'New Moon' and 'Eclipse' Could Be Shot Back-to-Back

December 09, 2008 09:57:29 GMT

Words are, the two 'Twilight' sequels, 'New Moon' and 'Eclipse', will be having a back-to-back productions.

'New Moon' and 'Eclipse' Could Be Shot Back-to-Back
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In addition to the news of Catherine Hardwicke not helming "New Moon", more interesting tidbit is coming out from "Twilight" sequels. In the "Eclipse Auditions" report posted on Alan Baltes' blog, it is noted that Summit Entertainment are planning to shoot "New Moon" and "Eclipse" one after another using the same director.

"Summit Entertainment has started preparing the sequel New Moon, based on Stephenie Meyer's second book in the series, and to contain costs, the studio is filming the third book, Eclipse, back to back using the same new director," parts of the news read. It is further mentioned that the filming of "New Moon" is set to be kicked off in March 2009 and will continue up to the completion of "Eclipse".

"New Moon" is an adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's second novel in her Twilight series. While "Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke has been confirmed not to take the directing role once again, screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg has been set to come back and pen the script for this second movie. Earlier report has also claimed that both leading actors, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, will earn $12 million each for "New Moon".


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posted by Poohbear on Aug 04, 2009
Hear that Taylor won't be in Eclipse. I wanna know why. My 14 year old sister is crazy over Taylor and so dissapointed when she heard he wont be in the last of the twilight saga movies. We absolutely love Taylor and We think if he worked in new moon then he can work in the rest of the twilight saga. Keep our beloved Taylor as Jacob. We can't wait though. Oh ja and please use more things that happen in teh books please!!!!!! and make the movies longer. If the producers from Titanic can do it so can the producers of the twilight saga. PRETTY PLEASE make the movies longer and use more of the things form the book Thank you so much
posted by naylin on Jun 09, 2009
xevere mmmm
posted by Arieeel on Jun 03, 2009
i seriously cant wait for new moon to come out the graphics are just awesome Catherine Hardwicke is a great director if i do say so myself lol i love the novels but the movies they just bring them out and shows those non readers why we love reading lol after reading twilight i just knew id love the twilight saga including the movies
posted by katie on Jun 02, 2009
i cant wait until new moon comes out. i was just wonding are you getting a new director because i like the director you all ready have. i think she is sooo cool
posted by julie-tm on May 24, 2009
The casting was superb in Twilight and the on screen chemistry between Edward and Bella leaves me completely speechless...... Fantastic! I cant wait to see more in New Moon and Eclipse. And Robert is so totally totally hot. What a great actor :)
posted by sugar baby on May 01, 2009
whaaaaa...? 12 million!!!!??? omg wow! thats crazy! thats a lot a friggin' money!
posted by wheeww! on Apr 13, 2009
12 milies eh? Nice. That's the kind of money they deserve, they did such a wonderful job on twilight..the whole cast did as a matter of fact.
posted by gabby on Mar 30, 2009
omg i cant believe their going to shoot new moon and eclipse back to back. since they are new moon needs to be awesome=) i cant wait to see jakob and bella's relationship take off. and i dont understand why everyone likes edward he's ok and everything but i think jakob is more hotter. but thats me and i feel really sorry for him and not getting bella. they might even make no wait they do make an awesome couple. anyways cant wait to see new moon
posted by mynameisjennifer on Mar 02, 2009
im so glad that i dont have to wait another year for eclipse to come out! i can wait patiently for 7 months. Thank you Summit!
posted by Bobby on Mar 02, 2009
I can not belive how HOTT Edward is
posted by Bobby on Mar 02, 2009
I can not belive how HOTT Edward is
posted by Caroline on Feb 17, 2009
I agree that the screenplay did not capture the so many of the intense moments and dialogues between Edward and Bella which is what absorbed the readers in the first place. I know that it's impossible to quote every internal emotion Bella felt because the movie would have been 5 hours long (which i wouldn't personally mind!) of course bringing them over budget in the filming, but with the success the movie had despite many dissapointments, I hope they'll invest more in the script and equally invest in coaching Kirsten's acting skills! Physically, she owns the part and so does Rob in my eyes (at least close enough), but she needs to open up and needs to let herself go into Bella's vulnerable, insecure character further. Kirsten was a little portrayed a character that was too "together" versus Bella whose insecurities know no end. We know that she gets stronger (through the 4 books) and we need to see the evolution of her confidence as well as appreciate her selfless motivations to protect Edward and her loved ones. As for the Hollywood touch, action sequences have to justify the suspense I guess, but again, stay true to the book because the readers really just want to see and live even more vicariously through this story. I look forward to seing the new angle this new director will bring to the movie and the hopefully provide better direction for the cast. Despite this book being meant for a teenage audience, the director needs to appreciate how it has equally absorbed adults, and therefore, enough of the PG and get to the juicy stuff already! Teenagers don't need to be patronized, or underestimated for that fact. That being said, don't hold back on this movie.
posted by twilight101 on Feb 12, 2009
i love twilight and i can't wait till new moon comes out. i got all the books within the first two weeks and since i've reread them i don't know how many times
posted by Isabella1219 on Dec 19, 2008
On the Jane and Alec topic...they're supposed to be around 15 or so according to the Twilight Lexicon. Aro was tracking them, waiting for them to get older but Jane and Alec were going to be burned, because they were accused of witchcraft, so Aro had to bite them earlier than he expected. I'm going to be extremely picky on the actors that will be playing the Volturi. I hope they do not stink.
posted by book fan on Dec 14, 2008
Too many important details were left out of the movie and changes were unnecessarily made. A new screenplay writer would be a good decision... not to mention a new Bella. New Moon is a strong book. Kristen Stewart has a lot of work to do to reach the emotional level of Bella. High hopes for New Moon with a new director.
posted by iceblueyes000 on Dec 14, 2008
Get a new script writer and a new Bella. Movie would be much better. I hope New Moon will be a much better adaptation. It's a stronger book. Kristen Stewart really needs to step it up on her acting skills.
posted by teamjacob on Dec 13, 2008
i really do hope they'll have enough budget if they'r going 2 shoot back2back. hope summitt won't be greedy! hahah
posted by xoxo on Dec 13, 2008
jane is a short adult. alec is her twin brother.
posted by nc on Dec 12, 2008
they must be short adults because the volturi do not tolerate creating kid vampires. to them, its the worst crime
posted by beachluv on Dec 11, 2008
While I do think the novel was better than the movie adaptation of Twilight, I can understand some of the changes. Stephenie Meyer is extremely detailed in her descriptions & details. It was more than they could put into the movie without narrating the whole thing. I don't necessarily like the "additions" they made, but it glamorized the enemy vamps & made it more Hollywood. I think fans of the book should enjoy the movie for bringing the characters to life, but not get too worked up about the storyline. FOR VIVT: From what I got from the novels, Jane & Alec are twins, and it seems they are adults. I don't think their age is ever mentioned.
posted by Renesme on Dec 10, 2008
The next movie better be good. The first one sucked and I can't wait to see more of Jacob's character. I don't know what the hype is about Robert Pattinson ... he was better in Harry Potter
posted by VIVt on Dec 09, 2008
I don't really care who directs new moon ... well maybe I do but as long as the movie comes out and its ok I pretty much happy. I wonder who is ging to starr for Jane of the volturri? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER ONE QUESTION... IS JANE A SHORT ADULT OR IS SHE MERELY A LITTLE GIRL? HOW OLD IS SHE? IS ALEC HER BROTHER OR HER SOULATE OR SIMPLY A FRIEND, PARTNER?
posted by VIVt on Dec 09, 2008
I don't really care who directs new moon ... well maybe I do but as long as the movie comes out and its ok I pretty much happy. I wonder who is ging to starr for Jane of the volturri? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE ANSWER ONE QUESTION... IS JANE A SHORT ADULT OR IS SHE MERELY A LITTLE GIRL? HOW OLD IS SHE? IS ALEC HER BROTHER OR HER SOULATE OR SIMPLY A FRIEND, PARTNER?
posted by hot mama on Dec 09, 2008
I understand exactly what spidermonkey is saying and i think the screenplay writer need to step up next time and get it right this time. i watched the move and thought that there was important things that was left out of it and decided to buy the book. I do think that the writers should stick more closely to the book this time around.
posted by kitkat on Dec 09, 2008
they left out way to much stuff in the first one it is going to conflict with the other movies.... good luck making it work...
posted by mrs chua on Dec 09, 2008
can it be robert pattinson and kristen stewart role the new moon and eclipse pls cause many people wanted them.
posted by spidermonkey on Dec 09, 2008
i think they should fir the screenplay writer because the script was so poorly written in twilight and she also left alot of important stuff out like when we learn about the volturi, jasper's ability and one of the most memorable quote in which Edward says "Do i Dazzle you?"
posted by shimeraa. (: on Dec 09, 2008
i dont really care who directs it. i just hope its a good movie. and it really should come out before 2010. we twilight fans cannot wait that long. ha ha. i hope new moon and eclispe are a little better than Twilight though. It moved really fast and too much stuff was differnt from the book. plus, i hope they dont change the cast. i absolutly love Rob and Kristen. just the perfect Bella and Edward. (:
posted by sflora on Dec 09, 2008
I think they should get a new screenplay writer too, Twilight could have been sooo much better, very important details were left out, and then some not important things added, and I didnt like the meadow scene which should have been one of the best in the movie! I am glad they are getting a new director, I hope New Moon is better :) A couple great book to movie adaptations are The Notebook and Jurassic Park maybe they could get some of those ppl on board!

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