victorious, including the Russians. Grow up and be thankful all of these people defeated the Axis.
posted by og 2010 on Mar 16, 2010
Stilll waiting for Hollywood to show a little nerve, break ranks from their 'fave' creditors the Red Chinese ---and FINALLY make the epic tribute the Korean War deserves ---on this its 60th anniversay. WWII is an anachronism ---and already dont to death. Millions are STILL suffering and dying in Red China's neighbor and client state of North Korea. Hollywood has been their enabling sellout for decades now. ABSOLUTELY TRUE
posted by pg 2010 on Mar 15, 2010
---More ad nauseum, anachronistiC, guilt-trippy WWII moral fables from a Holywood that's been shamelessly soldout to the awesomely genocidal red Chinese ---for decades now. 70 million exterminated in 'peacetime' that you won't be hearing so much as a PEEP about in any Hollywood film ---EVER! TRUTH HURTS
posted by BoBo on Mar 12, 2010
The yanks did not single-handedly win WWII or WW1,it was a collaboration of all the other allies,when will they stop trying to make out,that if it was not for them we (the Brits) would of lost both wars.HOKUM.
posted by David J on Mar 10, 2010
Im a Brit - 50 years old now and both my parents served in th RAF during WW2 in Europe and then the far east. Like so many others they seldom talked about their experiences and Ive been trying to piece together what it must have been like. I loved Band of Brothers although it obviously just showed a US experience and am really looking forward to Pacific. I guess a lot of us are in the same position trying to understand and make sense of what our parents went through over 60 years ago. I just wish they were still around to ask. Thanks to Spielberg et al for helping us in this quest.
posted by OWW SON on Mar 02, 2010
ere ryttt, you yanks are just pathetic, if it wasnt for us british you'd all be sucking japense farts through straws :) x
posted by Rainmaker on Jan 30, 2010
B.O.B. is quality, with feeling,guts and emotion. I wait as others do in anticipation for The Pacific. God Speed.
posted by Betty Boop on Dec 21, 2009
This new series looks great. Yes, it will be a long time coming for the marines to get their story told. They defended Australia which I know people at the time were very grateful for with their awesome show of power. We'll finally get to see just what they went through for victory which of course didn't really come till the bombing of Hirosima. Yes,us baby boomers were really ignorent of their horrendous plight. May we never forget their valant efforts and sacrifices for our freedom.
posted by Charly on Nov 20, 2009
I am in the proces of reading 'with the old breed' and must say: this is a hell of a story! What these men went through is unamaginable. I can't describe my feelings reading all this. Also unbelievable is that sane men came out of this hell. The carnage is just not of this world. But it is...
posted by patriot on Nov 19, 2009
My Uncle, Lt Stanley G Benner, was killed on bloody ridge a few hundred yards away from John Basilone the night Basilone won his Congressional Medal of Honor. I am delighted to see this story told so we baby boomers and our children can understand the horrors they endured to give us the world we grew up in.
posted by on Nov 17, 2009
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posted by jenny on Oct 12, 2009
i know seeing some of the scenes will be difficult to see but it should remind us of those who died for us defending our country . think of our kids over in iraq now. god bless them all and i give credit to those who are in this film to show the battle our marines fought.
posted by pt651 on Sep 26, 2009
you want to read a real book about heroes? try "Iwo Jima: Legacy of Valor." Absolutely unreal what these guys went through. God bless them.
posted by Stryker II on Sep 05, 2009
Well its about time the Marines get thier story in film. I'm sick of europe, Ryan, BOB etc. The USMC led the way.............
posted by The agent cairns aus on Aug 19, 2009
I was lucky enough to be an extra in filming. It surely will be an awesome film . What an experience!!! Thanks hbo
posted by mOOSE on Aug 10, 2009
If it wasn't for you Yanks, us Aussies would be speaking Japanese. Oh yes we owe so much to the USA.
posted by Doc on Jul 22, 2009
I live in Newton, NJ. Robert Leckie was a resident here before he passed away several years ago. I'm sorry I never met him, I am a professor of history. No one outside of his immediate circle knew he lived here. John Basilone was from Raritan, NJ and he is celebrated every Memorial Day at Raritan's Memorial Day parade. My uncle was with the 6th Marine Division on Okinawa and my father served on the U.S.S. Randolph in the Pacific. If I could count the number of times on one hand they talked about the Pacific, it was a lot. I can only imagine the horrors they witnessed. My father hid his pain over the years by drinking. He was a good man but the Pacific had a profound effect on him. I placed his name on the registry at the World War Two Memorial as well as my uncle's by my cousin. Our veterans of the Pacific as well as the other WW II theaters should never be forgotten. And yes, they saved the world. Bless them all. Can't wait to see "The Pacific"
posted by cpl. ott on Jul 15, 2009
Marines have been waiting for their WWII story to be told. We learn about the main characters in this series in boot camp. If they put as much effort into "The Pacific" as they did in "Band of Brothers," than I believe this one will be better. I just want everyone to know that the Japanese did horrific things to captured Marines. They also fought to the death. Be prepared for a much more violent story. John Basilone is one of the greatest men to ever walk the face of the earth. I hope people watch this for more than just entertainment and realize what these men did for us.
posted by your mom on Jun 14, 2009
posted by jane on Jun 14, 2009
glad to see joseph mazzello again
posted by Graylady on Jun 03, 2009
Just finished reading With the Old Breed and discovered that a mini-series is near. Couldn't be more delighted. EB Sledge was a great example of our Marines.
posted by jackg on May 28, 2009
This is stupid because there is not a preview of the Pacific but one for the taking of pelam
posted by jenny on May 19, 2009
glad to see joseph mazzello is in this movie. plays the fellow who wrote the story the old breed
posted by Cunha on Apr 29, 2009
i love band of brothers and i will love the pacific....good job...
posted by Maninder Singh on Apr 19, 2009
Can't wait more too see it. B.O.B is the best & my favourite of all time & I am sure pacific will be add to it. A great effort to pay homage to those brave soldiers of humanity who lost their lives fighting it. All thumbs........up
posted by Marine0369 on Apr 18, 2009
The Pacific has never been done this way before. Real life heros' like Sledgehammer, Chesty and Manila John are largely unkown outside the military community. There should almost be a mini series for each island in the campaign. There are so many forgotten battles. Also can't wait for the movie "No True Glory" about fallujah. There are plenty of heros today too! Its unfortunate the we will probably have to wait 50 or 60 years to honor those men.
posted by Ron on Apr 15, 2009
BoB was the best television ever made and I can't wait to see The Pacific. Does anyone have any idea when it will be screened in the UK?
posted by john k on Apr 13, 2009
I was on the same small campus as Dr Sledge who was a biology prof and had no idea what he went through as a young man or that his nickname was "sledgehammer." Now posthumously he will be famous and not for a moment if you had known him would you have thought this. It was a real OMG moment for me when I heard it was about him and I am glad that they are highlighting a true Hero at a time when there seems to be a shortage.
posted by Drew on Mar 26, 2009
I can't wait to see this. I've been waiting forever. It's going to be wonderful to see in film these legends of the Corps: Manilla John, Chesty.
posted by OmahaOK on Mar 24, 2009
It's actually Jon Seda playing John Basilone, just for anyone interested.
posted by atticusjp1118 on Mar 22, 2009
I highly recomend to read "With the old Breed" to anyone who is going to watch the Pacific
posted by Courage505 on Mar 22, 2009
I would also recommend reading, "Helmet for my Pillow"
posted by adam on Mar 19, 2009
been waiting for this series for ages, the date keeps gettin pushed back, i hope it matches up to the 1st BoB series
posted by Smile on Mar 18, 2009
Thank good 4 this new serie, B.O.B is the greatest series ever made, and if ist half as good, il give you thumbs up.
posted by Ibis on Mar 18, 2009
For a nonfiction recount, make sure to read "The GI War against Japan."
posted by CaptNemo on Mar 10, 2009
Having read With the Old Breed and several other nonfiction recounts of the Pacific theater, this promises to be as good as or better than BoB. Read the book and you'll discover some great storylines, backstories, and colorful real life characters which should make for a fantastic series.

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