Jermaine Dupri Defends Himself Against 'Reckless' Trolls Calling Him Irrelevant
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The 50-year-old rapper/producer, who previously revealed why he produced more on the RnB side, also mentions his recent works when reacting to critics saying he is no longer 'relevant.'

AceShowbiz - Jermaine Dupri is annoyed by critics saying he's no longer "relevant." When addressing the chatter, the rapper/producer explained why they shouldn't make the "reckless" statement.

The 50-year-old offered his two cents when appearing in a recent episode oof the "I AM ATHLETE" podcast. "I done heard n***as say, 'JD ain't relevant no more.' I've had a hit record every year that you can think of – you just don't even really realize it," he said.

Dupri went on to unleash the receipts of his recent works. "DVSN - 'If I Get Caught'. Ari Lennox, 'Pressure' " he mentioned. "2020 was Usher and Ella Mai. By the way, if you from the rap world and you listening to only trap music, then you gon' be like, 'JD ain't made no music.' Cause you ain't listening to R&B music. You don't know. Matter fact - I left something out. I put out Anthony Hamilton album last year."

"So I'm saying, if you not really into what's going on, you might have missed it," he elaborated further. "So you can say what you want to say, but that's a reckless statement for you to put it out there unless you know what's happening."

Last month, Dupri explained why he's been producing more on the R&B side instead of hip-hop. When speaking to VIBE, he shared, "I feel like Hip Hop is definitely hurting and needs reviving."

"I have to go ahead and say this: For the last 20 years Atlanta's always had at least five to six top rappers at one time," the musician continued. "Right now, Atlanta's dropped down to two top artists: Lil Baby and Future."

"There's a lot of talent in the city still," he added. "I don't want anybody to screw what I'm saying, but that top tier where you have Ludacris, Jeezy (Young Jeezy), 2 Chainz, Migos, Future, Lil Baby - I mean, at one point, all of this was Atlanta. This was where all the top-tier rap artists came from."

Durpi continued, "I'm not talking about artists that just make records, but No. 1 songs. Artists that people feel like define the game." He concluded, "Rap to me became a little stale, but I've never stopped making rap records. As a producer, people continue to want me to produce R&B records."

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