D.L. Hughley Goes Off on 'Liar' Mo'Nique for Calling Him 'Dismissive' in Interview

The actor/comedian rips the 'Precious: Based on the Novel PUSH by Sapphire' actress on Instagram after she mentioned him in her new interview with Shannon Sharpe.

AceShowbiz - D.L. Hughley's feud with Mo'Nique isn't over just yet. The actor ripped the "Precious: Based on the Novel PUSH by Sapphire" actress on Instagram by calling her a "liar" after she mentioned him in a new interview with Shannon Sharpe.

"Every time I see Mo'Nique these days, she's doing some greasy a** video with her and her daddy complaining about something or working out," the 60-year-old argued in a clip. "She said I was very dismissive. Mo'Nique's a liar."

"When Mo'Nique did call me, I heard her complaints. I listened to her, and I pulled the segment," he continued. "So, if I had been as dismissive as she alleges I was, that segment would have aired. It didn't because I respected her wishes. She's a liar."

In the caption, Hughley added, "The reason LIES and FALSE NARRATIVES continue to go on and circulate is because they go unchecked. What you're not gonna do is call me out my name and not get checked… MONIQUE IS A LIAR!" He stressed, "She is constantly throwing the rock and hiding the hand."

"You don't get to tear people down and then soften the blow by calling them 'brotha… sista… sweet baby'. That's NOT love, far from it. I'm sure Ike thought he 'LOVED' Tina too! Apologize?? I will NEVER FORGIVE OR FORGET the way you tried to manipulate my daughter's trauma to fit your sick narrative," he further stressed. "I don't play when it comes to mine because 'I LOVE MY FAMILY FOR REAL' AND THEY ACTUALLY LOVE ME BACK!! #TeamDL."

When appearing in the Wednesday, February 7 episode of "Club Shay Shay", Mo'Nique addressed her past contract dispute with Hughley. She also name-dropped Oprah Winfrey, Taraji P. Henson, Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, Tyler Perry and more.

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