Willow Smith Releases New Single 'Symptom of Life' and Its Music Video

The daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith gets to hear what her listeners think about her newly-released track and visuals shortly after the release.

AceShowbiz - Willow Smith has released a new single titled "Symptom of Life" and its accompanying music video. The daughter of actor Will Smith and actress Jada Pinkett Smith received supportive messages shortly after unleashing the song and its MV.

On Tuesday, March 12, the 23-year-old artist unleashed her latest track on various music streaming platforms and its visuals via YouTube. On the song, she sings, "Pushing and peeling myself out of my disguise/ Looking at you now I am wondering who am I/ If I could try to take you back I couldn't define."

Willow continues, "Feeling/ Absence of time/ Knowing/ All is decided/ There's nothing/ Here left to find/ The story's all in my mind/ Pushing and peeling the layers/ That cover my mind/ Looking into the shadow/ Now I notice the light/ Magic is real/ When you see it inside/ You decide."

In the music video, Willow is seen walking in between her two friends as they stroll around a forest. They are having a fun conversation before bursting into laughter. She then takes a rest by lying down on the ground and staring up to the sky as she starts singing the song. In the meantime, her two pals continue their walk and leave her behind.

The footage then shows both of her eyes from a very close-up look before her surroundings change. She is seen lying down alone on what appears to be a hill as she is joined by the two friends. The surroundings change for the second time, showing her at a park. She is surrounded by colorful flower petals while the two friends are happily running around her.

After dropping the single and its visuals, Willow received many positive online responses from her listeners. In the comments section of the video, one in particular gushed, "This entire arrangement, so dynamic, so beautiful, THIS WILL BE HER BEST PROJECT FOR SURE." Another joined in, "She has found her style of music and I just love it. She's so versatile." A third added, "I absolutely love the theme of this song. The lyrics speak so much truth."

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