Watch Adele's Reaction When She's Asked Intimate Question About Her 'Body Count' on IG Live

Meanwhile, Twitter has a day after a fan asks the cheeky question to the British singer when she turns on her Instagram Live to play a snippet of her new song 'Easy on Me'.

AceShowbiz - One of Adele's fans didn't get easy on her during her latest Instagram Live. Over the weekend, the British superstar hopped on the live feature of the photo-sharing platform ahead of the release of her new single "Easy on Me", but a fan stunned her with an intimate question.

During the live stream, the 33-year-old songstress was fielding questions about her upcoming album "30" and even played a snippet of her new song "Easy on Me". Then the fan in question wrote the cheeky question in the comments, asking what her "body count" is.

"Body count" is a slang for a number of people a person has slept with. Adele looked perplexed by the question, asking back, "What's my body count? What does that mean?" before choosing to leave it unanswered and moving to the next question.

But leave it to Twitter to start a buzz over the unexpected question to their favorite star. "NOT SOMEONE ASKING ADELE WHAT HER BODY COUNT IS??? AND HER NOT KNOWING WHAT THAT IS I'M SCREAMING," one person reacted to the question.

Another commented, "I can't get over someone asking Adele what her body count is????? I am in bits." A third was left in disbelief, "Someone really asked Adele what her body count is, y'all are sick," while another found it hilarious as saying, "Why did they ask Adele what her body count is? I'm still crying about it."

Another social media user wondered, "Why somebody ask Adele about her body count and she said she don't know what that means oh my." Someone similarly suggested, "Adele knows what body count means but acting oblivious," while another claimed, "Mannnnnnnn she know EXACTLY what that mean and I love her for playin it off."

Another fan, meanwhile, asked, "No but what would you really benefit from knowing Adele's body count?"

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