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February 19, 2005

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Spears "Private Video" on US Weekly

February 19, 2005 03:51:15 GMT

Pop singer Britney Spears is so mad to US Weekly for "illegally" publishing photographs of her Fijian honeymoon with husband Kevin Federline. Spears furiosly says in a statement that she is very disappointed to US photographers who irresponsibly take their photographs for their commercial sake, while at the same time she thanks those other magazines for respecting their rights of privacy by not publishing the photographs.
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Cosby Free of Charges

February 19, 2005 03:20:35 GMT

Bill Cosby may feel relief after Montgomery County District Attorney decided to freed him from any charges due to a woman's allegation of a sexual abuse he's done. Montgomery County District Attorney, Bruce Castor states that the authorities found insufficient "credible, and admissible evidence, upon which any charge against Mr. Cosby could be sustained beyond a reasonable doubt."
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Madonna's Summons Over her Longtime Art Consultant

February 19, 2005 03:04:08 GMT

Madonna has filed in lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court against her longtime art consultant, Darlene Lutz for breaking a contract agreement they signed in May 2004, for which Lutz owed $265,000 from Madonna for a painting that she sold.
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Nobel Peace Prize Nod for Bono

February 19, 2005 02:40:59 GMT

After the many social works he's done, including champions Third World debt relief, AIDS awareness and increased action in Sudan's troubled Darfur region, U2's Bono is now becoming one of the 166 nominees to get the 2005 Nobel Piece Prize. It is prize traditionally given to those who pursue humanitarian work and/or human-rights advocacy.
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Ashlee Simpson Live Concert Tour

February 19, 2005 02:18:13 GMT

"Ignoring" her Saturday Night Live lip-synch scandal and the Orange Bowl incident, Ashlee Simpson is headlining another concert tour held Wednesday in Anaheim, California. Insisted to still work on recording, touring, modeling and performing, Ashlee merely dedicates her new concert for charity, yet it doesn't work well anyway.