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September 23, 2006

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Brad Pitt Slammed "Mission: Impossible" Shake-Up

September 23, 2006 07:55:47 GMT

Hollywood hunk Brad Pitt has slammed rumors swirling among people out there that he's been tapped to replace Tom Cruise in the next installment of "Mission: Impossible" franchise.
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Kristin Scott Thomas Coming Across "Boleyn Girl"

September 23, 2006 07:39:46 GMT

Continues to complete its cast, Columbia Pictures' "The Other Boleyn Girl" has officially added Kristin Scott Thomas in the line-up to play Lady Elizabeth, the mother of Boleyn sisters. The project previously included two rising starlets Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman who are billed to play Mary and Anne Boleyn, respectively.
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"Volver" Named FIPRESCI's Best Film of the Year

September 23, 2006 06:53:15 GMT

Working its charm successfully to stun the critics, Pedro Almodovar's "Volver" has gloriously been named the Best Film of the Year by the International Federation of Film Critics. The announcement was made public on late Thursday, September 21 at a ceremony inaugurating the 54th San Sebastian International Film Festival in the northern Basque city.
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Buju Banton Cancels Concert Following Complaints from Patrons

September 23, 2006 06:39:12 GMT

Buju Banton has been forced to cancel his Oct. 2nd show, scheduled to take place in the Highland nightclub and restaurant in LA, following complaints from its patrons. It is the reggae star's violent lyrics about gays and lesbians that prompted the postponement of the concert.
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Carlos Mencia Plays Mean in "Seven Day Itch"

September 23, 2006 06:13:23 GMT

Still into comedic genre, funnyman Carlos Mencia has agreed to play a role in "Seven Day Itch", a new directorial stint of the Farrelly Brothers, Production Weekly has learned.
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Universal Keeps An Eye on "Little Lover Boy"

September 23, 2006 06:07:50 GMT

"Little Lover Boy" eventually finds a proper home to stay at. Variety has reported that Universal Pictures has successfully obtained the rights to the Rick Overton-penned comedy. Overton first showed the script to his longtime acquaintance Dennis Miller who later brought it to the producers.
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Bill Cosby Urges Americans to Donate $8 to the US National Slavery Museum

September 23, 2006 04:58:25 GMT

Bill Cosby takes part Friday Sept 22nd in a campaign kicked off to build a national slavery museum amid the battlefields of the Civil War. Besides giving his own $1 million to the project, the actor also urges all Americans to donate $8.00 to the museum, to be called the United States National Slavery Museum (USNSM).
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James Caviezel Confronts the "Outlander"

September 23, 2006 04:39:40 GMT

Straying into sci-fi genre, James Caviezel has reached a deal to take a starring role in The Weinstein Company's "Outlander." The striking actor thereby will join Karl Urban to come under the direction of "Perfect Prey" helmer Howard McCain who also works on the script with Dirk Blackman.
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Lindsay Lohan and Harry Morton Split

September 23, 2006 04:21:10 GMT

New rumors surface by the hour that Lindsay Lohan and Harry Morton call it quit. Several sources confirmed to People that the celebrated couple splits up.
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Axl Rose Sued Over John Lennon Portrait

September 23, 2006 03:50:38 GMT

Axl Rose is just one among the many Hollywood celebrities dealing with legal wrangle. The rocker has been sued by a Los Angeles art broker, claiming the star failed to pay $2.36 million for a portrait of John Lennon as done by Pop Art master Andy Warhol.
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Diane Keaton, Dax Shepard, and Liv Tyler Got Smothered

September 23, 2006 03:25:12 GMT

Joining forces together, Diane Keaton, Dax Shepard, and Liv Tyler have signed up to take part in an indie feature titled "Smother" for Inferno Distribution, Variety has reported.
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Sandra Bullock Filed A Lawsuit Over Alleged Stalker

September 23, 2006 03:12:43 GMT

Aging but still agile actress Sandra Bullock filed a lawsuit against California's mental health agency to ensure she is informed on the movements of an alleged stalker.
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Justin Long Positive to "Die Hard"

September 23, 2006 02:52:35 GMT

Updating the news of his status in the fourth installment of "Die Hard" franchise, Justin Long is finally confirmed to join the cast of the flick, officially titled "Live Free or Die Hard."
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Madonna Defends Her Stage Show's Mock Crucifixion Scene

September 23, 2006 02:32:54 GMT

Pop superstar Madonna came to the surface Thursday September 21st, set the record straight on the "misinterpretations" of her stage show's mock crucifixion scene. The "Material Girl" issued a statement that day, following the final date of her record-breaking Confessions tour, which wrapped up in Tokyo, claiming the stunt as "neither anti-Christian, sacrilegious or blasphemous".
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Paul Haggis to Take A Walk in "Valley of Elah"

September 23, 2006 02:29:27 GMT

"Crash" writer-director Paul Haggis is about to take another directorial work. The man is currently involved in negotiations to helm dramatic feature "In the Valley of Elah" of which genesis is taken from Mark Boal's article on Playboy magazine titled "Death and Dishonor" that Warner Bros bought for Haggis and his producing partner Larry Becsey last year.
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More Included in "Rush Hour 3"

September 23, 2006 02:23:18 GMT

"Rush Hour 3" really gets crowded now as more stars are coming down to fill in the remaining roles.
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Tony Leondis Glued to "Igor"

September 23, 2006 02:05:05 GMT

Exodus Film Group has truly landed a big deal this time. The company has successfully brought award-winning animation veteran Tony Leondis in to direct its CG animated project of "Igor", president John D. Eraklis announced. Leondis, whose writing credits include Disney's "Home on the Range" and "DreamWorks'" The Prince of Egypt", won an Annie Award last year for Best Home Entertainment Production through DisneyToon Studios' "Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has A Glitch."