A Couple of New Clips of Robert Pattinson's 'Little Ashes'

November 28, 2008 04:19:10 GMT

Take a look at Robert Pattinson's Salvador Dali character through two new clips of Paul Morrison's drama 'Little Ashes'.

A Couple of New Clips of Robert Pattinson's 'Little Ashes'
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Two fresh clips of "Little Ashes" have been found. Exclusively previewed first by Rotten Tomatoes, the one minute each snippets present a look inside the young life of artist Salvador Dali, filmmaker Luis Bunuel and writer Federico Garcia Lorca. The clips are also give out glimpses of "Twilight" star, Robert Pattinson, being the surrealist painter, Dali.

Set against the backdrop of Fascist Spain in 1922, 18-year-old Dali arrives at university in Madrid. Determined to become a great artist, he soon gets the attention from Residencia de Estudiantes' social elite, poet Lorca and aspiring filmmaker Bunuel. But, their friendship becomes strained as Dali and Lorca get closer to each other. When the two spend the summer at the sea-side village of Cadaques, their friendship becomes something more.

"Little Ashes" takes its title from Salvador Dali's 1927-28 painting Cenicitas. Starring also Javier Beltran as Federico Garcia Lorca and Matthew McNulty as Luis Bunuel, the drama film from director Paul Morrison has been premiered at the 16th annual Raindance film festival in London back in October. It will get its limited U.S. release sometime in 2009.

"Little Ashes" Clip 'Federico and Salvador Inspire' :

"Little Ashes" Clip 'No Limits' :

For more clips, please visit Little Ashes Video.


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posted by Shawn on May 07, 2009
I'm very excited for this film, it looks brilliant. I'm glad he chose this "controversial" role. I mean, I don't find it controversial, but I'm sure a lot of people do. I've seen a couple of the love scenes on youtube, and they are amazing. Definitely going to be buying this movie. And props to Rob for choosing such a great role. I like Twilight, yes, but I'm not a squealing fan girl. The female teen fans of Rob probably shouldn't see this, as I'm sure they'll just say "ewww" the whole time.
posted by frankie on Mar 17, 2009
he sounds kind of spanish, i would no i speak english and spanish :D my hat is off to robert who plays this rather good :D
posted by hoolio on Feb 09, 2009
lklkJn hi! hooli?
posted by July on Jan 26, 2009
My dear,your posted so different!But I live in the country in which this film I can see only in May!Please,help me to see "Little ashes" earlier!Who may help-write me
posted by teen on Jan 07, 2009
did Rob show his dick? British actors aren't squeamish showing their jewels... so pls. show his dick
posted by Terri on Dec 04, 2008
I'm no teen-bopper fanatic, but Rob Pattinson really intrigues me. I really want to see if this guy is as good as the limited clips we've seen show him to be. I hope they release How to Be and especially Little Ashes in the US, and not just in some little art house in NY or LA. I want to see these films!
posted by Jazmine on Dec 04, 2008
I haven't seen twilight yet, i love the books. I think Rob is a great actor not a puppet. He does pick roles he thinks will be great in the box office and roles that will also challenge him. I'm sorry...he still needs to make a living and love himself at the end of the day so stop trashing Twilight and ladies get over the stache'. Its all in the role. He's not Edward and he's not Dali either.
posted by Kerry on Dec 01, 2008
Rob is an amazing actor, he really puts himself into his roles and becomes the character, its quite remarkable. This film proves that he is an ARTISTIC actor who is dedicated to the craft of acting and doesn't care about fame, money or "teen" glory. Teen girls will HATE this film, but artistic people will appreciate it. I myself am very excited to see the chemistry between Rob and Javier. If it as good as the chemistry between him and Kristen, then we should be in for a good movie lol. Apparently the sex scenes are very artistically done and not tacky at all. YAY!
posted by Ali K on Nov 30, 2008
Oh, I'm so excited! This IS the type of role Rob needs; not something like Edward, who really isn't that hard to portray (even though Rob did a good job). As for those who think it'll be big at the box office, it doesn't really matter. The point is to make you believe that he's Dali and bring you into that world, and I'm totally convinced just by the clips (especially the second one! WOW, that was fantastic!). Someone said something about the trailer coming out Monday?
posted by cc on Nov 30, 2008
I'm really excited to see Rob in this role. I don't know much about Dali but hopefully after seeing this film I will.
posted by k@tie on Nov 30, 2008
Rob looks great in this movie! I really want to see it. Oh yeah, and nobody can complain about Rob having sex scenes with a guy in this movie because he did them BEFORE kissing Kristen Stewart:D
posted by me on Nov 29, 2008
im interested. when will it come out in the US? and what is it about? i never heard of it.
posted by emiliakc on Nov 28, 2008
at first all i could see was edward, what with that pale skin as well lol but im interested to see waht he does with this.
posted by Kelly on Nov 28, 2008
Um...sorry I luvvvv Rob!!! but omg him with that little mustache!!! Ewwwww I'm sort of guessing that he signed on to this little deal before Twilight..because yeah I feel sorry for him being in this movie. Hmmm maybe I'm just over reacting, but I don't really think it's going to do that well at the box office...even though Twilight is doing extraordinary!
posted by Wendilynn on Nov 28, 2008
I'm not a fan of Dali's work so wasn't interested in this movie, but I will say that the first clip where we see Dali was funny and the second piece was beautiful. Between the music and the cinematography, it looks like its an amazing scene. If the rest of the movie has that type of feel, it should do well, even with the help from the Twilight fan base.
posted by Adrienne on Nov 28, 2008
Well I thought the preview was very good I cant wait to see it... I think he can do anything in acting staus and he pulled this one off very well
posted by Carly on Nov 28, 2008
Pattinson makes me act like an idiot. Here I am clapping my hands with excitement like a seal! Pattinson needs a health warning
posted by susan on Nov 28, 2008
Pattinson has a face you cant stop looking at. He's a work of art.
posted by Audrey on Nov 28, 2008
Brilliant. Really wetted my appetite. I could watch Rob Pattinson all day.
posted by Sarah on Nov 28, 2008
Freakin awesome, cant wait for the trailer on Monday
posted by Tina on Nov 28, 2008
Could I be more excited about this. No. I squeeled like a fan girl. Cant wait for its release in March. Rob's just awesome.
posted by Helen on Nov 28, 2008
Rob in this film excites me much more than Twilight. This type of quality work is what I want to see him due.
posted by A fan on Nov 28, 2008
Another quote from someone who saw the film The sex scene is secondarily about sensuality and it is there, but it is a magnificent scene because the sensuality comes second to the acknowledgement that each of the three characters is suffering in their own personal hell. Dali's eyes are filled with tears and he struggles to understand his powerful reaction to what he is witnessing, Margarita is finally getting the man she wants but feels like she is being used, a toy in someone else's love affair, and Lorca hates himself for using a woman he knows loves and respect him to express his love for another.
posted by Fan on Nov 28, 2008
A quote from someone who saw the film: It begins with a dark cloudy night with Dali and Lorca jumping out of a rowing boat into the ocean. It's so dark they can barely see each other, but then the moon comes out and the whole scene is transformed, both characters look ethereal in the moonlight. The filming follows them as the twist around in the water, it films them from below and above until you can barely tell who's who, in the same way they feel themselves becoming one they become one in the eyes of the audience too. Under the moonlight they share their first kiss, all pretence dropped they are entirely themselves. It is one of the most romantic scenes I have seen. When it cuts back to the scene later in the film there is a powerful feeling of longing for the simple beauty which they shared that night, one which they both know they can never return to.
posted by Tania on Nov 28, 2008
I'm curious to R-Patz playing this role. He did a beautiful job playing Edward. He's perfect. Unfortunately a friend I know thinks of both of them suck. Whatever.
posted by CelestialxxRage on Nov 28, 2008
It's not supposed to be this huge box office hit. Rob wanted to do the part. "I didn't want to get stuck in pretty, public school roles, or I knew I'd end up as some sort of caricature. Playing Dali has been a complete turning point for me. It's the first part I've had that has required really serious thought. I became completely obsessed with Dali during the filming, and I read every biography I could get a hold of. He was the most bizarre, complex man, but in the end I felt I could relate to him. He was basically incredibly shy." That's a quote from him that's listed on IMDB. Have you even read anything about Dali? This man was so eccentric. He dressed outlandishly and his mustache was exactly like that. Playing Dali must have been a challenge and I bet it was a greater one than playing Edward Cullen. I can't wait to see Rob's interpretation of Dali.
posted by Alison on Nov 28, 2008
OMG that was amazing. I love the way Rob looked at the back of Javier's neck. Very sexy.
posted by Lil on Nov 28, 2008
Box offices is for money making, Kelly. Don't you think you should see Rob more than just Edward Cullen, find him as a TALENTED actor, please. He looked for interesting scripts not looking for money making movies.
posted by Bev on Nov 28, 2008
This is more like the quality of film I want Rob to do . Not the clap trap that was twilight. I loved Rob's entrance from the car. Brilliant.
posted by Helen on Nov 28, 2008
I;ve read some early reviews from a showing in Lodnonand Rob and Javier are extraordinary in the roles of Dali and Lorca. Cant wait to see it.
posted by Jo on Nov 28, 2008
Dali had a moustache little girls so get used to it.
posted by Ruth on Nov 28, 2008
This is more my kind of film than Twilight. Cant wait to see it.Rob looks beautiful in it.
posted by sara on Nov 28, 2008
i love rob. he's such a hottie. he's an amazing actor. i want to see little ashes and i've already seen twilight. it was amazing.xoxoxo
posted by Jen on Nov 28, 2008
The film looks fantastic. Cant wait to see it.It wont suit the little teenie girls but as a full gorwn woamn I cant wait to see Rob in this. That one hell of an entrance from Rob.

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