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April 03, 2010

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Tia Carrere Files for Divorce

April 03, 2010 08:02:09 GMT

"Wayne's World" star Tia Carrere has filed for divorce to end her seven-year marriage. The actress filed papers in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday, April 2, citing irreconcilable differences for the split.
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Bill Murray Acting Like 'a Jerk' on 'Ghostbusters 3' Development

April 03, 2010 07:53:51 GMT

Another problem could be standing on the way of "Ghostbusters 3". After it was said that Columbia Pictures tries to get rid of Ivan Reitman from directing duty, it is Bill Murray who is now reported causing the movie stalled. According to National Enquirer gossip columnist Mike Walker, the actor does not cooperate well for the project.
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Waka Flocka Flame's 'O Let's Do It' Video Feat. P. Diddy

April 03, 2010 07:48:15 GMT

Waka Flocka Flame shares screen with P. Diddy in a music video filmed to support the remix version of Flame's song "O Let's Do It". Beside featuring Diddy, the video shot at Atlanta's Central Station also sees Rick Ross making a cameo appearance. Gucci Mane who also provides additional verses to track, however, doesn't appear in the clip because he is currently staying in jail.
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Usher Fools George Lopez With Secret Kid Prank

April 03, 2010 07:42:12 GMT

R&B star Usher caught comedian George Lopez out on Thursday night, April 1 by convincing the TV host he had a secret kid. The "Yeah!" hitmaker was a guest on Lopez's hit late-night chat show and decided to pull one of the last celebrity April Fool's Day pranks by making the comic think he had upset him.
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April 9 Preview of 'Ghost', 'Medium' and 'Miami Medical'

April 03, 2010 07:36:38 GMT

On April 9, "Ghost Whisperer" and "Medium" will be back with its new partner "Miami Medical" which pilot has been premiered this week. The new medical drama which replaces "Numb3rs" is following a team of expert surgeons who shine brightest under the adrenaline rush of working on the edge.
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Geri Halliwell Left Spice Girls After Banned From Doing Solo Interview

April 03, 2010 07:33:34 GMT

Geri Halliwell decided to quit the Spice Girls after her bandmates refused to allow her to do a solo interview with a British breast cancer charity. During her Spice Girl heyday, the singer revealed how she had found a lump in her breast and feared she could have had cancer. U.K. charity Breast Cancer Care approached Halliwell in 1998 to help publicize the cause by giving an interview on her cancer scare.
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Fabolous Describes Twitter Dispute With Jim Jones as Joke

April 03, 2010 07:19:06 GMT

Fabolous has brushed off his escalating war-of-words with Jim Jones on Twitter - insisting his rap rival was joking when he told the "Trade It All" hitmaker to "play dead". Jones first took aim at his rap rival following the debut of Fabolous' "Body Ya" music video, accusing him of being unoriginal.
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Shia LaBeouf Finished Marathon by Listening to Monks' Chanting

April 03, 2010 06:36:37 GMT

Running the Los Angeles marathon was a religious experience for actor Shia LaBeouf - he finished the race by listening to chanting by Tibetan monks. The "Transformers" star was among 25,000 runners who took to the city's streets for the 26.2 mile (42.2 kilometer) race on March 21.
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'Resident Evil: Afterlife' 3-D Trailer Leaked

April 03, 2010 06:34:40 GMT

The first trailer for "Resident Evil: Afterlife" has been screened at WonderCon in San Fransisco on Friday, April 2 and now people who were not at the convention can also take a peek at the movie because the 3-D trailer has been leaked online. Featuring many scenes which see Alice in gun-totting action, the video offers a glimpse of a beastly creature in the middle of it.
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3OH!3 Have 'First Kiss' With Ke$ha

April 03, 2010 06:32:54 GMT

3OH!3 has another collaboration with Ke$ha and they plan to include it in their next studio album "Streets of Gold". They actually recorded the song during their first meeting with Ke$ha before she stormed the chart with her hit single "Tik Tok".
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Christian Bale Reportedly Applies to Become U.S. Citizen

April 03, 2010 06:18:00 GMT

British actor Christian Bale has applied to become a U.S. citizen, according to tabloid reports. The "American Psycho" star has lived stateside for nearly 20 years and is married to an American, former model Sibi Blazic.
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Liam Hemsworth Is In Love With Miley Cyrus' Family

April 03, 2010 06:13:06 GMT

Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth is a big fan of the Cyrus family - insisting he gets on great with girlfriend Miley Cyrus' parents. The "Hannah Montana" star fell for her hunky co-star while shooting their new film "The Last Song" in 2009.
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'Broken' Jesse James Wants to Keep Marriage With Sandra Bullock

April 03, 2010 06:07:54 GMT

Jesse James is a "broken man" who is desperate for his marriage to Sandra Bullock to survive following allegations he cheated, according to his lawyer. Bullock's success at the Oscars in March was ruined by claims James romanced tattoo model Michelle McGee for 11 months while he was married to "The Blind Side" actress.
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Tilda Swinton Falls Into Passion in 'I Am Love' Trailer

April 03, 2010 05:05:35 GMT

Wealth, love and betrayal have been highlighted in the newly-released trailer for "I Am Love". Following the major female character who has adapted to Italian life although she is a Russian, the sneak peek video showcases the luxuries that she enjoys as part of the bourgeoisie. Though the scenes previewed are quite intense, the trailer does not manage to explain the storyline since it only features very few dialog.
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First Sneak Peek to 'Chuck Vs. Honeymooner'

April 03, 2010 04:55:48 GMT

"Chuck" has released a sneak peek of "Chuck Versus the Honeymooner", the episode which will begin a whole new chapter in season 3. This upcoming Monday, April 5 fans will first be treated with "Chuck Versus the Other Guy" before the show takes a two-week hiatus and returns on April 26 with "Honeymooner".
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Behind the Scenes of Snoop Dogg's 'That Tree' Video Feat. Kid Cudi

April 03, 2010 04:54:42 GMT

The making of Snoop Dogg's "That Tree" music video which features Kid Cudi is captured in set-footage. In addition to including commentaries from Cudi and director Erick Peyton, the footage also has the two MCs rapping their verses in front of cypresses made of cardboard. In one scene, Cudi is shown holding a chain saw.
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Rufus Wainwright Struggles to Legally Marry Gay Partner

April 03, 2010 04:54:33 GMT

Rufus Wainwright is supporting the fight to legalize same-sex unions in the U.S. because he'd love to marry his longterm partner Jorn WeisBrodt. The singer has credited German theater producer Jorn with inspiring him to speak out for gay rights, insisting he never wanted to settle down before meeting his partner.
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Imprisoned Lil Wayne Wants to Communicate With Fans by Launching Website

April 03, 2010 04:36:11 GMT

Rapper Lil Wayne has launched a website from behind bars so he can keep in contact with his fans. The "Lollipop" hitmaker only began a year-long sentence for weapons possession in maximum-security New York prison Rikers Island in March, and the workaholic star has already created an online outlet for his messages to fans.
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Eminem's 'Relapse 2' Lyrical Content Discussed

April 03, 2010 04:24:42 GMT

Eminem is well known for dissing celebrities, ranging from Mariah Carey to Kim Kardashian, in his previous records and fans are wondering who will be his next targets in "Relapse 2". To answer fans' curiosity, producer Just Blaze who contributes to the upcoming release has spoken about the lyrical content, promising something crazy from the Slim Shady.
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Tiger Woods Urged to Apologize to Teacher Over His Abuse Statement

April 03, 2010 04:21:53 GMT

Tiger Woods' kindergarten teacher is demanding an apology from the shamed sports star, amid accusations she failed to protect him from racist bullies as a child. In 2005, Woods, who is of Caucasian, Black, American Indian, and Asian ancestry, recalled a traumatic incident that first made him aware of his racial identity in an interview he gave for Charles Barkley's 2005 book "Who's Afraid of a Large Black Man?"
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'Smallville' 9.16 Preview: Checkmate

April 03, 2010 04:14:31 GMT

"Smallville" welcomes back Checkmate's leader Amanda Waller who was first introduced in "Absolute Justice". Tess creates an elaborate hoax in order to kidnap Green Arrow, and delivers him to Waller (guest star Pam Grier), who tells him that that the government is recruiting him to serve his country.
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'Justice League' Movie Is Still a Possibility

April 03, 2010 04:12:41 GMT

Talk about movie adaptation of "Justice League of America" has been brought into attention at WonderCon. After "Justice League Mortal" which was planned for 2009 release has been shelved in April 2008, DC Comics chief creative officer Geoff Johns hinted that the superhero team still has a chance to appear together on big screen.
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Tyler Perry Gave Full Protection to Grieving Janet Jackson on 'Why Did I Get Married' Set

April 03, 2010 04:09:02 GMT

Moviemaker Tyler Perry spent a small fortune on protection for Janet Jackson when she returned to the set of his "Why Did I Get Married Too?" film after her brother Michael Jackson's death - because he didn't want the paparazzi catching her in character.
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FBI Identified Erin Andrews' Death-Threatening Emails Sender

April 03, 2010 03:55:17 GMT

Erin Andrews has received dead threats for months and her attorney revealed the FBI has finally recognized a person who has been sending her those threat emails. On Friday, April 2, the ESPN reporter's attorney, Marshall Grossman, claimed that a media outlet had gotten the messages, which were at first sexual but then turned violent, since September 2009.
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Video Premiere: Taio Cruz's 'Dirty Picture' Feat. Ke$ha

April 03, 2010 03:40:04 GMT

Taio Cruz has debuted a music video to support his single called "Dirty Picture". Ke$ha, who is featured on the hook, also makes cameo in this clip which was partly filmed in East London and Los Angeles.
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Jimmy Kimmel Dedicates One Hour to 'Lost'

April 03, 2010 03:33:13 GMT

Jimmy Kimmel will be part of "Lost" finale, not in the series but in the wrap up event. The talk show host is having a special edition of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" called "Jimmy Kimmel Live: Aloha to Lost" on Sunday, May 23 at 11.35 P.M. to deal with the aftermath of "Lost".
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Trailer for Guillermo del Toro's Sci-Fi Thriller 'Splice' Comes Out

April 03, 2010 03:23:59 GMT

Warner Bros. Pictures has unleashed a domestic trailer for "Splice". Making its way out via MSN, the video gives a preview to young scientists, Clive and Elsa, who ignore society's ethical and legal boundaries by splicing human DNA with the DNA of different animals to create a new creature.
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Pic: 'Vampire Diaries' Teases Elena-Damon Romance

April 03, 2010 03:06:19 GMT

The writers of "The Vampire Diaries" is toying with the story of Elena and Damon's romance. The first evidence of their chemistry is released in the form of a new still which is taken from the April 22 episode called "Miss Mystic Falls". The picture which is provided by EW sees Elena and Damon partnering up in a traditional dance.
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Miley Cyrus' Next Album Has Lady GaGa Influence

April 03, 2010 02:59:01 GMT

Miley Cyrus has a new album coming out this summer and she has dished on what to expect from the upcoming release. The Disney songstress' new record is going to be poppier and have Lady GaGa influence on it, according to MTV.
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Emily Blunt Does Not Want to Be Captain America's Girl

April 03, 2010 02:45:00 GMT

While many actors were competing to be Captain America, one woman has turned down a chance to be the superhero's girlfriend. Emily Blunt, who was said on the list of possible depicter of Steve Rogers' love interest in "The First Avenger: Captain America", has reportedly been offered the part but she opted to skip it.
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Erykah Badu Charged for Getting Naked When Shooting 'Window Seat'

April 03, 2010 02:33:25 GMT

One of the bystanders who witnessed Erykah Badu taking her clothes off for the video shoot of "Window Seat" at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas has filed complaint against the Grammy-winning singer. According to the Dallas Morning News, the witness brought her two small children to the public spot when the filming occurred and she was offended with what Erykah had done.
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'True Blood' Now Available on Comic Book

April 03, 2010 02:24:49 GMT

"True Blood" is now available on comic book. Creator of the series Alan Ball teams up with IDW Publishing to release a six-issue series of "sensually sizzling story of the lives and loves of vampires, mind readers, and all manner of creature".
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'Charlie's Angels' Star John Forsythe Died of Complications From Pneumonia at 92

April 03, 2010 02:21:56 GMT

"Dynasty" and "Charlie's Angels" star John Forsythe has died, aged 92. The actor, who played Blake Carrington in the hit 1980s soap and provided the voice of the mysterious Charles Townsend in TV crime series "Charlie's Angels", died of complications from pneumonia in Santa Ynez, California on Thursday, April 1.