Kanye West's Muse Chaney Jones Turns Down Kim Kardashian Comparison

The social media personality insists she doesn't see a similarity between her and her boyfriend's ex-wife, adding that she and the rapper never talk about the reality TV star.

AceShowbiz - Chaney Jones isn't proud to be compared to Kim Kardashian. Having earned the title of Kim look-alike due to her apparent resemblance to the reality TV star, the current girlfriend of Kanye West doesn't agree with the public's opinion.

In fact, Chaney refused the comparison to the former "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star. When asked by TMZ if she sees a similarity between herself and the mother of four, the curvy model bluntly responded, "No not really."

Chaney also insisted that the topic of Kanye's ex-wife was never brought up in her conversation with the rapper. "We don't speak about her," she told the videographer when met outside LAX on Friday, March 18.

As for Kim's reaction when people began talking about Chaney's resemblance to her, the SKIMS founder was reportedly "quite relieved" by Ye's newest muse. A source told HollywoodLife in late February that Kim was "flattered" by Chaney's fashion choice, which has included black catsuits, Balenciaga swimsuits, Birkin bags and large, futuristic sunglasses, all of which Kim has tried on recently. "Kim knows that she's considered a fashion icon, so the fact that so many women, including Chaney, try to emulate her is really quite flattering to Kim," the source elaborated.

"Does Kim think it's a little peculiar that Kanye has dated a few women now that resemble her? Yeah, she does," the source added. "Most women in Kim's situation would probably feel the same way. But as far as her feelings go, Kim doesn't have the time or energy to concern herself with who Kanye is spending time with."

Kim, however, would suggest Chaney to "be herself." The source said, "Kim has seen photos of Chaney and she thinks that Chaney should just be herself and not try to imitate her," adding "But, if that is what Chaney wants to do to get the attention she is seeking, or win over Kanye, so be it." The source went on stating, "Kim's focus right now is herself, her children, and her relationship with [Pete Davidson]."

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