Howard Stern Likens 'Douchebag' Kanye West to Hitler Amid Anti-Semitic Controversy
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In a new episode of the 68-year-old's SiriusXM radio show, the radio host also slams people defending the Chicago rapper, who lands in hot water for making anti-Semitic comments on several occasions.

AceShowbiz - Howard Stern has a few words about Kanye West in a new episode of his SiriusXM radio show. In the Wednesday, October 19 episode, the radio host unleashed on the rapper who landed in hot water for making anti-Semitic comments on several occasions.

The episode saw Howard weighing on Ye's recent interview with Chris Cuomo in which the Yeezy designer cited the "Jewish underground media mafia." In response to that, Howard compared Ye to Hitler in addition to slamming people who defended the rapper by using his mental health issues as an excuse for his behavior.

"I almost don't want to give any energy to this Kanye West character," Howard said. "I don't know much about Kanye West. I'm not big into the rap scene, but, he is, you know - I'm really tired of people excusing his behavior, by saying, 'Well, he's just mentally ill.' "

He went on saying, "Kanye was on the Chris Cuomo show, and good lord, you gotta hear the s**t this guy's into and f**k this mental illness, self defense thing that he's into, you know, like, 'Oh yeah, he's just mentally ill. Don't worry about it…' If he's so mentally ill, why don't they appoint a conservator over his money like they did with the poor Britney Spears?"

Howard also commented on Ye claiming that the "Jewish underground media mafia" was the reason why he's not referred to as a billionaire or tycoon in the press. "Guess what, douchebag? When they write about me, they call me the shock jock. You don't have control over - You are a rapper. That is what you are. That's how you became famous," the host fumed.

"If a newspaper article doesn't point out the fact that you're some sort of designer or genius, maybe that's not because they're Jewish, but maybe because they just doesn't put that much thought into who the f**k you are and what your business is," he continued. "This is so depressing. I mean, Kanye used to be fun crazy. Now he's like Hitler."

During his interview with Chris Cuomo on Tuesday, Kanye made it clear that he's not anti-Semite. "I don't like the term anti-Semitic. It's been a term that's allowed people, specifically in my industry, to get away with murder-sometimes literally-and get away with robbing and doing bad [to] people," the Chicago rapper shared.

"You're saying it's anti-Semitic, but I don't believe in that term. One thing is, black people are also Jew. I classify as Jew also, so I actually can't be a anti-Semite. So the term is actually not factual," the ex-husband of Kim Kardashian further explained.

The "Donda" artist also claimed that he received death threats after wearing a Make America Great Again hat from his "Jewish managers," his "Jewish lawyer" and his "Jewish accountant." He added, "You're trying to say that there isn't a collective. Over 50% of the executives in Hollywood, the CEOs, are Jewish. And these guys know each other."

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