Brothers Celebrate Nick Jonas' Birthday at Dodgers Stadium

September 19, 2008 07:03:52 GMT

They rented out the Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles to play baseball with 15 of their close friends in an attempt to celebrate Nick's 16th birthday.

Jonas Brothers
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Photo credit: Janet Mayer/PR Photos

Kevin Jonas and Joe Jonas helped to celebrate brother Nick Jonas' 16th birthday in style, renting the Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles to play baseball with some friends. "[Kevin, Joe and Nick] rented out the stadium last night to play a baseball game with some friends," a source told E!

It appears that the celebration came a bit late for Nick, who turned 16 on Tuesday, September 16. On the big day, he was simply seen walking his dog Elvis around his neighborhood in Toluca Lake, California instead of having a birthday bash. Then, on Wednesday afternoon, September 17, he, Kevin and Joe were all seen picking up several pairs of sneakers and other sporting goods at the Big 5 Sporting Goods store in Beverly Hills.

"The three walked in yesterday and went straight upstairs with a few of their security guys," a source testified. "They were shopping for baseball apparel." Another source said, "As soon as they picked out their clothes, they came downstairs, paid and left. No one in the store was really noticing them or going crazy for them."

Later that night, Jonas Brothers rented out the Dodgers Stadium to play a baseball game with at least 15 of their closest pals. They reportedly played baseball from 10:00 P.M. to around 12:30 A.M. It is claimed that the rent cost the siblings more than $30,000.

On Thursday, September 19, the boys were snapped getting back at work. They were spotted filming the music video of "Lovebug", the second single from their third studio album, "A Little Bit Longer."


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posted by shopia on Jan 11, 2010
hey what up jobro i love you guys very much more than ever fans has ever love you guys i love you your music your lifestyle and everything even your guys my wishes are that you guys become more sucessful than you guys ever imangine plz reply plz rate and comment
posted by on Oct 14, 2009
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posted by girly girl on Sep 20, 2009
is nick in concert sept 19 2009
posted by on Sep 10, 2009
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posted by on Aug 29, 2009
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posted by luise on Aug 02, 2009
hi jonas brothers i like all your songs you are the best i wish i could see you in real life or at least chat with you guys its my one wish a hopeless wish but if i believed deep enough maybe my wish will come true llok for me on myspace or facebook me name is luis enrique
posted by luise on Aug 02, 2009
ji jonas brothers you are the best
posted by hopeless girl on Jul 12, 2009
NICK you are soo cool and hot you picture was in my 14 birthday cake.
posted by love2 on Jun 27, 2009
you celebrated your birthday yestraday on my brothers birthday and his name is bryan
posted by on Jun 01, 2009
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posted by on May 14, 2009
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posted by sarah on Feb 24, 2009
nick i'm only 11 but i think your so cute
posted by nickloverrrrrrrrrrr on Dec 27, 2008
I love u. U are so hot. My birthday is also in september. So i'm going to go now. Love Yaaaaa!!!
posted by me on Dec 01, 2008
nick write back
posted by Vnessa on Nov 24, 2008
I love the Jonas Brothers. I carn't belive they rented out Dodgers stadium.I 'm so Jealous.
posted by dell on Nov 13, 2008
hey wat up love u happy brithday nick i lov u
posted by on Nov 07, 2008
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posted by bev on Nov 01, 2008
they are geting overrated but they are awsome sighers
posted by kyle on Oct 26, 2008
happy birthday nick jonas
posted by angela tuala on Oct 07, 2008
nick jonas angela love and fun and
posted by citlaly on Oct 04, 2008
I can't beleve you guys did not write back
posted by Mary on Oct 02, 2008
Ilove Nick Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Ingried* on Sep 30, 2008
Ohh, how nice! Great way to celebrate Nick's bday, since he's into sports... I love the Jo' Bros and also baseball!! Sorry about the Yankees, guys... next year!!!
posted by Rach on Sep 28, 2008
OMG I'm a day older than Nick Jonas!!! Ew! I'm older than him???? No fair!
posted by citlaly de casas on Sep 27, 2008
happy birthday nick.j.
posted by ? on Sep 22, 2008
I love you nick
posted by dylannarielxo on Sep 22, 2008
omg , okay. well happy birthday Nick . <3 I hope you had a good one. i love you Jonas Brothers. <3 xxx
posted by TheScore on Sep 22, 2008
the JONAS BROTHERS? Wow, they're just a bunch of fucked up assholes, who likes the crap they call songs? O, that's RIGHT: tweens or teenagers with absolute NO LIFE! Get a life people, you at least SHOULD have better things to do with your time than waste it on these three shitheads. FUCK THE JONAS BROTHERS!
posted by xoxogossipgirl -lax on Sep 21, 2008
i i mean do you all like their music?
posted by xoxogossipgirl -laxl on Sep 21, 2008
okay.... the jonas brothers are SO OVERRATED!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by angela jae atienza on Sep 21, 2008
i love jonasbrothers...JB is like a millionaires they like rent the whole LA and they are a awesome singers
posted by angela on Sep 21, 2008
hi i wish i could meet and greet joe,kevin and nick jonas
posted by liz on Sep 20, 2008
i love the jonas brothers...but i almost feel like now that they have money they flaunt it..they feel like they're better than everyone with the new dog and the sneaking in, making everyone wait for some ticks...i love the jonas brothers but are they falling into the hollywood trap?
posted by xoraeeee on Sep 20, 2008
I would LOVE to spend mine at Fenway =]
posted by AUTUMN on Sep 20, 2008
posted by Marie-Soleil on Sep 20, 2008
Nick i love you and Joe and Kevin
posted by love. on Sep 20, 2008
well i love jonas brothers but i dont think they are falling into the hollywood trap, and yes they are making a lot of money because they are really good singers and reallo beautiful presons, i love them and thats all.
posted by boo on Sep 19, 2008
you guys are also awesome singers!!!
posted by boo on Sep 19, 2008
love u guys

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