New Poster and Trailer Screenshots of 'Dragonball' Leaked

September 03, 2008 05:04:00 GMT

More images are coming out from 'Dragonball' exposing the new poster of Bulma and trailer stills of Piccolo and Goku.

New Poster and Trailer Screenshots of 'Dragonball' Leaked
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The trailer of live-action Japanese manga adaptation, "Dragonball Evolution", won't be coming out until October 17, but apparently fans do not wait any longer to get a slightest idea about the promotional footage as the so-called screenshots from the trailer have been outed. The revealing stills are coming out along with newfound poster highlighting on Emmy Rossum's Bulma.

The images cut out from the trailer showcase Justin Chatwin as Goku in action as well as in training with his master Roshi. Two of them also revealed for the first time the evil villain Lord Piccolo as portrayed by James Marsters. Most of the screenshots came in courtesy of Nerdorama, while the poster and one still in particular were brought forward by Dragonball The Movie.

Based on the phenomenally popular Akira Toriyama's Japanese manga, "Dragonball" is directed and co-scripted by James Wong. Produced by Stephen Chow, the 20th Century Fox film will follow Goku's journey to fulfill his dying grandfather's wish, which is for him to train with Master Roshi to prepare him to protect the seven mystical dragonballs. It will come out on April 10, 2009.


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posted by da on Sep 20, 2008
man looks pretty crappy
posted by mK on Sep 16, 2008
it look like they made this movie in so cheaply n piccolo is looking like guy from who is the boss hahahahaha what a BULL SHIT theyy've ruined movie & fucked up the original story line
posted by MassiveWang on Sep 10, 2008
Maybe they will CGI it, relax. The action is what I'm most interested in. Making him green is like one click of the mouse.
posted by DjiNN on Sep 03, 2008
I was always defending DB the movie but not any more they have ruined piccolo wtf? 4 hours for make up BULL SHIT!!!!!
posted by Amanda on Sep 03, 2008
I think he promised that he would be green so they aren't finished with the makeup.

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