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September 04, 2006

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Channing Tatum Takes Huge Boost to Claim No.1 on AceShowbiz's Top 100 Celebrity Buzz August Edition

September 04, 2006 11:16:59 GMT

Channing Tatum has indeed taken a fantastic leap this time. Riding high on his latest vehicle "Step Up" which successfully took #2 on U.S box office of the weekend in its debut on the list, the striking hunk has soared 89 notches from its last-month position to the top rank of AceShowbiz.com's Top 100 Celebrity Buzz of August edition.
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Kim Basinger Ordered to Court

September 04, 2006 09:42:17 GMT

Kim Basinger must face court for allegedly disobeying a judge's orders about ex-husband Alec Baldwin's visitation time with their daughter, Ireland. Regarding the problem, Los Angeles judge Robert Schnider on Saturday (Sept 1), has ordered Kim to appear in Los Angeles Superior Court on October 4.
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"Pirates" Close to Score $1 Billion Worldwide

September 04, 2006 09:08:44 GMT

Keeps moving on increasingly to draw more dollars into its pocket, "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" is a little bit closer to encounter $1 billion in its total income. The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that this second installment of Disney's seafaring tale has satisfyingly added another $11.8 million from 6,681 screens in 49 territories overseas this weekend, making its total gross to $991.9 million worldwide.
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Brooke Shields Gets Apology from Tom Cruise

September 04, 2006 08:23:55 GMT

After involved in a war of words last year over anti-depressant medication, Brooke Shields and Tom Cruise finally have mended their friendship.
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Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi Experienced Car Crash

September 04, 2006 07:55:33 GMT

A car incident hit talk-show queen Ellen DeGeneres and her actress girlfriend Portia de Rossi on Friday, September 1, but fortunately the twosome only experienced minor injuries.
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Justin Timberlake Slammed Engagement Rumors

September 04, 2006 07:15:36 GMT

Appearing alongside talk show queen Ellen DeGeneres as she kicked off the fourth season of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" in New York City's Central Park, Justin Timberlake performed songs and talked about his marriage rumors with the host.
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Helen Mirren's Emmy Remark Ignited FCC Complaint

September 04, 2006 05:41:46 GMT

Following her comments made during the 2006 Emmy Awards live telecast on Sunday, August 27, Helen Mirren has received complaints from the Parents Television Council (PTC). The organization claimed the actress' language to be indecent as she joked she almost fell "a** over t*t" upon stepping up to receive one of the night's Best Actress awards for her portrayal of the title role in HBO's "Elizabeth I."