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September 12, 2006

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Stars Coming Down to "Then She Found Me"

September 12, 2006 09:53:47 GMT

Lining up to bring more highlights to the movie, Colin Firth, Matthew Broderick, and Bette Midler have given nods to join the cast of "Then She Found Me", a directorial film debut of "Mad About You" star Helen Hunt.
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No Brent Spiner in "Star Trek XI"

September 12, 2006 09:11:34 GMT

A surprising remark has been made by Brent Spiner concerning his involvement in the high-anticipated movie "Star Trek XI." The actor, who has played Data in numerous "Star Trek" installments, has decided to not take part in the project, announcing it as the franchise celebrated its 40th anniversary last Friday, September 8.
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"Ruby Tuesday" to Be Co-Produced by Mick Jagger

September 12, 2006 08:39:16 GMT

"Ruby Tuesday" is drawing closer to materialization. The animated project has drawn Mick Jagger in to co-produce through his Jagged Films production company, Variety has reported.
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Mario Vazquez Will be Releasing His Debut Album

September 12, 2006 08:00:28 GMT

Mario Vazquez, the fourth season American Idol participant who abruptly voted himself off of the competition after making it into the top 12, is going to release his solo album.
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Luc Besson Ends Career as Helmer in "Arthur"

September 12, 2006 07:59:55 GMT

Movie industry will truly lose a prominent figure in filmmaking. Veteran director Luc Besson has unveiled his plan to take a permanent withdrawal from directing field, stating that his upcoming work of "Arthur and the Invisibles" will be the last film feature he helms. "I am pleased to have completed this cycle," so he said. "That is finished."
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Hot Star Orlando Bloom Romancing Uma Thurman

September 12, 2006 07:27:07 GMT

Whispers of Orlando Bloom romancing Uma Thurman have been swirling. The hot actor reportedly started seeing the 36-year-old actress despite the fact that he's just split with his on-again, off-again girlfriend of four years, Kate Bosworth.
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Joel Schumacher Lands Feet on "Town Creek"

September 12, 2006 07:08:29 GMT

Renowned filmmaker Joel Schumacher is turning his attention to horror genre. The "Batman Forever" helmer has reached a deal to direct "Town Creek" for Gold Circle Films, The Hollywood Reporter has revealed.
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Pop Star Christina Aguilera Will be Embarking UK Tour

September 12, 2006 07:04:37 GMT

With her new album "Back to Basics" just released, Christina Aguilera has announced details of concerts in Dublin and Belfast this winter.
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Welcome to the Universe of 30 Seconds to Mars

September 12, 2006 06:27:36 GMT

Alternative rock/progressive metal band 30 Seconds to Mars is preparing themselves to amuse their fans at their upcoming Welcome to the Universe Tour. The gig, slated to kick off October 17 near Minneapolis as part of the "MTV2 $2 Bill Presents" series, will "blow people's eyelids off", promised the band's frontman Jared Leto.
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Dimension Fell for "Mandy Lane"

September 12, 2006 06:00:41 GMT

Following the trail of MGM in nabbing Toronto Film Festival participant "Rescue Dawn" under its wings, Dimension Films, a subsidiary of The Weinstein Company, has satisfyingly acquired the distribution rights to teen horror flick "All the Boys Love Mandy Lane."
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Madonna's Concert in Moscow Is Going to be A Day Late

September 12, 2006 04:50:35 GMT

Has provoked protest at earlier stops of her "Confessions" tour in Italy, Germany and the Netherlands among others, Madonna in fact won't stop performing. The pop sensation even brings her upcoming performance to Russia, marking her first ever concert there.
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MGM Getting Back into Big League

September 12, 2006 04:45:56 GMT

Taking a notch higher following the unveiling of its intention to make five movie sequels, MGM has come up with a bigger plan to mark its return to the studio big leagues. Based on reports compiled by Variety, the studio has revealed that it will release some $150 million-plus films over the next few years which include "The Hobbit", "Terminator 4", and a sequel to 1999's "The Thomas Crown Affair."
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Paul Stanley of KISS Is Fathering, Again

September 12, 2006 04:26:01 GMT

It's a baby joy for KISS singer/guitarist Paul Stanley and his wife, Erin Sutton. The couple, who tied the knot last November, has welcomed a baby boy on Wednesday, Sept. 6.
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Producers to Work Marcia Cross' Real-Life Pregnancy Into "Desperate Housewives"

September 12, 2006 03:57:28 GMT

Just days after Marcia Cross announced her first pregnancy ever, there comes words from another "Desperate Housewife" Eva Longoria, that producers do concern to work the actress' real-life pregnancy into the hit TV series "Desperate Housewives".
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Further Details in the Tragic Death of Anna Nicole Smith's Son

September 12, 2006 03:25:29 GMT

Here we provide you with further details in the tragic death of Daniel Wayne Smith, the 20-year-old son of Playboy playmate Anna Nicole Smith. Police investigation said that Daniel died Sunday September 10th, 2006 while visiting his mother at Doctors' Hospital in Nassau, where she had given birth last week to a 6-pound, 9-ounce baby girl.
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Kate Beckinsale Has A "Vacancy" to Stay in

September 12, 2006 03:24:45 GMT

Marking her return to Sony's Screen Gems after "Underworld" series, Kate Beckinsale has signed on to star in the company's new horror thriller feature of "Vacancy", replacing Sarah Jessica Parker who reportedly dropped out due to personal reasons.
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No, Eva Longoria "Would Never Do Another TV Show After Desperate Housewives"

September 12, 2006 02:55:41 GMT

She really is committed to the screen project that makes her name big, which is the famous TV series "Desperate Housewives". And so, it is not a surprise when Eva Longoria said "I would never leave 'Desperate Housewives'".
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Drew Barrymore on the October Issue of Elle Magazine

September 12, 2006 02:38:13 GMT

Go and get the October issue of Elle magazine and you'll read there all about Drew Barrymore. The actress, who posed for the cover of the publication, spills what she really wants.