Blac Chyna Upset Over Crappy Bathroom During Interview, Says Interviewer

Adam 22 of 'No Jumper' podcast reveals that 'The Real Blac Chyna' star was 'so pissed' after seeing his bathroom before walking out mid-interview last October.

AceShowbiz - Back in October 2020, reports emerged that Blac Chyna stormed out of interview with Adam 22 after being asked about Soulja Boy. Now in a new interview with Vlad TV, the "No Jumper" host has revealed what happened behind the scenes that led to the awkward moment.

Adam, who usually conducts his interview from his BMX shop, said that the music video vixen had been upset even before the interview began after she saw his bathroom. "Well, it all started cus she walked in and she wanted to use the bathroom and I mean, my space is in a warehouse so the bathroom is like, pretty akin to any warehouse you've ever been to, it's not the worst," Adam said.

Apparently feeling that it's not akin to her standard, Blac was "so pissed." Adam recalled, "She takes one look at it and she's just like 'no,' I'm not doing it and she's so pissed," adding that he offered her an option to use the restroom at McDonald's or Starbucks.

They eventually went on with the interview, but Adam "already knew this is not the energy to be going into an interview with." He explained, "You know, if she had sat down and done a good interview and actually showing the version of herself that I'm sure exists... "

Slamming the reality TV star, Adam said, "She came in and gave me the most bulls**t ass interview and I couldn't believe it." He added, "I tried to interview her. The whole thing lasted 18 minutes. Whatever is on Youtube is the full thing."

During the short interview with Blac, Adam asked the mother of two about a possible collaboration with Safaree Samuels on OnlyFans. "He's married," the Lashed by Blac Chyna founder reminded the host, who replied, "Right, but you know…" Chyna then made it clear that she would not do any collaboration with Safaree because "it's weird."

Things further went south when Adam switched the subject to Soulja Boy, asking her whether she saw him recently. The "Rob & Chyna" alum sidestepped by asking Adam if he saw him, and the latter then mentioned she and Soulja romanced each other a year ago and asked if she would make music with him again.

Not having it any longer, Blac said, "Hey, guess what? I'm out." Confused, Adam asked if it was because of the Soulja Boy question before reiterating that people wanted to know details about their relationship. Blac then accused Adam of being weird and disrespectful before walking off the set.

While he had a bad experience interviewing Blac, Adam was full of praise when talking about Amber Rose, whom he interviewed the following week. In the Vlad TV interview, he gushed about her kind manners and genuine personality.

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