The new mom shares on Instagram a clip featuring her dad Keith Hudson, who is a Pentecostal pastor and reportedly a Trump supporter, promoting his and his son's new clothing line.

AceShowbiz - Katy Perry only wants to be a supportive daughter when she takes to her social media accounts to help her dad and brother promote their new clothing line, Nothing But American. However, the decision only lands the "Fireworks" singer in hot water as the brand supports non-partisan following the division between Americans due to different political views in the wake of the 2020 election.

On Friday, November 27, the new mom shared on Instagram a clip featuring her dad Keith Hudson wearing a T-shirt which had a box for an American flag ticked, while the ones featuring a donkey (Democrat) and elephant (Republican) were left blank. He could be seen urging Americans to stay united despite different political views and how he hoped to get the message across through his merchandise.

"Hey everyone, I'm Keith and I want to ask you a question," he said in the video. "Are you tired of the division that is destroying our country? Are you sick of losing your family and friends because they just don't agree with your political views? Well, I am, and I know there's a lot of people out there that have the same feeling in the same way."

Keith, who is a Pentecostal pastor and reportedly a Trump supporter, went on to say, "No matter what you believe, at the end of the day we're all Americans and I designed this T-shirt because I want people to know that, even though you may have a different religion or political view than I do, I still will be there for you and I'll still consider you my friend, my neighbor and my fellow America."

"We haven't always seen [eye emoji] to [eye emoji] but I'm proud of my dad n bro for coming up with this! Head to @NothingButUSA store for the vibes," Katy urged in the caption.

Upon watching the video, fans were not happy with Katy helping her dad promote the brand. "This is a whole mess. Republicans actively try to dismantle every good for women/LGBTQ+/minorities... this is not it. Either you're for the better of this country or not. Playing 'both sides' is dangerous," one of them replied to Katy's tweet.

Saying that she's "disappointed" with the "Swish Swish" hitmaker, another fan added, "Love you soooo much, but I think sometimes you can't be neutral, you have to position yourself on the right side of history and your father goes against many of my ideals."

"Uh. Are they the ones profiting or will they be donating the [money emoji] to marginalized groups that seriously need it like BLM, Bailout groups, or groups for climate change, Domestic Violence, LGBTQ+, women's shelters, food drives etc??? Ppl don't need tshirts like this, they need help," another critic wrote. "With the way these peoples from these groups have been disrespected, disregarded, some even KILLED by trump supporters- we definitely don't need a tshirt to show that we're on the same team- we need actual discussions and talks and action to make things better/safer for those ppl."

Someone else reminded the fiancee of Orlando Bloom, "wanting unity in a country is a beautiful thing katy, but when the policies & tactics of a political party have affected your life in a negative way simply bc of your race/ethnicity it's not simple to 'put it aside', please see this and try to understand the other side queen ily."

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