Is Hulk Hogan About to End His 23-Years Marriage to Wife Linda?

April 13, 2007 05:20:56 GMT

Talk is heating up that Hulk Hogan has secretly met a divorce lawyer to end his 23-years marriage to wife Linda.

Thing is going under wrap, but not anymore as The National Enquirer has the details on Hulk Hogan's meeting with a divorce lawyer to end his marriage to wife Linda Hogan.

The publication quoted a source as saying, "Wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan, 53, has secretly consulted a divorce lawyer about ending his 23-year marriage with his wife Linda. Despite that, the two are still together taping the fourth season of the reality show "Hogan Knows Best.""

"The marriage is over. The show is the glue that's keeping them together," the same source told National Enquirer. "It's Hulk who wants out. With the kids grown, he feels it's time to move on. They're not hiding their problems from the cameras. But what hasn't been filmed is the fact that Hulk secretly consulted a divorce attorney."

Hulk met Linda in a restaurant in Los Angeles. They married on December 18, 1983 and have two children, Brooke Hogan and Nick Hogan.


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posted by Mr. Wounderful on Sep 03, 2008 have nothing to say....I told her to keep it to herself...and not to angrily blab things out....but NOOOOO....first argument after and BAM ...she spills her guts....OK...OK...I am silent. Not a peep from me. I know nothing....NOTHING! My lips are SOOOOO sealed that I'm making a face...UMMMPPPHHH! They'll never get anything outta ME. NO_WAY!
posted by Mr. W. (Ah...umm...n on Sep 03, 2008
Geez... lookit all the posting dates on here...this is such a "not-hot topic...huh?
posted by W on Sep 03, 2008 there's not a lot I could say that would generate a public responce, you know a comment from anybody..anyone at all about thewhole hogan carnaval sideshow thing..And I know everything about it...EVERYTHING! But even so...I would/could say would only bore any readers that might, by accident, stumble onto this site. It's not like anyone would actually be looking on purpose to read about private "HULKAMANIA" activities...right?
posted by Mr....U-know... on Sep 03, 2008
Yeah...sure..I know what some of U might be thinking...well. if, that is IF anyone were to wander by and actually read this. He's (M. W.)doing it for a BIG PAYOFF from some cheap tabloid like the Enquirer or the Neighborhood Greensheet or something...right? WRONG! Whatever I DO say....or decide NOT to say about the matter could not be coerced from me for ANY amount of money! Anyway...the tightwads an the Greensheet wouldnt pay ANY cash for what I knew...not even a free classified "for sale" ad or anything. Geez, all I wanted waz a lousy fourty-bucks..or thirty for giving them the whole scoop on the HH/LH/?? story. An' the other rag never even bothered to return ANY of my calls. The "INCOMMING DATA" receptionist waz prety-nice to me though...saying that I shouldnt bother them with trivia..but IF I ever had a real story to sell, like a cell-phone/camera photo of a two-headed lizard or anything that was related to entertaining news suitable for residents of our nations PLEASE don't hesitate to call-it-in.She said that they ALWAYS had money for news like THAT!
posted by hulk master on Aug 15, 2008
linda is such a bitch. such a happy family is ruined by this bitch's lack of sexual fulfillment. she had to find a guy younger than her kids. what a shame. hopefully she doesn't get any money out of the divorce. as soon as there was a problem in the family(with nick), she went on a shopping spree to find a 19 year old to have sex, rather than sticking by her family
posted by Loopylou on Jul 20, 2008
I don't think for one minute the divorce is real? On paper maybe but just a way to get their money. With a court case on the way i guess it will be harder for the courts to go after both. After all why should their money be taken away from them. A tragic accident but both boys faults.Why should the parents pay??
posted by chololate cream on Jul 08, 2008
it's about time hulk saw the really linda that stupid blond just after hulks money and making their kids get upset, hulk is better without linda.linda is just a fat, blond dating 19year old guy's slut.!
posted by linda ho? on Jul 08, 2008
the whole world new that hulk hogan and linda who? marrriage wouldn't last,linda should stop spending his money and finaly find a job for herself. and stop ruining a family, stupid,fat b****. move on hulk find a better women to look after you..!!!
posted by no one on Jul 08, 2008
linda is a cow and a ho and she should get no money from hulk and run to her ittle gay 19 year old boyfriend, and leave terry to be and give him some piece
posted by Anonomiss on Jun 28, 2008
You were expecting...? It took how many people to figure out that a super-wrestler and a blonde bimbo would last forever? Not to mention that Hulk uses his daughter to feel famous again. The only reason he did it secretly is because he didnt want to ruin the show. 2 words: Um, Durr!
posted by anonomiss on Jun 28, 2008
And how is it stupid that their getting divorced!? the whole stinking show is about arguing and getting famous. if there wasn't any arguing then no one would watch. "omg! Hulk and Linda, Oh no!" shut up.
posted by nick on Dec 28, 2007
I think she needs to quit spending so much money and learn to budget with their income and he needs to understand that as long as a women is arguing everything is okay,when she stops bitching something is wrong.These two have been married a long time and need to understand that they have built a foundation with each other and have kids and even though they are grown up and out of school everything the parents do effects the kids.Remember through better or worse!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Johnny The Kid on Nov 26, 2007
Hulk should leave that airhead. She uses him and does not respect him at all. He's a terrific guy...down to earth. He deserves better than to be treated the way he's been getting treated.
posted by Johnny The Kid on Nov 26, 2007
HULK knows what he's doing!! It's time to TRAIN, EAT YOUR VITAMINS and SAY YOUR PRAYERS BROTHER! What "YA-GONNA-DO" when the biggest arms GET A HOLD-A-YOU?
posted by Johnny The Kid on Nov 26, 2007
It's time for a new piece of "A_* _*"! Give the ladies some of that "HULKAMANIA" Terry!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHH!
posted by ninav on Sep 17, 2007
Terry and Linda seem to be a good couple, it would be a shame if they got divorced,what if there grandchildren need them
posted by chocolate on Jul 13, 2007
I think Hulk Hogan and his wife getting a divorce is stupid.

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