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February 05, 2005

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Newman's Lavish Party

February 05, 2005 04:36:29 GMT

Paul Newman had recently held a lavish party at his Westport, Connecticut, home to celebrate his 80th birthday and also his 47 marriage aniversary with his lovely wife, Joanne Woodward.
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James Gandolfini Engagement Comes to an End

February 05, 2005 04:01:01 GMT

There wont be any wedding ceremony for James Gandolfini and his just now ex-fiancee, Lora Somoza who have just ended their one year engagement.
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Paul McCartney at Super Bowl

February 05, 2005 03:39:35 GMT

Paul McCartney is schedulled to perform at half-time of the Super Bowl event takes place in Jacksonville, Florida, in order to "make up" the "wardrobe malfunction" done by Janet Jackson in its previous onet.
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U2 Apogizes for The 'Tuesday, Bloody Tuesday' Tour

February 05, 2005 03:10:06 GMT

The many complaints and protests referred to U2 'Tuesday, Bloody Tuesday' Vertigo tour have brought U2 drummer, Larry Mullen Jr. around to issuing a formal apology said in an "open letter" emailed to their "disappointed" fans.
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Bennifer Ring Is on Resale

February 05, 2005 02:48:51 GMT

After their one year separation, Jennifer Lopez 6.1-carat pink diamond engagement ring given by her ex, Ben Affleck, has been "re-acquired" by New York jeweler Harry Winston, from whom Affleck bought it in 2002.
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Ossie Davis Found Dead in Hotel

February 05, 2005 02:20:11 GMT

The legendary actor, Ossie Davis, who fight against racism was found dead early on Friday February 4, 2005 at the Shore Club hotel in Miami Beach, the place where that 87 years old actor had done the filming of his latest film entitled Retirement.