Cynthia Bailey Addresses Stripper Threesome Rumors at Her Bachelorette Party

When asked if she was bothered if the rumors were really true, the 'RHOA' star says, 'No! These are grown women,' adding that it's not really her business if they really hooked up with the stripper.

AceShowbiz - Cynthia Bailey has responded to rumors that fellow "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" stars Porsha Williams and Tanya Sam hooked up with a male stripper at her Bachelorette party. In an interview with E! Daily Pop, Cynthia claimed that she wasn't aware of what happened that night.

"I cannot confirm or deny anything that happened after Ms. Bailey-Hill went to bed," she said. "Apparently, some things went down."

When asked if she was bothered if the rumors were really true, Cynthia claimed, "No! These are grown women. They can do whatever they wanna do, with whoever they wanna do [it with]. It's not my business. If they like it, I love it."

Prior to this, a male stripper, whose name is Michael Bolwaire responded to the rumors. Denying the allegations, he said, "The rumors and allegations that's going around right now, straight bulls**t. Although I'm flattered to be in the same conversation as those beautiful women, nothing happened. I don't need any unnecessary mileage on my d**k. Again, nothing happened. Y'all be cool."

Back to the interview, Cynthia also talked about NeNe Leakes' absence at her wedding to Mike Hill. "I really would’ve loved for Nene and Gregg to come to the wedding," she said of her former co-star. "Nene actually met Mike before anyone did. Although we're not in the best place right now, I want to believe that regardless of that she's happy for me, and she's happy that I found Mike, and I really felt in my heart, it felt actually wrong not to extend the invite."

Gushing over her husband, Cynthia said that Mike "came with the most beautiful vows that he wrote." She went on to rave, "I pretty much just wrote down a couple of bullet points and just winged it. But I came from just such an honest place. It just ended up working out perfectly and I think for a lot of our guests that was their favorite moment as well."

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