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October 05, 2005

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Bobby Joined by More Movie Stars

October 05, 2005 08:38:42 GMT

"Bobby" is so attractive. Many stars have showed their interest over it, not him, and soon joining the existing Anthony Hopkins, Demi Moore and Emilio Estevez.
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Lions Gate Kidnapped Family Comedy

October 05, 2005 08:15:50 GMT

'Don't judge a book by its cover.' As for film, can we just say 'don't judge a film by its title'? Don't think that it would be an action, thriller, or even a horror. Don't misinterpret the title, "Kidnapped."
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Chesney's New Set to Hit the Road and the Radio

October 05, 2005 07:57:34 GMT

Fans of country singer Kenny Chesney will find their idol on the road and the radio, either one, soon as his second studio album of the year, "The Road and the Radio," will be released November 8 this year. The set consisting of 11 tracks, which among others are first single "Who You'd Be Today," "Tequila Loves Me (Even if You Don't)," "Another Beer in Mexico," "Living in Fast Forward" and "You Save Me."
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The 'X' Species

October 05, 2005 07:42:35 GMT

Kurt Sutter takes in hand the 'X' species. Do you think he could deal with it? At least he has the confident and feels sure about it that he's agreed to write the forthcoming Warner Bros. project.
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Stop Illegal Sale of Eminem's Hits

October 05, 2005 07:16:46 GMT

Don't cheat or Eminem will mad. The rap superstar has suffered an amount of financial loss and is taking a legal action against those cheaters.
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HBO to Release Wyclef Jean Comedy Series

October 05, 2005 07:04:14 GMT

Here, we bring you a fresh from the oven news from Haitian-born musician Wyclef Jean. The Fugees frontman reportedly has inked a deal with HBO to produce and star in a comedy series loosely based on his life.
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The Producers Want More Sensation

October 05, 2005 06:43:10 GMT

It isn't "The Producers" who feel yet satisfied with the Broadway sensation it's brought years ago. The people behind are the one responsible for bringing back the classis movie to the big screen. Tony Award-winning director and choreographer of its original Broadway production, Susan Stroman, is in hand to direct.
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Extraordinary 'Fiona Apple' Machine

October 05, 2005 06:23:19 GMT

Fiona Apple has an "Extraordinary Machine" that indeed makes her music career and attainment extraordinary as well. The first album the singer/songwriter produced in six years has been released Tuesday and already is the top-seller at Apple's iTunes Music Store.
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Anthony Hopkins Searching for a Papa

October 05, 2005 05:53:55 GMT

"Papa." It's the title of a forthcoming movie, for which actor Anthony Hopkins has signed on to star in. The film is to be directed by Roger Donaldson and will be based on Ernest Hemingway's encounter with Denne Bart Petitclerc, a reporter who covered the Korean War, inspired by Hemingway's coverage of the Spanish Civil War.
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The Bordertown Gets a Glimpse of Lopez

October 05, 2005 05:41:51 GMT

Hundreds of people got into the streets of Nogales, across from Nogales, Ariz.. That was an uncommon scene. What's wrong? Is that something special? What they're doing there?
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Halo Peter Jackson

October 05, 2005 04:53:51 GMT

Say 'hai' to Peter Jackson. As one of the Oscar-winning creative team behind the "The Lord of the Rings" films, the director has been named to run the production of "Halo," an upcoming film based on Microsoft Corp.'s blockbuster videogame of the same name. Alongside his wife, Fran Walsh, Jackson will serve as the executive producers, whose duty is giving creative input on all aspects of the film via their WingNut Films banner.
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Lindsay Lohan Involved in Car Accident

October 05, 2005 04:23:24 GMT

Teen actress Lindsay Lohan was taken to hospital for minor injuries Tuesday after she crashed her black Mercedes-Benz into another vehicle in West Hollywood, California. She was at that day driving north on Robertson Boulevard just before 5 p.m. when she collided into the passenger side of a maroon Chevrolet Astro Van, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.
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Paris Chooses Career and Not Paris

October 05, 2005 04:07:55 GMT

Over the weekend, socialite Paris Hilton announced that she had ended her four-month engagement to Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis because she's "not ready for marriage" and didn't want it to end in divorce. Just now, the 24-years-old babe claims it is her career that makes her took the difficult decision.