YK Osiris Jokingly Says He Owes Drake Money After Flexing Cash at Dior Store Following Lil Baby Debt

Following the shopping spree at the fashion store in Toronto, the 'Worth It' rapper writes a message on his social media account that says, 'Damn now I owe Drake money lol' after owing the 'Woah' hitmaker $5,000.

AceShowbiz - YK Osiris has turned his money problem into a joke. The "Leave Me On Read" artist jokingly said that he owes Drake money after flexing some cash at a Dior store though he already owed Lil Baby $5,000.

On Tuesday, November 30, the 23-year-old rapper took to his Instagram Story to share a clip that saw him spending his hard-earned cash at a Dior store in Toronto. Following the shopping spree, he seemingly spent some time at Drake's lavish mansion.

Osiris then gave his followers a glimpse inside of Drake's house. After having so much fun with the cool features at the "Certified Lover Boy" artist's mansion, he wrote a joke, "Damn now I owe drake money lol I'll pay him next year [laughing with tears emojis] he will be alright lol," before concluding, "We will start fresh."

When taking a tour of Drake's mansion, Osiris shared a video of the "Hotline Bling" hitmaker's electric toilet which left him confused. Over the clip, he wrote "Wtf," along with several laughing with tears emojis. He also showed off the "Degrassi: The Next Generation" alum's trophy room. "This what u call greatness," he captioned his Instagram Story.

Prior to his Dior shopping and Drake home visit, Osiris sparked concern among his fans and followers over his well-being after he faced heavy backlash online following his money issue with Baby. "God take me away, please," he wrote in an Instagram Story, adding a crossed fingers emoji.

In a following post, Osiris penned, "I just want to sleep and don't wake back up. I know y'all would love that [love emojis]." In a separate Story, he added, "Let's see how everyone got something to laugh about then, it's all fun and jokes till y'all don't got nun to joke about nomore [sic]."

Osiris' concerning social media posts came after Baby asked him to pay his $5,000 debt while Osiris was caught shopping at a jewelry store, Icebox. "Osiris, let me get them five bands, bruh," Baby said in a video shared on Icebox's YouTube channel.

Osiris then laughed off Baby's demand and told him he can't wait to pay him back, but that didn't satisfy the "Sum 2 Prove" spitter. "I know that rap s**t go up and down," Baby added. "If you f**ked up right now, don't worry about it. I'll get it from you. I'll wait on your next hit."

Later in the clip, Baby asked Osiris how long he owed him his money. "About three months," Osiris replied. "That's a lie," Baby clapped back, before saying, "Probably like five or six months. I should get a little interest."

After Baby asked him to pay his debt, Osiris flaunted a pair of earrings that he paid for $325,000, which prompted fans to troll him, including former NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco. In response, Osiris said, "It's your life and that's your money. Do what you want to do with it." He added, "Ochococo mind your mutha....And I'm still rich b***h. Mind your business. Stay in your business."

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