Andrew Garfield Says Rumors About Him Returning to 'Spider-Man: No Way Home' Is 'F**king Hilarious'
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Setting the record straight about whether he will appear in the next 'Spider-Man' movie, the former Spidey depicter claims that he 'did not get a call' from the producers.

AceShowbiz - Andrew Garfield has made it clear that he won't appear in "Spider-Man: No Way Home", at least, not for now. Responding to speculations suggesting him and fellow former Spidey Tobey Maguire might be suiting up alongside Tom Holland in the upcoming movie, the "Under the Silver Lake" actor laughed off the rumors, saying "it's f**king hilarious."

The 37-year-old star set the record straight when speaking to Josh Horowitz on his "Happy Sad Confused" podcast. "It's f**king hilarious to me," he stated. "Because I do have this Twitter account, and I see how often Spider-Man is trending. It's people freaking out about a thing, and I'm just like, guys. Guys. I wish I could just be able to speak to everyone and say, 'I recommend that you chill.' "

Andrew went on to stress that many people did not believe him. He argued, "I feel like I'm in a game of f**king Werewolf, where I say 'I'm not the werewolf, I promise you I am not.' And everyone is like, 'You're the f**king werewolf, it's him!' "

"I did not get a call," the ex-boyfriend of Emma Stone continued. "I would've gotten a call by now. That's what I'll say. I don't want to rule anything out. Maybe they want to call me. Maybe they want to call me and say, 'Hey, people want this.' "

Rumors about Andrew and Tobey's potential appearances in "Spider-Man: No Way Home" emerged months prior. Tom, meanwhile, already addressed the long-running speculation in February. "Beats me, I don't know. If they are, they haven't told me yet...," he joked in an interview for Variety's Awards Circuit Podcast. "That would be something that Marvel would do. I watch the film and be like 'So that's who that tennis ball was!' "

Andrew originally portrayed Peter Parker or Spidey in 2012's "The Amazing Spider-Man" and reprised his role in 2014's "The Amazing Spider-Man 2". Since then, Tom has taken over the superhero character.

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