Willow Smith Gets Topless in Daring Picture to Hype Up Her New Song

The 'Wait a Minute!' hitmaker has ditched her top in a new Instagram post while announcing the upcoming release of her new tune titled 'Symptom of Life'.

AceShowbiz - 23-year-old Willow Smith, daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, has excited fans with the announcement of her upcoming single "Symptom of Life", set for release on March 12.

Along with the announcement, Smith shared a striking black-and-white photo on her social media channels. In the image, she appears topless, her arms wrapped around her chest, showcasing her tattooed arms.

The singer's hair is styled in a geometric updo with chopstick-like accessories, and she wears low-rise jeans, baring her flat abs. The bold image, photographed by Salome Gomis-Trezise, exudes a sense of vulnerability and strength.

Additionally, Smith shared a brief snippet of "Symptom of Life", showing her seated on a chair against a green backdrop, wearing a white tank top and high-waisted jeans. The song features piano instrumentals and hints at Willow's continued exploration of her unique artistic identity.

Willow has previously collaborated with Machine Gun Kelly and her brother Jaden Smith. Her last single, "alone", was released in November 2023.

The singer's artistic evolution has been evident since her breakthrough in 2010 with "Whip My Hair." She has carved out an identity beyond her family connections, engaging with themes of identity, vulnerability, and growth.

Willow's announcement has sparked anticipation among her fans, with many expressing excitement and speculation about the upcoming single. The release date will mark a new chapter in her musical journey, promising to deepen her artistic legacy and cement her place in contemporary music.

In addition to her musical achievements, Willow is also the first in her family to have a Spotify song reach one billion streams, with "Wait a Minute!" from her debut album.

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