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Get Low (2010)

Get Low



Thriller, Drama

Release Date

July 30, 2010 (Limited)

MPAA Rating



100 min.

Production Budget

$7.5 millions


Sony Pictures Classics

Official Site

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Cast and Crew


Aaron Schneider


Dean Zanuck, Harrison Zanuck


Chris Provenzano, Aaron Schneider, C. Gaby Mitchell



For years, townsfolk have been terrified of the backwoods recluse known as Felix Bush (Robert Duvall). People say he's done all manner of unspeakable things - that he's killed in cold blood; that he's in league with the Devil; that he has strange powers - and they avoid him like the plague.

Then, one day, Felix rides to town with a shotgun and a wad of cash, saying he wants to buy a funeral. It's not your usual funeral for the dead Felix wants. On the contrary, he wants a "living funeral," in which anyone who ever had heard a story about him will come to tell it, while he takes it all in.

Sensing a big payday in the offing, fast-talking funeral home owner Frank Quinn (Bill Murray) enlists his gentlemanly young apprentice, Buddy Robinson (Lucas Black), to win over Felix's business. Buddy is no stranger to Felix's dark reputation, but what he discovers is that behind Felix's surreal plan lies a very real and long-held secret that must get out.

As the funeral approaches, the mystery - which involves the widow Maddie Darrow (Sissy Spacek), the only person in town who ever got close to Felix, and the Illinois preacher Charlie Jackson (Bill Cobbs), who refuses to speak at his former friend's funeral - only deepens.

But on the big day, Felix is in no mood to listen to other people spinning made-up anecdotes about him. This time, he's the one who is going to do the telling about why he has been hiding out in the woods.

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Bill Murray (Frank Quinn) and Lucas Black in Sony Pictures Classics' Get Low (2010). Photo credit by Sam Emerson.
Lucas Black in Sony Pictures Classics' Get Low (2010). Photo credit by Sam Emerson.

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“..Too modest in scope to attract much mainstream attention..”
by Daniel Eagan [Film Journal International]
“..a fine looking, entertaining and beautifully acted fable..”
by Amber Wilkinson [Eye for Film]
“..forces you to sit through a lot of poky setup to reach that touching epiphany..”
by Owen Gleiberman [Entertainment Weekly]