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June 08, 2007

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Chris Brown Eyeing Duet with Michael Jackson, Covered "Umbrella"

June 08, 2007 10:24:24 GMT

On the verge of releasing his most artists-packed album "Exclusive", Chris Brown may soon be singing side by side with Michael Jackson for one of the tracks. The R&B crooner got the phone call from the "Thriller" singer who didn't hesitate to do collaboration with him.
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Jack Johnson Preparing Another Sultry Album

June 08, 2007 09:28:14 GMT

A sultry musician of his own, Jack Johnson returns to the studio this year to gear an album perfect for chill out moments. The album that is planned to release early next year, is all about the people working behind it.
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Julian Farino Enjoys "Living Biblically"

June 08, 2007 09:24:25 GMT

Moving forward on his way to break into major film industry, Julian Farino has been attached to helm "The Year of Living Biblically" which Paramount Pictures is setting up alongside Plan B Entertainment.
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Make Your City the Real-Life Springfield

June 08, 2007 09:00:20 GMT

The fictional city of Springfield has been widely known to be the hometown of the world's family of comedy, none other than The Simpsons, but soon there will be the real-life version of it, thanks to USA Today.
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New "Phoenix" Footage to Be Aired on ABC Family

June 08, 2007 08:29:39 GMT

This no doubt is such a rare treatment moviegoers will ever receive, especially for "Harry Potter" fans out there.
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Brad Pitt Is the No. 1 Dad According to Life & Style

June 08, 2007 08:07:12 GMT

Is handsome, rich, and has a high rising acting career, Brad Pitt does have everything that every man would envy. Good at acting, the actor and father of four has the "it" factor that makes him tops Life & Style's list of Hollywood's Top 10 Dads. Praised for "doing it all" for his kids, the hunk also is credited for "loving what he's doing for them". That's the reason why he's the No. 1 Dad after all.
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U2 Experimenting with Eno and Lanois

June 08, 2007 08:05:57 GMT

Not releasing any album since 2004's "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb", U2 only increases the anticipation for new album through reunion with long time producers Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois.
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"Indy 4" Cast Update

June 08, 2007 07:58:01 GMT

The cast list of "Fourth Installment of the Indiana Jones Adventures" is getting longer by now as the project's filmmakers have delightfully added Oscar nominee John Hurt to join the already starry lineup consisting of Harrison Ford, Cate Blanchett, Ray Winstone, and Shia LaBeouf, an official press release stated.
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Joss Stone On Bill as Presenter in 18th MMVAs

June 08, 2007 07:42:48 GMT

Canadian video awards event MuchMusic is not only inviting its native celebrities but also some from international league. British import Joss Stone will join the excitement along with actress Tara Reid and NHL star Sean Avery.
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Honored for Her Philanthropic Work, Angelina Jolie Joining the Council on Foreign Relations

June 08, 2007 07:35:06 GMT

She's been kept very busy with her hectic filming schedules, not to mention doing her motherly duties. She does able to make it though, getting through it all and spends time to fulfill her social works. Already a UN Goodwill Ambassador, Angelina Jolie was honored for her philanthropic work by joining the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), an influential and independent, nonpartisan foreign policy membership organization.
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"I, Robot" Sequel Is Up

June 08, 2007 07:29:24 GMT

A surprising tidbit has come up from Collider.com's pit concerning the possibility of a follow-up to 20th Century Fox's 2004 sci-fi actioner "I, Robot."
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Bon Jovi Rocker Richie Sambora Has Cecked Into Rehab

June 08, 2007 06:49:08 GMT

Richie Sambora is hitting the low key of his life as he's checked into rehab facility to treat a currently unknown substance abuse problem.
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"Knocked Up" Makers Accused of Plagiarism

June 08, 2007 06:44:26 GMT

Just enjoying their initial success of "Knocked Up", director and the studio behind the new hit comedy are now facing a lawsuit placed by a Canadian journalist who alleged them for stealing her story in making the movie.
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Duran Duran to be "Night Runner" with Justin Timberlake

June 08, 2007 06:19:04 GMT

British pop rock act Duran Duran is confirmed to collaborate with "SexyBack" singer Justin Timberlake. The band that is still recognized as "The Eighties Band" will do a song titled "Night Runner" with JT.
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A Hot New Hook Up, Michelle Trachtenberg and Brandon Hirsch

June 08, 2007 06:04:21 GMT

Michelle Trachtenberg is single no more. The movie beauty reportedly has found a new love in Brandon Hirsch, a 26-years-old manager at New York City hot spot Butter.
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Rihanna's "Umbrella" Scores #1 in New Chart

June 08, 2007 05:54:12 GMT

Billboard has expanded its franchise with the launch of Billboard Canadian Hot 100 on June 7. The single to take the honor being the first #1 hit on the chart is none other than Rihanna's "Umbrella".
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Isaiah Washington Out from "Grey's Anatomy"

June 08, 2007 04:43:38 GMT

The time has come for Isaiah Washington to pay the cost of his gay slur. The TV star won't be returning to the hit series "Grey's Anatomy" which catapulted him into stardom.
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Directing Names Up for "Wolverine"?

June 08, 2007 04:37:39 GMT

Whether Brett Ratner's name is still being considered for the director of X-Men spin-off "Wolverine" is unclear, but buzz is now circling on two other directing figures for the part.
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Rapper Jermaine Dupri Involved in Minor Car Crash, to Open New Club

June 08, 2007 04:19:48 GMT

It was a bad day for Jermaine Dupri when he was involved in a car crash early Thursday June 7th when a woman ran a stop light on the corner of 49th Street and Park Avenue in New York and ploughed into his SUV.
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Jennifer Aniston to Shoot Commercials Film for L’Oréal

June 08, 2007 03:51:43 GMT

Has just provoked media frenzy with her being reported dating Brad Pitt look-alike, British model Paul Sculfor, Jennifer Aniston makes media headlines again as she's been reported to earn an estimated $10 million to shoot the so-called "mini action movies" for L'Oréal's hair products.
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Matt Damon to Experience an "Imperial Life"

June 08, 2007 03:41:15 GMT

On the brink to reunite with director Paul Greengrass, Matt Damon is finalizing deal to topline Universal Pictures' "Imperial Life in the Emerald City."
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Rapper The Game Pleaded Not Guilty in LA Fight

June 08, 2007 03:21:35 GMT

Paris Hilton is free but not really free as she's been put on house arrest. The Game, on the other way around, is free of charges. He's all-clean. The rapper was pleaded not guilty to three felony charges he's been accused of following a basketball game fight in Los Angeles.
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John McTiernan Plays for "High Stakes"

June 08, 2007 02:53:31 GMT

Heaps up film titles for his future directing credits, action filmmaker John McTiernan has smoothly added "High Stakes" into the burgeoning list, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.
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Tyler Perry Pleased to "Meet the Browns"

June 08, 2007 02:50:31 GMT

Sustaining his good relationship with Lionsgate Films, Tyler Perry is on the move to make his fifth film project under the studio banner that will also be his next feature directorial effort after "Why Did I Get Married?".
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It's "All the Same" for Naomi Watts

June 08, 2007 02:46:20 GMT

Earning Hollywood star label should not make one only look forward for big-budgeted, major film features, and Naomi Watts apparently has full understanding of it.
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DreamWorks Recruits a "Tester"

June 08, 2007 02:43:10 GMT

Willing to deliver an original premise to moviegoers amidst the heavy flow of adapted materials, DreamWorks Pictures is collaborating with Parkes/MacDonald Productions to set up what looks like to be a thriller feature entitled "Tester" at its pit.
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Paris Hilton Released from Prison, Put on 40-Day House Arrest

June 08, 2007 02:11:44 GMT

From socialite to prisoner, now Paris Hilton is a free woman again as she was on Thursday June 7th released from California's Century Regional Detention Facility, reportedly for medical reasons, after just three days serving her 23-day sentence for driving with a suspended license.