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January 09, 2007

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Renee Zellweger Not Involved in "Bridget Jones 3"

January 09, 2007 09:53:34 GMT

Previously reported to have shown interest in reprising her role as the title character in the third installment of "Bridget Jones" series, Renee Zellweger has firmly denied that she is set to star in the project.

"It's like all the other rumours-it's simply not true," she told ITV. "It seems there is some kind of talk, but it's not with the people who make the movie or write the books."
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"Arthur" Journey Continues

January 09, 2007 08:56:18 GMT

Encouraged by the satisfying outcome of "Arthur and the Invisibles" which has already passed $20 million mark in France, Luc Besson has openly revealed that two follow-ups to the flick are now officially in the development, Variety has reported.

Taking out a four-page ad in a French trade magazine, the famed filmmaker announced that the two sequels are titled "Arthur and the Vengeance of Malthazar" and "Arthur and the War of Two Worlds" with the former set to come up in 2009 while the latter by one year after.
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Lily Allen Is in Close Talks To Be the Frontwoman to Nike's New Ad

January 09, 2007 08:40:11 GMT

British pop star Lily Allen reportedly is in close talks to be the new frontwoman to Nike's new advertising campaign.

Rumors on the street say, the singer has received dozens of free gifts from Nike while the sportswear giant is considering on the possibility of using the outspoken star as a face of their future projects.
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Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez Enjoy "Holidays in Handcuffs"

January 09, 2007 08:13:06 GMT

Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez have committed to enjoy "Holidays in Handcuffs" together. The twosome have inked deal to star in the ABC Family original movie, which is set to begin principal photography this month in Calgary.

As of Hart, the actress will portray the part of Trudie, a would-be painter stuck working as a waitress, whereas Lopez is set to play Clay Martin, a customer Trudie kidnapped.
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Chris Brown Coming "This Christmas"

January 09, 2007 08:10:36 GMT

Making a quick step in jumping to his next acting stint after his debut in "Stomp the Yard", Chris Brown has reportedly landed a role in family-friendly holiday feature "This Christmas (2007)" which sees him once more sharing screen with "Yard" co-star Columbus Short.

"We're doing another movie together," Short confirmed while joking that he and Brown are on their way to becoming the next Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. "It's great to keep us working together; we're trying to be the new, young rat pack."
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"Avatar" Gets on the Move in April 2007

January 09, 2007 07:54:16 GMT

Avatar picture
Although James Cameron previously stated that his next project of "Avatar" would not come up until summer 2009, it does not mean that he puts the film feature out of his priority at all.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that the renowned filmmaker, who has spent a decade to develop the story, is set to get the project into production in April this year. Filming reportedly will take place in and around Los Angeles also in New Zealand with Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana as the leadstars.
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Hilary Swank Received A Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

January 09, 2007 07:40:45 GMT

The fruit of her hard work earned Hilary Swank a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The two-time Oscar winner received the ultimate sign Monday January 8th.

"I remember my mom using a roll of quarters to call agents from a pay phone and telling agents they should sign me," the movie star said during the ceremony. Her star is the 2325th on the Walk of Fame.
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"Apocalypto" Finally Got Age Restriction in Italy

January 09, 2007 07:28:29 GMT

Apocalypto picture
Ending the dispute concerning the nonexistence of viewer restrictions on "Apocalypto" in the country, an Italian court has temporarily ruled that youths under age fourteen are barred from watching the gory film, overthrowing the decision made by local cinema board of review that considered it fit enough for children.

Marco Ramadori, a lawyer for Codacons, the consumer group which brought the case to the court in favor of setting an age-limit, remarked yesterday, January 8, that the ban is valid until January 17, after which a panel of judges is expected to make a final ruling on the case.
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50 Cent Has Ventured Into the World of Publishing

January 09, 2007 07:01:59 GMT

50 Cent has turned his attention into the literary world. The rapper attended a book signing at New York's Borders bookstore Thursday January 4th to mark the launch of a series of fictional books, based on former members of his group G-Unit, he has co-written.

The titles already been released include "Death Before Dishonor", "Baby Brother" and "The Ski Mask Way". The first three novellas to be published in collaboration with MTV and Pocket Books are said to represent merely the beginning of Fiddy's story.
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Britney Spears to Chronicle Her Anticipated Comeback by Means of A Reality Show

January 09, 2007 06:34:27 GMT

Britney Spears surely is having something big and great in her mind concerning her comeback to music scene. No joke, she seemingly eyeing a breakthrough as she reportedly is planning to chronicle her anticipated comeback by means of a reality show.

As of her new project, it is said that it won't be the same with "Chaotic", the one she did with estranged husband Kevin Federline. It will instead something similar to Donald Trump's "The Apprentice." The show would involve contestants working closely with spears as she goes about her daily routine.
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Doing Some Baby Shopping, Nicole Kidman Has Reignited Pregnancy Rumors

January 09, 2007 05:59:55 GMT

Talk is heating up that Nicole Kidman is pregnant with her first child with country singer husband Keith Urban. The speculation comes to the surface soon as the actress was spotted doing some baby shopping at Petit Tresor.

Among the items Kidman bought are a $420 leather Mia Bossi diaper bag, along with a mobile, baby slippers and a green velour frog coat. The movie star reportedly placed the orders through an assistant, and the baby goods were delivered at her doorstep.
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DreamWorks Depicting "American Life"

January 09, 2007 04:49:12 GMT

Taking similar vein with what Picturehouse has done to "A Prairie Home Companion" in turning a radio show into a film feature, DreamWorks SKG has reached a deal with Ira Glass and WBEZ/Chicago Public Radio to develop "This American Life", a big screen project adapted from the same-titled show, which is distributed to more than 500 stations nationwide through Public Radio International.

No word yet on when the project will start production, but it is said that Glass, Julie Snyder and Alissa Shipp are all set to seat as producers. The picture itself is intended to be made based on the stories aired on the program which have been noted to center on a theme with a collection of funny, emotional real-life stories drawn from everyday occurrences.
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Eddie Murphy's Aggressive Fans Scared Scary Spice

January 09, 2007 04:34:04 GMT

Poor Melanie Brown. The once-called Scary Spice was forced to hire 24-hour protection from the cops after being hounded by obsessed Eddie Murphy fans.

Brown, who is pregnant with the comedy star's baby, is facing daily abuse from a group of fans camped outside her LA home. "She is extremely lonely in LA, and her life is being made intolerable by Eddie's fans camped outside. They shout insults and give her abuse all the time," The Sun quoted a source as saying.
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Winners Named at the 10th Annual OFCS Awards

January 09, 2007 04:28:44 GMT

United 93 picture
An international association of Internet-based cinema journalists, the Online Film Critics Society has officially announced yesterday, January 8, the list of recipients for its OFCS Awards, helping narrowing names and titles seen as leading contenders for the Academy Awards, the film industry's highest honors.

Matched those named in December by the New York Critics Circle, the organization cast its choice on documentary-style movie "United 93" to be the Best Picture, Martin Scorsese to be the Best Director for his work in "The Departed", plus Helen Mirren of "The Queen" and Forest Whitaker of "The Last King of Scotland" to receive the top performance honors.
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The 2007 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

January 09, 2007 04:11:52 GMT

Van Halen is the latest addition to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees.

The dysfunctional rock band surely is preparing for a reunion only to join the likes of R.E.M., The Ronettes, Patti Smith, and Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five, all of which have been selected to be inducted at the annual ceremony, to be held March 12 in New York.
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Glamour Magazine's World's Best Dressed Women

January 09, 2007 03:31:15 GMT

When it comes to the World's Best Dressed Women, Kylie Minogue is the number one. The pop superstar has her name on the very top spot of a new poll conducted by Glamour magazine which praises her for her "new, softer-looking style". Editor Jo Elvin said of the singer's new style, "Kylie is still sexy, but is not flaunting it in gold hot pants any more."

Last year's winner Kate Moss drops to 4th spot, while her boyfriend, singer Pete Doherty, is named Worst-Dressed Male. Victoria Adams comes 2nd in the list of best-dressed females, achieving recognition for her fearless approach. Meanwhile, her hubby David Beckham wins the category for Best Dressed Man. Filling out the top 5 are Nicole Richie at the 3rd spot and Sienna Miller at No. 5.
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