Willow Smith Wants to Undergo Butt Surgery but Mom Jada Persuades Her Not to

When Willow revealed plans to get plastic surgery to give her backside a boost, her mother Jada Pinkett Smith told her to hit the gym in order to 'build a butt.'

AceShowbiz - Jada Pinkett Smith urged her daughter, Willow, to hit the gym when she overheard her discussing a little butt enhancement.

In a new clip from the family's popular "Red Table Talk" web series, Jada opened up about the chat she and Willow had when she realised the youngster was thinking about a cheeky cosmetic boost.

"I considered getting the tiniest little bit (of surgery), but then I just got into the gym and got it anyway (naturally)," Willow explained.

Jada then revealed she told Willow to take a more natural route to "build a butt."

She laughed, "I said, 'You want a butt? One thing your mother know how to do is build a butt!' And you build it to the point that people thought you got surgery."

Jada confessed she's not opposed to cosmetic butt boosts, adding, "I'm glad we're here talking about this today... because I was considering getting one."

While insisting she hadn't gotten under the knife yet, the mother of two admitted in a 2018 interview on "Today" show that she had gotten steroid shots to help with hair loss. Meanwhile, she credited "eating well, exercising, drinking water" for her youthful look.

In a separate chat with BET, she opened up on her fitness regime. "Everybody's thinking you gotta be in the gym for an hour and a half. Literally, I'm never in the gym longer than 45 minutes," she said. "Just be consistent - that's it! It doesn't necessarily have to be intense, and you will see a difference. Just go out of your house and do a brisk walk!"

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