Soulja Boy Blasts Haters for Calling Him 'Idiot'

During an Instagram Live, the 'Crank That (Soulja Boy)' hitmaker also notes that such insult doesn't have really basis considering the amount of success he has had in his career.

AceShowbiz - Soulja Boy is calling out people who undermine his intelligence. During an Instagram Live, the "Kiss Me Thru the Phone" rapper ranted about some people on the Internet who called him "an idiot" for the initial failure of his gaming console. Noticing that, Draco blasted them for being "disrespectful."

"It's certain words you don't say that's disrespectful. Oh, he's an idiot. He's an idiot. He's a -- Woah, hey. Why are you insulting my intelligence? I'm. an idiot? Woah, that's pure hatred," he said. The "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" hitmaker also noted that such insult didn't have really basis considering the amount of success he has had in his career.

"I'm worth $30M but I'm an idiot? Stop playin' with me," he went on to argue. "I released a #1 hit single at the age of 16 and made over a million dollars but I'm an idiot?" Soulja added before listing his accomplishments including his Grammy nominations and a Forbes appearance.

His rant aside, Soulja recently had drama with his ex Nia Riley, who accused him of physically abusing her and causing her to miscarry. During her interview with blogger Tasha K, the daughter of Grammy Award-winning singer Teddy Riley recalled an incident during which Soulja allegedly kicked her in the stomach when she was fifteen weeks pregnant.

"We had an incident when I was pregnant. I feel like we always did," Nia shared. The 31-year-old reality TV star claimed her then-boyfriend "absolutely knew I was pregnant." 

She went on suggesting that the incident led to her miscarriage as she lost her baby later in the same night. "I don't think I had even told anybody else that I was pregnant. 'Cuz truthfully, in my mind, I didn't know what to do or what I wanted to do," she confessed.

While Nia first addressed her miscarriage in season 1 of "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood", this was the first time she suggested that her then-boyfriend caused her miscarriage. On the show, Nia suffered miscarriage while he was away on tour. However, it remains to be seen if this incident was the one she talked about in the new interview.

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