Woman Details 'Weird' Encounter With Lil Baby After Allegedly Being Paid $40k for Hookup

The woman has been dragged online for exposing her alleged tryst with the 'Drip Too Hard' hitmaker, who allegedly slid in her DMs before meeting her in Miami.

AceShowbiz - A woman has detailed her alleged NSFW night out with Lil Baby. The woman went on "We in Miami" podcast to recall her "weird" encounter with the rapper, whom she claimed paid her $40,000 to sleep with him.

"I played with Lil Baby's a**," the woman started her bombshell story in a clip of the podcast. "He gave me $40,000," she added, before revealing how Lil Baby allegedly reached out to her first, "So Lil Baby slid in my DMs. He asked me if I was in Miami."

The woman remembered the 28-year-old star "touching" her when they eventually met for the first time. "He kept touching me," she said. "Like, I get it. But it was just weird... He was just rubbing me."

As to why the Atlanta emcee was "touching" her, the woman speculated that he might be worried about being set up. Another possible reason that came up to her mind was maybe he wanted to make sure she wasn't trans.

On what happened after that, she simply said, "We f**ked. It was fascinating." She then pulled a ruler seemingly to show the size of Lil Baby's manhood before letting out a laugh.

Instead of being fascinated with her story, many social media users have slammed the woman for exposing Lil Baby that way. "Why y'all girls be telling? Another bag fumbled for clout," one Instagram user commented on a reposted video of her on the podcast show.

"I'll never understand the purpose of exposing people it's so lame," another called her out. A third agreed as saying, "bro this is insane what's the point of sharing the story didn't you get paid."

"Why you telling tho ? Weird," a baffled user asked. A fifth person commented, "Girl u didn’t have to tell everyone." Another weighed in, "I would have shut up and got paid to play some more."

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