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March 30, 2007

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Hilary Swank Is One of the "Intimate Strangers"

March 30, 2007 11:42:19 GMT

Manages to stay busy throughout, Hilary Swank is developing a new film feature titled "Intimate Strangers" for Paramount Pictures with an eye to both star in and produce, Variety has learned.
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David O. Russell Sits on "Sammy's Hill"

March 30, 2007 11:22:14 GMT

Still having spare time to look around for another stint despite going busy preparing "The H-Man Cometh", David O. Russell has signed on to both write and direct a Washington-set comedy titled "Sammy's Hill", The Hollywood Reporter has revealed.
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Rod Lurie Unleashes the "Dogs"

March 30, 2007 11:00:17 GMT

In his wait to see "Resurrecting the Champ", director Rod Lurie has satisfyingly landed deals to helm thriller picture "Straw Dogs", a remake of the 1971 feature of the same title, at Screen Gems.
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Raja Gosnell Forming "Book Club"

March 30, 2007 10:41:12 GMT

Keeps circling around comedy genre, Raja Gosnell now finds himself getting attached to helm a rom-com feature entitled "The Book Club" for The Weinstein Company.
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Paramount Applies "Rules of Deception"

March 30, 2007 09:29:30 GMT

Aware of giving more than just an entertainment to moviegoers, Paramount Pictures is about to develop a gritty film feature entitled "The Rules of Deception" with Lorenzo di Bonaventura seating as the producer.
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Cillian Murphy and Matthew Rhys Look Back on Their "Best Time"

March 30, 2007 09:09:38 GMT

Shifting attention to male cast, Capitol Films have successfully got both Cillian Murphy and Matthew Rhys onboard to join the list of its romantic drama "The Best Time of Our Lives1", Variety has reported.
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New "Ocean's Thirteen" Trailer Hits

March 30, 2007 08:40:32 GMT

Making a follow-up to the teaser clip it posted on AOL's Moviefone, Warner Bros. Pictures has smoothly launched a new trailer for "Ocean's Thirteen" on the web.
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"Spider-Man 3" Spins Web at IMAX

March 30, 2007 08:21:48 GMT

Receiving the same treatment as its predecessor had before, "Spider-Man 3" delightfully will also have a simultaneous release in conventional and IMAX theaters as it opens in the U.S. on May 4 this year, IMAX Corporation and Sony Pictures Entertainment have announced.
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Sarah Michelle Gellar Scooped for "Dark Knight"?

March 30, 2007 07:48:20 GMT

There could be another major female character to appear in "The Dark Knight" besides Rachel Dawes if all are proven to be true.
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Gerard Butler and Naomi Campbell, New Couple?!

March 30, 2007 07:13:39 GMT

Gerard Butler and Naomi Campbell. What do they have in common? Can you please find one? If not then here I tell you what. They have the same feeling toward each other.
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All "Mirrors" Reflect the Face of Paula Patton

March 30, 2007 06:51:36 GMT

Straying into thriller-horror genre, "Deja Vu" star Paula Patton has reportedly taken a role in supernatural flick "Mirrors" which "The Hills Have Eyes" helmer Alexandre Aja is set to direct with Kiefer Sutherland toplining.
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Michael Jackson Not in the Hospital, Just "a Little Bit Under the Weather"

March 30, 2007 06:34:45 GMT

Talk is heating up that Michael Jackson has been hospitalized. While report on that matter remains speculative, a spokeswoman for the star set the record straight Thursday March 29th, saying Michael is "a little bit under the weather," but has not sought hospital treatment.
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Strange "Happening" Occurs Around Mark Wahlberg

March 30, 2007 05:57:57 GMT

High in demand after his stellar performance in "The Departed", Mark Wahlberg has delightfully been picked up to topline 20th Century Fox's paranoia thriller "The Happening", the studio has announced.
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Probation Violation Is Just Not So Simple for Paris Hilton

March 30, 2007 05:56:15 GMT

The heiress' life will not be that simple anymore as she is facing jail term for violating her probation. Paris Hilton is facing a 90 days in jail sentence after being accused of violating the terms of her probation by driving without a license, the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office announced Thursday March 29th.
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Jamie Foxx Skipped a Tour Date

March 30, 2007 05:04:01 GMT

Like it or not, Jamie Foxx had to cancel the date on March 28 in Washington. It was triggered by his doctor's command to lie resting his voice in order to heal his bronchial problem.
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"Star Wars" Icons Turned Into Stamps

March 30, 2007 04:46:13 GMT

The considerable popularity of "Star Wars" franchise apparently has brought an inspiration to the U.S. Postal Service to make a move that sure will delight all fans around the country.
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Leonardo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli Planning to Marry in June

March 30, 2007 04:37:28 GMT

The wedding bell will ring sooner than ever for Leonardo DiCaprio and his model girlfriend Bar Refaeli. The lovers are reportedly planning to walk down the aisle June later this year.
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No Starbucks for Radiohead

March 30, 2007 04:35:40 GMT

Rumors circulating on Radiohead signing to Starbucks is proven wrong by the band. A spokesman said on behalf of the band that their next album is coming in the way but they are not signing any deal with anyone.
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Courtney Love Lost 45 Pounds in Just Four Months "with 6 More Maybe 11 More to Go"

March 30, 2007 04:02:23 GMT

Courtney Love rocks. For women at her age it's amazing that she still has the body curve. The rocker, who's been photographed wearing a skimpy bikini in Hawaii showing off her sleek toned body, opens up about weight loss.
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Usher, in Process of a New Album

March 30, 2007 03:53:12 GMT

After announcing the engagement to longtime girlfriend Tameka Foster, Usher is gonna make another headline with the release of next album. Yes, he is all back on music track and is currently baking the talked about album in the studio.
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The Flaming Lips Among Spider-Man 3's Web

March 30, 2007 03:42:26 GMT

After the announcement of Snow Patrol's involvement in Spider-Man 3 soundtracks, rock bands The Flaming Lips, The Killers, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Jet are joining the excitement of providing songs for Peter Parker's new venture.
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Jim Carrey Looking for More "Time"

March 30, 2007 03:36:04 GMT

Aiming to get back to his expertise in drawing big laughs from audience, Jim Carrey is currently engaged in talks to become the male lead in comedy flick "Me Time", Variety has reported.
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Dennis Dugan Not Afraid to "Mess with the Zohan"

March 30, 2007 03:34:59 GMT

Set to reunite with Adam Sandler after their last collaboration in the upcoming "I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry", Dennis Duigan has given agreement to direct the star's vehicle of "You Don't Mess with the Zohan", which is currently being set up at Columbia Pictures.
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Dimension Films Has Enough "Love" for Ice Cube

March 30, 2007 03:33:59 GMT

Getting inclined to ignite moviegoers' laughs, Dimension Films is on the move to make a comedic feature titled "Tough Love" with Ice Cube being attached to topline.
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Five Spotting "Fireflies in the Garden"

March 30, 2007 03:30:57 GMT

Enhancing the high-profile status of the picture, Willem Dafoe, Hayden Panettiere, Shannon Lucio, Ioan Gruffudd, and George Newbern have all come onboard to take part in drama flick "Fireflies in the Garden", The Hollywood Reporter has revealed.
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"What About Barb" Now Becomes Elizabeth Banks' Concerns

March 30, 2007 03:29:37 GMT

It's just about a week ago that we learned that Elizabeth Banks has joined the "Starship Dave" cast and now she already has newer project to get involved in.
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Screen Gems Wants to Be a "Phenom"

March 30, 2007 03:28:08 GMT

More good news is coming for "Phenom." Following tidbit on Chris Brown taking the lead in the flick, Screen Gems has delightfully obtained rights to set it up under its banner with Bob Teitel and George Tillman Jr. to produce.
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"Your Sister" Is Safe at MTV Films

March 30, 2007 03:25:47 GMT

Still in the mood for comedic genre, MTV Films is about to set up one more flick of the kind at its pit. The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that the studio is teaming up with Escape Artists to make "I Want to ___ Your Sister" based on lawyer-turned-screenwriter Melissa Stack's spec script it preemptively purchased for a $300,000 advance.
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Tom Cruise Vying Slot in "Men"

March 30, 2007 03:22:20 GMT

Seemingly not satisfied enough with a bunch of film roles he has landed, Tom Cruise is now reported by IGN to have fixed his gaze on a comedic feature entitled "Men", which is set to take shape under Warner Bros. Pictures banner.
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Universal Pictures Worships "God of War"

March 30, 2007 03:20:35 GMT

The massive success "300" has gained so far appears to give inspiration to Universal Pictures to also put a Greece-set epic into its future movie slate. Reports are now heavy about the company's plan to develop "God of War", a film adaptation of the SCEA action-adventure game loosely based on Greek mythology.
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Britney Spears and K-Fed Reached a Settlement in Their Divorce

March 30, 2007 03:19:43 GMT

Now that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have reached a settlement in their long divorce battle, it only takes a judge to approve the settlement for the divorce to become final.
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Bryan Singer's WWII Thriller Gets a Title

March 30, 2007 03:19:32 GMT

Finally, a name has been picked up for Bryan Singer's untitled WWII thriller feature. British paper The Guardian has came up with an interesting scoop that the project from now on is referred as "Valkyrie", a title derived from the code name of the plot to assassinate Nazi leader Adolf Hitler which its story deals with.
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Bono Named a Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire

March 30, 2007 02:53:48 GMT

Bono adding a more prestigious title to that of rock star. The U2 frontman was named a Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire Thursday March 29th.
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"Umbrella" Sees a More Mature Rihanna

March 30, 2007 02:48:50 GMT

Rihanna is picking up her pace in the new album's release date and she is also taking a level higher in songs choice. "Umbrella", the first single from the album "Good Girl Gone Bad" was released on March 29 and featured the more serious and edgier version of Rihanna.
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Halle Berry Tried to Commit Suicide Back in 1997

March 30, 2007 02:20:04 GMT

She's an Oscar winning actress. She is famous and rich. So what? Despite all her good luck Halle Berry is just a human being, who like many of us, has to face the ups and downs in life. The movie beauty once experienced broken heart that she nearly killed herself.
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Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan Are Unhealthy Celebs

March 30, 2007 01:52:16 GMT

Judging from the way she lives her life in recent days, Britney Spears deserves the title, I guess. The pop star has been voted the Most Unhealthy Celeb according to the poll by healthy living brand, LIME.