Potential 'New Moon' Release Date Thrown Out

December 11, 2008 04:38:37 GMT

'New Moon', the sequel to hit vampire drama 'Twilight', has been reported to be tentatively set for November 2009 release.

Potential 'New Moon' Release Date Thrown Out
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Targeted to be released in between the end of 2009 or early 2010, "New Moon" is now leaning towards end of 2009 debut. Entertainment Weekly (EW) breaks the news that Summit Entertainment have tentatively slated the "Twilight" sequel for November 20, 2009 release.

Giving more update for "New Moon", EW continues to note that the production of this Stephenie Meyer's second novel adaptation will start in mid-March. With that schedule in mind, the publication mentions that the director who will replace "Twilight" helmer Catherine Hardwicke will have to be in Vancouver by December 15 to begin the 12 weeks of pre-production.

Through a joint statement from Catherine Hardwicke and Summit Entertainment released previously, it has been revealed that Hardwicke won't return to direct "New Moon". Following the announcement, the name of "The Golden Compass" director, Chris Weitz, came up to the surface as potential helmer. Still, none is certain yet on Hardwicke's replacer.

"New Moon" itself will be adapted by "Twilight" screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg. While both Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are expected to reprise their roles as Edward and Bella, speculation over the back-to-back production of the movie with the third film from the series, "Eclipse", has been making its round.


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posted by Becca Cullen on Aug 28, 2009
Why cant new moon just come out already??
posted by Bella Swan on Jul 23, 2009
i got pregnant at the age of 18!
posted by TWIHATER on Jul 23, 2009
What's the big deal?!?! everybody is like 'ooohhh twilight!!!ooohhh new moon!!!' and i'm thinking 'GOSH!!! what's the big deal?!?!?!'
posted by Becca Cullen on Jul 23, 2009
I actually think that Robert doesn't suit Edward. They should get someone younger...[=
posted by Becca Cullen on Jul 23, 2009
Is Jacob leaving?!?! no!!! He's such a cute wolf!!!
posted by bella on Jul 17, 2009
Can't new moon come a little early! I watched twilight I love it and now i wanna watch new moon!
posted by rebekah on Jul 04, 2009
omg just hurry up and brin it out ps i love u edward
posted by Mrs. Jacob Black on Mar 11, 2009
I love TWILIGHT ive read all the books and there awesome cnt wait til New Moon comes out XD (I love Jacob Black) ox
posted by jaymelee30 on Jan 28, 2009
omg i love twilight ive read all the books twice and i am so excited for the new moon movie
posted by Sophie on Jan 05, 2009
I loved twilight it was just like the book with the key factors although the book is still better as it is in more depth I find edward cullen so good looking.
posted by Mrs. Black on Dec 19, 2008
omg i cant believe that jacob is going to leave!no no and no! grrrr
posted by emilia cullen on Dec 16, 2008
omj this is great. i cant wait til it comes out. it will be just as good if not better. i kinda wish they couldve released it on november 21st for like a reunion/traditional thing. and i really hope they dont rush it and keep the key moments in it. and make the end really intense and tear-jerking.
posted by Becca Cullen on Dec 14, 2008
Can't Wait.. I hope it will be better then Twilight.. even though Twilight was good... i hope New Moon will be even better!!! [=
posted by jacob sex man on Dec 14, 2008
lautner cant goooo! he is the best!
posted by sex on legs on Dec 14, 2008
jacob cant leave! he is perfect! he can buff up a bit ;)
posted by edward cullen (i luv on Dec 11, 2008
That is mad can you post (when its out) in australia

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