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November 01, 2006

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Robert Schwentke Comes Closer to "Traveler's Wife"

November 01, 2006 09:16:06 GMT

Looking for his next directorial stint after "Flightplan", Robert Schwentke is currently engaged in final negotiations to helm "The Time Traveler's Wife" for New Line Cinema, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed.
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Dennis Quaid and Zhang Ziyi Riding with "The Horsemen"

November 01, 2006 08:43:14 GMT

Seems this could be one good movie hard to miss of. Two Hollywood's great talents namely Dennis Quaid and Zhang Ziyi have both signed on to appear onscreen together in "The Horsemen", a new project from "Stranger Than Fiction" production company Mandate Pictures.
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Semi-Naked Brad Pitt on the Cover of Vanity Fair Magazine

November 01, 2006 08:16:24 GMT

The December 2006 issue of Vanity Fair magazine features semi-naked photo of Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt. The photo, pictured the actor standing in nothing but a pair of boxer shorts and a pair of socks, was taken by photographer Robert Wilson in September 2005.
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Ben Kingsley Does Have the Right "Stuff"

November 01, 2006 08:16:03 GMT

Barely reported to join the cast of mystery drama "Number Thirteen", Ben Kingsley has already added another potential role in his acting resume. The Oscar-winning actor is joining the likes of John Cusack, Hilary Duff, Joan Cusack, and Marisa Tomei to star in "Brand Hauser: Stuff Happens", a political satire feature coming from Millennium Films.
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Shrek 4 to Pop Up on the Big Screen in 2010

November 01, 2006 07:39:01 GMT

The tale of peace-loving green ogre and his folks continues to chapter four. DreamWorks Animation has officially announced Tuesday, October 31 that "Shrek 4", the fourth installment of "Shrek" series, will be made for a 2010 release. The whole original cast is expected to once again lend their voices with Tim Sullivan penning the script.
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Donald Sutherland Hunting the "Fool's Gold"

November 01, 2006 05:49:26 GMT

Going comedic in his next acting stint, veteran actor Donald Sutherland has signed on to star in Warner Bros' adventure comedy project of "Fool's Gold", joining Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson.
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More on "Jackie Chan/Jet Li Project"

November 01, 2006 04:23:16 GMT

Following Jet Li's confirmation that he is positive to star alongside fellow Asian actor Jackie Chan in "Jackie Chan/Jet Li Project", also known as "J&J Project", Variety has given some details about the movie, one of two new features that Relativity Media is offering to buyers at the American Film Market starting today, November 1.
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Another Four to "Battle in Seattle"

November 01, 2006 03:18:54 GMT

More talents are being picked up for "Battle in Seattle" following the recent inclusion of Woody Harrelson, Ray Liotta, Andre Benjamin, and Martin Henderson. Production Weekly reported that Michelle Rodriguez, Jennifer Carpenter, Channing Tatum, and Tzi Ma have all been added to the bulging cast list toplined by Oscar-winning actress Charlize Theron.
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Ryan Phillippe Cheats on Reese Witherspoon

November 01, 2006 02:57:36 GMT

There it is, an update on Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon's split. The couple made headlines when they officially announced their divorce after seven years of marriage, and now it's time to find out what, well it is safe for us to also say who, causes the split.
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Anna Nicole Smith Hospitalized with Pneumonia

November 01, 2006 02:19:29 GMT

She's been undergoing such difficult moments in her life in recent times. Her son Daniel Smith died and the cause of which is still under investigation. In the meantime, she also is facing a paternity battle over her newborn daughter Dannielynn Hope. Now that she's been hospitalized with pneumonia is a bad thing for Anna Nicole Smith after another.
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Kevin Federline Gets "Caught on Tape"

November 01, 2006 02:02:55 GMT

Landing his film debut, Kevin Federline has given positive sign to take a starring role in "Caught on Tape", a new musical project coming from Mindfire Entertainment.