Usher's Wife Tameka Foster Pregnant with Child No. 2

September 10, 2008 01:56:46 GMT

Neither Usher nor Tameka has commented on the report of her second pregnancy, but she is said to be seen wearing "a belly-disguising outfit" during his NFL kick-off concert in New York on Sept 4.

Usher, Tameka Foster
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Loving his role as a father for his son Usher Raymond V, R'n'B singer Usher is expecting his second child with wife Tameka Foster, it has been reported. There has yet official confirmation from the couple or their representatives on the report.

Usher and Tameka, his stylist, wed in August 2007. They welcomed son Usher Raymond V, whose nickname is Cinco, in November the same year. The young boy is Usher's first child, while is the fourth for Tameka who has already had three other children from a previous marriage.

Becoming a father for the first time, Usher has since often spoken publicly about how much he loves being a dad, telling People last month "I'm so proud to be a father by the time I'm 30." He jokingly added, "I'd hate to be 80 years old and not be able to run with my kids. I need to still be able to do flips when they're in high school!"

Tameka, on the other hand, has been detailing to US Weekly on little Usher, informing the publication "he's like [a] hyper baby - he's crawling so fast!" She went on gushing, "he stands up, and he's walking around the table ... it's amazing to watch him. I've never seen a baby crawl so fast! I call him Dash, like on the Incredibles!"

Tameka, as reported by People, was last seen attending Usher's Sept. 4 NFL kick-off concert in New York. At that time she was seen wearing what was claimed as "a belly-disguising outfit". An onlooker testified the dress she was seen wearing was "very deceiving" that people "couldn't tell she was pregnant when she was sitting down."


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posted by jr on May 18, 2009
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posted by babes on Mar 25, 2009
why being jealous about usher his a real man
posted by rick on Feb 13, 2009
damn baby u loook good i want you . USHER DONT WANT YOU I DO.
posted by Ms. Lady on Dec 16, 2008
Love doesn't have a face or color or the ignorance some of you are possessing. When you love a person, you love them for them. Apparently Chilli was missing something that couldn't fullfil Usher needs and this woman has it. Look leave it up to GOD to judge because there worst things happening in the world than you judging another's man happiness.
posted by Ignorant comment on Oct 31, 2008
Bruce Jenner married Kim Cardashian's mom who already had 4 kids by her first marriage. Nobody seemed to be upset about their union. There are many, many marriage with step children. Step children need love too! Steve Harvey married a women with abotut 3 children from her previous relationships/marriages. What's the problem?
posted by sc on Oct 31, 2008
That was a immature and selfish comment. If Usher don't mind taking care of his step-children why should any body else care? The step-children deserve the same treatment as his birth children; they are all innocent children who need love and MONEY to grow into decent productive adults! That selfish attitude is why some step children resent their step parents. Whether the children living in your house are your's by blood or not; they deserve equal treatment; and Usher can afford it.
posted by amina on Oct 28, 2008
i'm very happy for usher and tameka,on their first baby boy who looks so healthy
posted by bj on Sep 18, 2008
is usher divorced or not? if not, he's stupid.. could have done so much better. bought him a ready made family with all that money..i bet tomeka is on cloud nine.. you stupid usher if you think she loves you more than money. that other dude's children gets just as much asyour fleh and blood..way to go tomeka..he doenn't know what's hit him

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