Beyonce Urged to Respond to Subpoena Over 'Black Is King' Shelter Island Lawsuit
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Horse farm owner Mike Gaynor has launched legal action against local town council for allegedly allowing the' Formation' singer to shoot the video at a historical site in exchange of 'substantial fee'.

AceShowbiz - A horse farm owner on Shelter Island, New York has ordered lawmakers to force Beyonce Knowles to respond to a subpoena over a legal spat linked to her "Black Is King" visual album.

Mike Gaynor launched legal action against local town council officials for allegedly allowing the superstar to shoot a video at Sylvester Manor, the former home of slave trader Nathaniel Sylvester in return for an alleged "substantial fee" - and allegedly without having to obtain the proper permits.

Gaynor said in court docs, "I'm a very wealthy person, and I'm able to defend myself when I'm treated unfairly in my community. What we find so beautiful about Shelter Island is its historical nature, it's a very simple place, untouched, but increasingly the fact is that if you're wealthy on the island you'll be treated one way, and it's different for everyone else.

"The farm was paid a substantial fee for the Filming and was required to sign non-disclosure agreements assuring its secrecy," Gaynor's documents continued to read.

He claims he served Beyonce the subpoena at her East Hampton, New York mansion, and states: "It has now been over a month since Beyonce was served with the Subpoena, and she has not objected to any of the Subpoena... nor has she provided any justification for her failure to respond."

"This Court should compel Beyonce to comply... within 14 days issuing a warrant for a Sheriff to bring her to be deposed - or order her to pay costs, penalties, and damages."

Beyonce has yet to respond and bosses at Disney, the company which distributed Black is King on streaming site Disney+, insist they simply bought the finished project from Beyonce and had nothing to do with the filming locations she chose.

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