D.L. Hughley Likens Kanye West to Lucifer

During his appearance on VladTV, the comedy legend discusses the rapper and Yeezy designer's anti-Semitic rants and what would happen to him if he was a woman.

AceShowbiz - D.L. Hughley weighs in on Kanye West's controversies once again. During his appearance on VladTV, the comedy legend discussed Ye's anti-Semitic rants and what would happen to him if he was a woman.

"I really fault a lot of these people who are taking advantage," DL said. "Well, I can't say they're taking advantage," he added, though he claimed that he didn't understand why the rapper's team allowed him to make controversial statements on several platforms.

When DJ Vlad noted that Ye said that his mom Donda, Michael Jordan's father and Bill Cosby's son were all sacrificed, Hughley responded, "I think that-biblically, Lucifer was a cherub. He was-his name means Morning Star. Lucifer was beautiful and he was God's minister of music."

He was exalted, and he was perfect. And Lucifer had seen God. He knew that he was created by him. But Lucifer was so charismatic and so talented, he talked other angels in trying to bum rush heaven."

"If talent and charisma is so mesmerizing, so intoxicating, it can make angels rise up against God," he continued. "It can make us alter our understanding of things. We'll start to believe things. That is the most dangerous thing about what's going on here."

The comedian also talked about Ye's admiration of Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump, saying, "It says a lot that a man who loves Hitler and Trump, it says a lot that you love those two people. And it says even more that people are contorting themselves to make that make sense."

Ye discussed the alleged scarification back in November. "I can say whatever I want and not go to jail" Ye said in a video obtained by The Shade Room. The rapper went on to note that he can't be controlled by the entities that have power over some other celebs. "They can't control me, you get what I'm saying?"

"They can control [Shaquille O'Neal…they can control Charles Barkley…they can control LeBron James..they can control Jay-z and [Beyonce Knowles]-but they can't control me. You see it ain't no name I won't name. It's up!" he continued.

The Chicago star also brought up his late mom Donda, saying that she was "sacrificed." He divulged, "My momma ain't here, my momma was sacrificed. You can't send none of ya'll Meek Mills, y'all Puffys, y'all Lil Boosies…none of these name. None of these people that have to listen to y'all […] I never killed nobody. I'm the p***y that never killed nobody. But that means I can say whatever I want."

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