'Supernatural' Potentially Adding New Major Character

January 06, 2009 08:02:00 GMT

Warning, potential major spoiler ahead: 'Supernatural' may cast another actor to fill in a role as the long-lost brother to Sam and Dean.

'Supernatural' Potentially Adding New Major Character
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There could as well be another Winchester in the clan of "Supernatural" according to E! Online's Kristin Dos Santos. Apart from Sam and Dean, their father, John, may have another offspring out there somewhere. The third brother will join the show but no actor has been hired to fill in the role yet.

John, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan, appears mostly in the first season and was killed off in the second season. His wife Mary, the mother of Sam and Dean appears occasionally in first, second and fourth season. There had been no indication of another son born to the couple in the past episodes yet.

Also on the spoiler chat section, Kristin shares that the evil Alastair has not gone from the show for good. The character played by Mark Rolston will be back later this season, but "in a new, nastier meat sock form".

"Supernatural" will continue the fourth season on January 15 with "Family Remains".


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posted by Elora on Sep 28, 2009
Well I'de like to know when this article was published because in one episode there was another brother but was killed and eaten by Some supernatural creature and the creature took the form of the borther after he was killed and lourd Dean and Same by saying that his mother went missing and another monster killed and took is mothers form and the two monsters nearly killed Sam by they were going to eat him.
posted by RaileanKassota on Feb 06, 2009
Oh come on you guys! If any one could pull the "long-lost-brother" card and make it work, you KNOW it's Kripke! Besides the worse that will happen is that it doesn't work and they kill him off.
posted by Mel on Jan 10, 2009
Come on, does nobody have a different source for that stupid spoiler than Kristin!!!
posted by it\'sjustyou on Jan 10, 2009
OMG whyyyyyyy?! It would be so different! There's ONLY Dean And Sam. There should NEVER be Dean And Sam And SomeUnknownWeirdoBrother
posted by Jennsen on Jan 09, 2009
I think it could be interesting to see, if pulled off right. I personally think the show as it is right now is missing something. This might be it. It might ruin everything, but it also could ad an interesting dynamic too.
posted by kelly on Jan 09, 2009
What the hell is Eric Kripke thinking...... there's only TWO Winchesters!!!!!! TWO TWO TWO!!!!
posted by Imyssa on Jan 09, 2009
The guy would have to be a teenager really! He (daddy Winchester) wouldn't off done anything while mommy Winchester was alive and probably for a year or two after. I'm not sure that the Holy Trinity is a good idea Mr K :(
posted by Just NO on Jan 09, 2009
WTF...!!! I think Kripke is going insane ...
posted by solai22593 on Jan 07, 2009
Im actually excited! Im just glad its not a sister...Id be so jealous! lol.
posted by PLease on Jan 07, 2009
posted by NayKripke! on Jan 07, 2009
posted by MrsAckles on Jan 07, 2009
OMG...NoNoNo. We dont need any other than our padackles!!
posted by Crazy Mellow on Jan 07, 2009
Dang it...NOOO!! Kripke get a hold of your self.
posted by crashingnightingales on Jan 07, 2009
Nooo! Please tell me this is not true! Is Kripke out of his mind? Please tell me this is some kinda horrible, horrible joke? *cries*
posted by crashingnightingales on Jan 07, 2009
Nooo! Please tell me this is not true! Is Kripke out of his mind? Please tell me this is some kinda horrible, horrible joke? *cries*
posted by Nayy on Jan 06, 2009
Omfg. Nooooooooo way. That's lame.

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