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August 07, 2008

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First Episode of Plain White T's 'Meet Me in California'

August 07, 2008 09:50:50 GMT

In anticipation of their fifth studio album's release, Plain White T's will release a series of webisodes entitled "Meet Me in California", a name derived from the title of one of the album's tracks. The first out of planned 12 episodes has been released earlier this week through ABC Family.
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Christina Aguilera to Sing for Donald Trump

August 07, 2008 09:48:01 GMT

American pop singer Christina Aguilera has reportedly been invited by Billionaire Donald Trump later this month. The singer has been asked to perform in front of Donald's guests during an opening party for his new Trump International Hotel & Tower in Dubai.
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'College' Restricted Clip: Picking Up College Chicks

August 07, 2008 09:44:34 GMT

Following the outing of "College" red band trailer, a brand new restricted clip from the Deb Hagan-directed teenage comedy starring Drake Bell, Kevin Covais and Andrew Caldwell has been released. It displays how Caldwell's character trying hard to hit on two college girls they first meet at the Fieldmont University.
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Diagnosed with Diabetes, Nick Jonas Raises Awareness on the Disease

August 07, 2008 09:09:41 GMT

Becoming pop stars and everyone's idols, Jonas Brothers sure know how to make use their fame for good cause. The siblings are teaming up with Bayer to fight diabetes, which Nick Jonas has been diagnosed with recently.
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James Cameron's 'Avatar': Partly Animation, Partly Live-Action

August 07, 2008 08:50:41 GMT

Having shot his forthcoming project in New Zealand since fall of 2007, James Cameron has finally completed the principal photography of "Avatar" and has moved onto the CG production. With that status being upheld, he comes out to discuss about his visionary on the highly anticipated 3-D sci-fi epic.
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Sarah Brightman to Open 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

August 07, 2008 08:27:56 GMT

Sarah Brightman is confirmed as sole international performer who will open 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. She will perform at the ceremony on August 8 with a Chinese singer Liu Huan.
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Sneak-Peeking the Owlship via 'Watchmen' Video Journal

August 07, 2008 08:06:15 GMT

Those who attend the 2008 San Diego Comic Con may have been familiar with how Nite Owl's primary vehicle, the Nite Owl, is taking shape. But, the others missing out the event may still be curious about it. To give a shed of light on the talked-about ship, Warner Bros. Pictures have let out a new video journal of "Watchmen" highlighting its construction and the filming in it.
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Topless Eva Herzigova Poses for Racy Cover Shoot for Italian GQ

August 07, 2008 07:57:15 GMT

Mothering one son and has since then withdrawn herself from the spotlight, Eva Herzigova is back, exposing her curvy body for a racy cover shoot for Italian GQ. Posing topless for the cover of the publication's August 2008 issue and some shots inside, the iconic Wonderbra beauty proves she still has what it takes.
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Video Premiere: Bun B's 'You're Everything'

August 07, 2008 07:49:07 GMT

Bun B has released music video for second single "You're Everything" from his latest album "II Trill", which was released on May 20 under Rap-A-Lot Records. The video is directed by Mr. Boomtown and produced by Raging Nation Films.
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Vin Diesel's 'Babylon A.D.' Unleashes Six New Clips

August 07, 2008 07:18:28 GMT

In courtesy of French Premiere, fans and movie lovers alike can now enjoy a series of clips from Mathieu Kassovitz's sci-fi thriller "Babylon A.D." which stars include Vin Diesel, Melanie Thierry, Michelle Yeoh and Gerard Depardieu. Featuring random scenes from the meeting of Toorop and Aurora to a fight sequence in a club, the clips display little violence materials.
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Mark Wahlberg to Guest Star on HBO's 'Entourage'

August 07, 2008 06:55:36 GMT

Having some movie projects in the pipeline while at the same time also waiting in anticipation for the birth of his third child, Mark Wahlberg won't waste time doing nothing. He's adding more task into his agenda, making a cameo appearance in the HBO's comedy series "Entourage."
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Nick of Jonas Brothers Dashing Off From Live Concert for Insulin Shot

August 07, 2008 06:45:15 GMT

Jonas Brothers had to delay their live performance at Saratoga Spring concert on August 2 following Nick's bad health condition. Nick Jonas left stage for medical assistance because his insulin level dropped and he felt weak.
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Kanye West in Soulja Boy's Defense Again, Encouraging Open Mind

August 07, 2008 06:39:14 GMT

Kanye West has continued his defense for Soulja Boy who often becomes the subject of ridicule due to his instant success through the "Crank That" phenomenon. In a concert at Madison Square Garden, New York on Tuesday, August 5, the rapper took time to deliver his thought regarding slur problems faced in the realm of hip-hop.
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Will 'Hellboy III' End With Hellboy's Death?

August 07, 2008 06:39:11 GMT

When talking about the direction to which he is going to bring "Hellboy III", director Guillermo del Toro stated that the third of the planned trilogy is about him being an adult and dealing with the consequences resulting from "Hellboy II: The Golden Army" hinting that the big red demon is most likely to meet his doom. However, that is the one idea that creator Mike Mignola wants to postpone.
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'Lethal Weapon 5' Puffs Possibility

August 07, 2008 05:13:58 GMT

Despite Danny Glover's earlier rejection on the idea of another "Lethal Weapon" movie, "Lethal Weapon 5" could have been put on the burner. A recent report claims that the writer of the first "Lethal Weapon" film, Shane Black, has written a spec script for the fifth installment of the cop action franchise.
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U.S. Attorney's Office Officially Closes Criminal Case in Heath Ledger's Accidental Death

August 07, 2008 05:01:48 GMT

The case is closed. A law enforcement official said Wednesday, August 6 that the U.S. Attorney's Office has closed the investigation into Heath Ledger's accidental death by drug overdose early this year. Not only federal prosecutors have decided not to pursue a criminal case into how the late actor obtained the painkillers that contributed to his death, but also they file no charges in the case.
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Pink's 'So What' Audio Leaked, Cover Art Unveiled

August 07, 2008 04:42:52 GMT

The new cover art for Pink's new single "So What" has been unveiled on her official site and can be seen on the news' photo. Along with the single cover comes a leaked audio of the song which supposed to hit the airwaves on August 18 via American CHR.
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Usher Rehires Mommy as Manager

August 07, 2008 04:38:08 GMT

R&B star Usher has rehired mother Jonnetta Patton as his manager after ending his contract with Benny Medina which works for W&W Public Relations. The decision is mutual where both parties still feel the utmost respect for each other. Usher's recording label LaFace/Zomba said, "Usher has dissolved his management arrangement with Benny Medina and has re-engaged Jonnetta Patton as his manager."
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Addressing Natalie Portman Speculation on 'Suspiria' Casting

August 07, 2008 04:30:36 GMT

In a recent casting rumor hitting the media, it has been reported that Hollywood starlet Natalie Portman has been tapped to headline the remake of Dario Argento's 1977 horror, "Suspiria". The interesting tidbit about this news is that Portman's publicist has responded to the speculation by nixing it, but Bloody Disgusting, the site which came out with the confirmation on the casting, stands firm with their report.
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Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson Get Matching Tattoos

August 07, 2008 04:25:42 GMT

Remaining silent on her much reported lesbian relationship with close pal DJ Samantha Ronson, it appears that Lindsay Lohan has her own way to express her love for her same-sex lover. Keeping mum on their romance despite the mounting evidence that shows they indeed are couple, E! News reported that the gal pals get matching tattoos.
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Restricted Trailer of 'The Informers' Released

August 07, 2008 03:49:27 GMT

Introducing the star-studded drama movie based on Bret Easton Ellis' 1994 collection of short stories, Senator International present the R-rated trailer of "The Informers". Filled with foul language and nudity, the trailer takes more than 3 minutes to be fully watched and showcases a line of talented actors, including Winona Ryder, Billy Bob Thornton, Kim Basinger, Mickey Rourke and the late Brad Renfro.
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Miley Cyrus Pushed Down From Top Spot in Billboard Hot 200

August 07, 2008 03:12:37 GMT

World's teen idol Miley Cyrus has to end her brief reign at number one in Billboard Hot 200 this week. Miley is beaten out by American country music duo Sugarland as their album "Love on the Inside" pushes its selling number with a total of 171,383 copies this week. Meanwhile, Miley's latest album "Breakout" can only move its selling point from 371,000 copies last week to 163,000 copies this week.
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Megan Fox's NC-17 Mother Teresa Biopic Gets Trailer

August 07, 2008 03:11:27 GMT

Robert B. Weide-directed film "How to Lose Friends & Alienate People" apparently won't only present moviegoers with a typical comedy movie. In the same spirit as "Tropic Thunder", it will display movie-within-a-movie exposing Megan Fox in an NC-17 Mother Teresa biopic, "Mother Teresa: The Making of a Saint", and the fake movie has just revealed its trailer.
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Friend Says Morgan Freeman and Wife Are Divorcing

August 07, 2008 02:35:36 GMT

The life drama of Morgan Freeman continues. Just days after he was involved in a car accident in Mississippi that left him hospitalized, a new report has just surfaced that he and wife Myrna Colley-Lee are divorcing after 24 years of marriage.
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Video Premiere: T.I.'s 'Whatever You Like'

August 07, 2008 02:27:03 GMT

As promised, a new music video from T.I. is premiered in support of his latest single "Whatever You Like". The video gets a slot on BET's "Access Granted" yesterday (August 8) and will be personally delivered by the rapper again on the same network today via "New Joint".
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Offered Killer Lesbian Stripper, Britney Spears Says No

August 07, 2008 02:20:44 GMT

Rumor has it Britney Spears is going to make a comeback to the big screen and it looks like she will return as the lead character in Quentin Tarantino's remake of "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!". Before the story is blown out of its proportion though, her camp has come out with a denial.
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Former Porn Star Jenna Jameson Pregnant

August 07, 2008 02:07:18 GMT

Jenna Jameson's dream of having child of her own comes true, finally. Her long wait is paid off as it's been reported that she's pregnant with longtime partner Tito Ortiz's child. The New York Post's Page Six gossip column is the first to report that matter.