Hailey Bieber Scolded by Restaurant Employee for Parking in Handicap Spot in Paris

In a viral TikTok video, the model wife of Justin Bieber can be seen getting yelled at by a restaurant employee for parking her car in the wrong spot in Paris.

AceShowbiz - Hailey Bieber (Hailey Baldwin) sparked another controversy with her parking habit. In a viral TikTok video, the model could be seen getting yelled at by a restaurant employee for parking her car in the wrong spot in Paris.

The clip saw the wife of Justin Bieber getting out of her car, which was parked in a handicap spot during a night outing. Followed by a bodyguard, the 26-year-old supermodel could be seen making her way when someone was heard calling out the star.

"Go ahead, I'll call the cops right away. You shouldn't do this," the employee said in French, "Even the president of France doesn't do this. No, no, no, it's not classy. What is this mess." Despite that, the Rhode Skin founder appeared to ignore the employee.

Upon watching the video, fans were quick to criticize Hailey. "the entitlement is insane. for those saying they should get mad at the driver, that driver driving her around is on her payroll so she definitely has a say and responsibility of the driver," one Internet user said.

"Mean girl behavior as usual," another added. Someone else criticized, "Are we surprised? She parks in spots for people with disabilities with Kendall while they go to yoga. Being in Paris does not mean you have decorum."

One other noted, "This woman have no sense at all. All she want is attention so sad to see this." Another comment read, "Hailey Bieber has been copying people and doing whatever she wants to for years and she thinks the world belongs to her."

This wasn't the first time Hailey faced backlash for her bad habit of parking. Back in February 2022, Hailey and her fellow model Kendall Jenner caught heat when they parked their expensive cars in handicap spots at Pilates.

At the time, Kendall was caught not once but twice parking her luxury gray Mercedes G Wagon in parking spots legally set aside for the disabled. As for Hailey, she backed her SUV into the blue line covered walkway which was a space for disabled people to safely exit and enter their vehicle.

"To @KendallJenner & Hailey Bieber....STOP FRICKEN' PARKING IN HANDICAP SPOTS. #noshame #ignorance," a critic wrote. "If you've ever tried to juggle a walker, oxygen, & anything else you might need, you'd understand why handicapped spots are so necessary. #ScumbagPrincess," another added.

"Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber constantly parking in handicap reserved spots. Can we blame them? They can barely read and I highly doubt they know about signs, which leads me to think about the way they got their driver's licenses," one other noted, while others called the catwalk stars "entitled", "disrespectful" and "privileged."

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