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September 07, 2007

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Another Top-Billing Slot for Will Smith

September 07, 2007 09:51:16 GMT

One of the top leading actors today in Hollywood, Will Smith once again is set to become the male lead in a movie that will reunite him with the creative team behind "The Pursuit of Happyness."
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New Rendition Clip Lands on the Net

September 07, 2007 09:29:20 GMT

More gets revealed on Gavin Hood-directed "Rendition" by now as a new clip has delightfully made its way to pop up online within a month of its theatrical release.
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Spider-Man Tobey Maguire to Switch Costume to Robotech

September 07, 2007 09:24:12 GMT

Newlywed and father of one Tobey Maguire is about to switch his "Spider-Man" costume into that of "Robotech"
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John Travolta to Be Honored the 2007 Kirk Douglas Award

September 07, 2007 09:06:00 GMT

Establishing an acting career that spans over three decades, John Travolta has been selected as the recipient of special honor from the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in recognition of his contributions to the film world, organizers have officially announced.
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Toronto Fest Unveiled 32nd Edition with Poetic Fugitive Pieces

September 07, 2007 08:15:12 GMT

Fulfilling the promise of taking more attention on serious personal, political, and emotional drama, the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival got it right in choosing one that fits the bill by screening "Fugitive Pieces" to mark its opening on Thursday, September 6.
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Lily Allen Single Again, Desperate for a New Man

September 07, 2007 07:48:59 GMT

Lily Allen is hopping on the single market again. The British singer-songwriter has broken up with boyfriend Seb Chew.
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Kanye West and 50 Cent Up for National TV Campaign

September 07, 2007 07:12:26 GMT

As if the announcement on their chart battle is not rife enough, both Kanye West and 50 Cent agreed to hold an election-like campaign on national TV. BET's '6 and the Park' will provide as the media on the albums release date, September 11.
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Trio Signed for Viking Epic Last Battle Dreamer

September 07, 2007 07:07:18 GMT

Making up a seemingly promising lineup, Ryan Phillippe, Sean Bean, and Abbie Cornish are all poised to work together as the stars of an epic feature entitled "Last Battle Dreamer" for Future Films, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.
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Hannah Montana's New Music Video, 'True Friend'

September 07, 2007 06:45:39 GMT

Another song from 'Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus' was made its music video. 'True Friend' performed by Miley Cyrus' character Hannah Montana has the music video premiered on Disney Channel on September 3.
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James Blunt Has a Nightclub in His House

September 07, 2007 06:37:49 GMT

Yes it's true. James Blunt has a nightclub inside his house.
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Matchbox 20's 'How Far We've Come' Clip Premiered

September 07, 2007 06:22:57 GMT

The music video of Matchbox 20's 'How Far We've Come' has met its premiere on September 6. The up-beat song itself was released digitally on September 4.
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Paul McCartney and Renee Zellweger Are Just Good Friends

September 07, 2007 06:09:57 GMT

Paul McCartney comes to denial about the much covered speculation on him romancing Renee Zellweger.
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Sugababes' About You Now' Music Video Online

September 07, 2007 05:07:43 GMT

The official lead single from Sugababes' upcoming album 'Change' has been made its music video. The clip of 'About You Now' can be viewed on file sharing websites now.
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Actor Ben Kingsley Secretly Weds Actress Half His Age

September 07, 2007 05:05:02 GMT

Ben Kingsley is married, again. The Oscar-winning actor has secretly wed a young actress half his age, thus making it his fourth marriage.
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'Let Me Get 'Em'/'Snap And Roll', Soulja Boy's New Clip

September 07, 2007 04:50:26 GMT

Already familiarizing yourself with 'Crank Dat' movement? Here are two others that rising rapper Soulja Boy has to offer, 'Let Me Get 'Em' and the previously reported 'Snap And Roll'.
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George Clooney Debuted New Girlfriend, Finally

September 07, 2007 04:28:13 GMT

It must be hurt. George Clooney is single no more. Sorry ladies. The movie actor finally made his relationship with new girlfriend, Sarah Larson and not Croatian model Monika Jakisic as we reported before, public.
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Britney Spears Officially Opening MTV VMA

September 07, 2007 04:23:56 GMT

Be prepared to watch arguably one of the most exciting music events this year. MTV Video Music Awards that is held on November 9 has confirmed that Britney Spears will open the night, bringing up the game to the next level.
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Prolific Producer Scott Rudin Sets Up I, Claudius

September 07, 2007 04:14:50 GMT

It's good to hear something new about what Scott Rudin is up to now as the renowned producer has long been known to be the name behind a number of remarkable, worth-watching cinematic pieces.
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Nick Lachey Is Opening an American-Style Restaurant

September 07, 2007 03:34:19 GMT

A singer, actor, and sport team owner, Nick Lachey is keen to add one new profession into his resume, restaurateur.
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Harry Potter 5 Is IMAX's Highest Grossing Live-Action Release

September 07, 2007 03:28:09 GMT

Not showing any sign of slowing down in selling tickets in its seventh week of release, summer blockbuster "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" wonderfully continues to strive on the huge screens of IMAX theaters by setting up a new record that's likely hard to beat.
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P. Diddy's Ex Kim Porter Tells Essence on Why She Left Him

September 07, 2007 02:56:45 GMT

She said, she said, and now she's saying it again. Kim Porter tells the upcoming October issue of Essence magazine the real reason why she left former boyfriend P. Diddy after 10 years together.
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New Resident Evil: Extinction Clip Arrives Online

September 07, 2007 02:46:52 GMT

Seems the super-human skills Alice possesses within are going much finer as she continues her journey to the Nevada dessert if looking from a new footage of her that has just been posted on the net.
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First Look at Usher and Tameka Foster's Wedding Pics

September 07, 2007 02:20:18 GMT

What is it about newlyweds Usher and Tameka Foster that's so hot? Their wedding pictures.
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Representative Confirms Vanessa Hudgens' Nude Picture

September 07, 2007 01:41:23 GMT

Yes it's her. It is officially confirmed that the nude picture of a young girl circulated on the net is indeed an image of Vanessa Hudgens.